HM3: I will Brooke no Shields before their time

I've just uploaded the "ItemRightShields" set to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha for your protection. I am sure you will find something insane and creative to do with these beyond using them as a blocking device, of course. Here's a quick shot of the non-standard ones:


After these are four sets of twelve matched shields in four different shapes. Each shape has the same set of twelve patterns for it, following Mark's example in the 2.5 Expansion -- shiny, vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, chevron, four quadrants, bordered, middle stripe vertical, middle stripe horizontal, middle stripe diagonal, cross, and diagonal quadrants. Hopefully that will give you all the variety you'll need to make that perfect Knight (do I smell a contest for that?!).

Let me know in the comments if you find any bugs with this new set.

I'll be moving on to Neckwear this weekend, after nailing down any problems with that last bunch, so by all means make any requests for specific items in that slot you'd want to see. As usual, I'll be converting over all the 2.x stuff for that slot, so you can skip those suggestions.

I've said this in comments before, but it's probably a good idea to lay out here explicitly as well. Your best shot at getting a specific item request into the program is to leave it in the comments to the post where I ask for them, ideally with a link to an image on the web somewhere of what you're talking about. If I'm looking for shield ideas, it's pretty much a waste of time for you to post a request for a helmet, because by the time I get back around to Headgear I'm going to forget what you said. Damien might make some difference on that score, but still, your best shot is to give me a link to what you want at the time I'm actually working on that slot.

Thanks as always for your suggestions in the past and I look forward to more great ones to come! Hope you like the shields, too.