HM3: Show me a sign!

Or an insignia would be even better, actually. I'll start on Insignia-Standard tomorrow, so if you have any special requests, let me know in the comments below. I'll of course be making every effort to convert over all the 2.x Insignia, plus a whole bunch more in the spirit of what you've seen already.

I realized earlier that I'm starting to get perilously close to having all the planned Slots filled with a set of Standard items. According to my rough working draft, the remaining unfilled Slots are:

  • Insignia
  • Companion
  • Belt
  • Facial Hair

Can you think of any slots I am leaving out? There are some pretty hefty sub-sets, of course, including a bunch of environmental/setting ones for Background (bits and pieces of scenery like chairs, desks, doors, wall dividers, text boxes for character names and/or headers like in a comic book, etc.). But if I am missing any big, glaring areas that merit their own Slot but don't have one, by all means let me know.

67 Responses to HM3: Show me a sign!

  1. coyote says:

    id like to see just a skull and a coyote

  2. Mr. Q says:

    What about monster legs like in the 2.5 version? Would like to see new versions of the mer-tail, the snake, the spider body, and hairy legs (if you want to make a werewolf). Can you also put in paw feet to match that please?

  3. RJ mcd says:

    jeff can i have a justice scale symbile like this one but without the flames

  4. Blue Blazer says:

    Auras and powers

  5. Loki says:

    I cloud of gas? going up, if you will

  6. Loki says:

    and FIRE!!!

  7. TigerGuy786 says:

    Blue Blazer is right, you’re missing auras.

  8. Force32 says:

    I would like to have animal heads for the insignia and please fix the patterns for hands!

  9. Lyogi says:

    Could you make one that is just a simple line?

  10. Sol-leks says:

    i think you still need more hands

  11. Richard Brown says:

    More Star trek Insgignia

  12. Hakoon1 says:

    You need Neckwear unless I’ve missed it.

  13. Rickss says:

    -Arrow ( );
    -Bomb ( );
    -Wheel (;
    -An open hand;
    -The pirate’s insignia (Like the skull you had in HM2 but with swords: )
    -A snake.

    Once again, thank you for your time.

  14. Kalkin says:

    Runic designs as a pattern. Perhaps a few different styles, like from small scripples to large angular runes, as in following examples:

  15. tristan says:

    fix the patterns for the hands and your missing auras.

  16. coyote says:

    hakoon1s right you need neckwear gloves needed to be up dated bodys miss some of the ones in 2 foot wear thinks thats about it other then subsets like guns and dows and such

  17. Force32 says:

    I totally forgot about it, for weapons could you make bow and arrows

  18. coyote says:

    lol sorry about the typo its was bows not dows

  19. Scorpidius says:

    Hi Jeff were you also talking about an “extras” slot too, with scars, tattoos etc in??


  20. John D says:

    Poor jeff. He gets to a point where he id making progress and all we do is give him more work. LOL

  21. Skiriki says:

    Jewelry: not just necklaces, but also bracelets, piercings, rings, chains, toe rings, bellybutton studs, and so on. 😀

  22. The Icedaemon says:

    One does hope that varied sleeves make it into the tops set or a separate tab in the final product.

    Also, at least when using Firefox, the alpha still tends to crash a bit too much.

  23. Kublajkan says:

    Smaler rings, thicker looking chain texture, for chainmails and such.

    One question, if you alternate the basic arm position, how can you make the top item (armor, shirt, whatever…) fit?

    Leather armors (like in Lordi ;))

    Knight order signs and insignas.

    Question 2: if i make a right hand item from different sets (handguard, blade etc.) how can i mask all of them to the hand?

  24. MCTales says:

    I would like to see the “Load Character” and “Save Character” features be usable soon.

  25. Damien says:

    Definitely that big rock guy from 2.5x. The one that was just barely on-screen? Want him, but more of him.

  26. paul says:

    Here is a list of like to haves:

    1) Revolutionary war jacket.

    2) upper arm armor (leather and plate).

    3) Scales in the pattern slot.

    4) a blank harbrauk (sp?) so we can mask scale (from #3) and chain to make armor.

    5) Dinosaur like legs so for lizard men.

    6) Sandals for the feet (we have the upper part but not the lower part that covers the foot).

  27. TigerGuy786 says:

    @ KublaKan: you need only mask the handle to the hand, the rest doesn’t need to be masked.

    Which reminds me, Jeff is there a way to mask the non-fist hands to the items? I haven’t had any luck with either of the looser hands unless i mask it to a fist then change the hand, that sometimes works OK, or I can with swords cover the hand with the weapon. Do you think you could fix that?

  28. The Dudemeister says:

    Holy COW there are a lot of requests here. This is looking great so far. Way better than I had anticipated.

    One thing I would like to see is different “skins”. I know the pattern is supposed to do that to some extent, but so far it doesn’t seem to cut it for that. The patterns are great for clothing, but doesn’t seem to be the solution for skins.

  29. thejay says:

    eight-ray sun insignia, more eagles, dragon tatoos, mike tyson’s head tatoo, knight insignias, david star
    piercings and jewelery of all sorts, don’t forget the ear-nose chain thingy that the evil persian king had in “300”.
    also i have a requesy: could you make a “sleeves” section in tops, where there would be some loose sleeves? there are times i want to get my character in an active psition – holding a sword in front of face and such – and i cant fit the tops on it.

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    Wow, lots of suggestions, thanks everyone! I’ll try to put all the responses here in this comment, general stuff first.

    AURAS: I’m planning on making Auras a subset of Body. In 2.x, the Auras were of limited utility because they didn’t really fit the body once you loaded it with stuff. I’m hoping that by having auras broken into pieces that fit the upper arm, lower arm, torso, head, hips, legs, etc. that you can transform them to fit the actual outline of the figure better.

    NECKWEAR: I was thinking I’d probably put Neckwear as a subset of Tops for organizational purposes.

    BOWS & ARROWS: More of those will come under “ItemRight/Left-Ranged”, like in 2.x.

    JEWELRY: I think that will probably go into sub-sets under each slot, rather than being its own standalone. That makes it easier for those who don’t want to manually move everything where it goes — you can just click on Ears-Earrings and have them appear where they’re supposed to be, rotate around the proper point (instead of the center of the body mass), etc.

    EXTRAS: I’ll probably do the same with these as with Jewelry, making it a sub-set of the individual slots.

    @Mr. Q (#2): I haven’t gotten to that yet, I’m working my way through all the “Standard” item sets first. Monster/animal legs would be a sub-set under Body.

    @Richard Brown (#11): Star Trek logos are copyrighted materials and thus not eligible for inclusion.

    @Rickss (#13): Thanks, those links are great! I’ll try to include them.

    @Kalkin (#14): Thanks, I’ll try to include those as well. They might merit their own sub-set.

    @Icedaemon (#22): Sleeves, yes, I do need to do that sub-set of Tops at some point.

    @TigerGuy786 (#27): All the hands should mask. Not all of them mask the same way, the open hands mostly just hide the front of the fingertips, for instance. If there’s one that doesn’t mask at all, let me know.

    @The Dudemeister (#28): I’ll probably end up doing some sort of “Body-Materials” sub-set like in 2.x. I was hoping the patterns would work for that, and I think they CAN if you use individual pieces instead of the pre-assembled body, but clearly they’re not quite right.

    Thanks again everyone! I’m going to start drawing now, but by all means feel free to keep making suggestions as they occur to you.

  31. Danny Beaty says:

    A running man caught in the crosshairs of a telescopic sight.
    Playing cards (face cards, a fanned deck, etc.).
    Tarot cards.
    A skull in a hangman’s noose.
    A flaming skull.
    A speeding comet.
    A scarab.
    A pyramid.
    A swastika.
    A Confederate battle flag.
    A jack o’ lantern.
    A flaming phoenix.
    The face of a snarling dog.
    A cat’s paw with claws ready for attack.
    A crossbow.
    A crusader’s sword lying atop a shield.
    A dorsal fin cutting through the water.
    Comedy and tragedy masks side by side.

  32. The Imp says:

    Reposted from an earlier post:


    -Letters (in various fonts, especially a ’swept-forward’ look)
    -Roses and other flowers
    -various types of insects
    -animal heads
    -a bat insignia (suitably altered so as not to offend DC, of course)
    -outline of a hand
    -that world outline symbol you used in the Shakti HM

  33. violodion says:

    @TheImp: For the bat insignia, why not just use very small Item > Backplane > Wings?

  34. Socrates says:

    would like to see a British Union Jack, Nazi Swastika, the American Stars and Stripes, Confederate Stars and Bars, and various other national symbols. also another idea would be some type of war medals as an insignia that you could add on to outfits, perhaps this could also be used for other things as well like police and sheriff badges, star trek communicators, that sort of thing as i’m assuming that the insignia will be close to the top layer

  35. Wanderer says:

    Um, does anyone but me notice that the alpha preview seems to have disappeared from this site in the last day or so?

    I thought it might just be my Ad and / or script blocking software, but I set them all off just to be sure, with no change in results.

    So my question is, what’s going on?

  36. Danny Beaty says:

    The face of an attacking bat.

  37. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Wanderer: Nope, still there as far as I can tell. It must be something on your machine.

  38. Fabien says:

    For insisignia in the standard set :
    – cogwheel
    – snowflake
    – anchor
    – crossing bones
    – crossing keys
    – crossing axes
    – crossing swords
    – bear paw
    – Nautilus shell
    – musical notes

    I propose the following sets for the forthcoming developpement :
    – Ancient (greek, roman, egyptian, mesopotamian, celtic and norse symbols)
    – Animal (paws, animal heads, animal silhouettes, insects, arachnids etc)
    – Vegetal (leaves, trees, flowers, fruits)
    – Heraldic
    – Esoteric
    – Military

  39. JR says:

    we’re missing the companions slot:
    *a couple type of dogs
    *lots of different types of dragons (on shoulders, heads,etc.)
    *hell hound
    *dark matter
    *mythological minions(and lots of different kids and styles)
    *couple types of females(different eras,poses, clothing styles,etc.)
    * maybe a make a companion?

    for aruras:
    super realistic fire
    levatating objects such as knives, weapons, books, and other assorted items
    for insignas:
    *fight the power fist
    *elemental ruins:
    dark magic
    white magic
    101st air division
    fighting tigers volunteer squadron
    88th air division
    army rangers
    marine raiders
    marine green berets
    navy seals
    marine core insignia
    army core of engineers insig
    the USA insigna(eagle with arrows and snake,etc.)
    for neck wear:
    lossened tie
    medalions(and lots of ’em but all different)
    tailismans(lots of different kinds)

    wheewww…wow.. ok(*think*..i!
    nope. but hose can wait until u r working on the body… i’m going to calgary comic expo( my first comic expo ever!)
    this week end. wish me luck! 😀 i luv every thing so far jeff!

  40. JR says:

    and i second socrates’ request 😀

  41. Conor says:

    All the cloths are only for men at the moment it would be good if their was some cloths for women to. Thnks

  42. violodion says:

    @Loki (#6) and JR (#39): Getting satisfying results for _fire_ is more complicated than would initial seem. Movies have been struggling with it for ages.

    Post on the UGO forum with examples how the existing HM3 *can* achieve it already with judicious choices:

  43. Fabien says:

    Don’t forget the shoulders for the creation of standard set in any slots.

  44. RSC5 says:

    Forgive me if you’ve already addressed this, but are there any plans for a more slimmer, less muscular male body? I figured you were just getting through with all of the standard stuff before you even thought about dealing with extra stuff like that, I’m just checking because I also recalled other talk of varying bust size and stature with the females.

  45. Jeff Hebert says:

    @RSC5: You are correct, I am getting through all the standard stuff before getting to anything else.

    Long range, the plan is to have several sub-sets, male and female, for Body, including some slimmer ones, mostly because using transform to slim a body down can’t get rid of all the muscle lines.

    In general, I won’t be converting any items over for those body parts. The whole point of breaking everything up into pieces is so that you can scale, rotate, and move them to fit into various positions, instead of me drawing the same thing six times.

  46. violodion says:

    Of course, many insignias work as tattoos, on shields, or (medieval) armor accents. Good practice to continue as seen with other HM3 categories of have 2nd versions of popular symbols — dragons, snakes, sun, etc. (Thinking in terms of item’s re-usability.)

    * HM2 carry-overs
    * HM2 heraldry symbols
    * Zodiac signs (Chinese &/or western; an appropriate symbol/wingding font maybe?)
    * Chrysthaneum
    * Chinese/Oriental Dragon
    * Laurel Wreath
    * Olive branch (v. re-usable)
    * Celtic Knot (http–
    * Variant Jolly Rogers/Piracy signs (http–www-cosmosmith-com/jolly_roger.html, &/or http—
    * “Iron Cross” eagle
    * Nordic Cross/Balkenkreuz
    * Tibetan crooked cross (see also, Wikipedia article on “swastika”)
    * Archetypal Mandala (or two, as line art)
    * Classic 60’s-ish Peace/CND Sign
    * Iconic happy face (http–
    * Dreamcatcher (asymmetric styling favored)
    * Partheon/Acropolis (styled like castle from HM2 > Insignia > Standard)
    * Chemical weapon symbol (under wikipedia’s “Hazard Symbols”)
    * Laser hazard sign (as above)
    * Optical radiation (as above)
    * Unicursal hexagram (hmm, just weird!)

    Related for accents:
    * Druid/Celt runes
    * Elvish Runes
    * Sanscrit “runes”
    * Greek-ish runes
    * Other(?) runes (Thai? ‘Alchemical’ symbol?)

    Surely, not too much to ask… 🙂

  47. Jeff Hebert says:

    I can tell I’m going to need to do several sub-sets — Insignia just got a LOT more necessary than in 2.x.

    So the Standard set will mostly be 2.x transfers, plus some duplicates and a few new things. Then I’ll do at least a few sub-sets since there is so much demand (kind of like for Blades).

  48. RSC5 says:

    It sounds just dreamy, considering I have a whole squad of teenage girl crimefighters at varying ages to develop. And, before I forget, the furniture background items are a neat concept. Can we get some modern/fantasy-ish mad science stuff in there for that? Like a screaming victim strapped to a tilted table we can put in the background or a messy desk we can put in the front, with various items to be chosen according to what our character may be up to. (Used syringes, questionable puddles, full ashtrays, music sheets, etc.) Maybe even with arms to make them lean forward on it: or perhaps{50682F6D-D4F5-4C24-940D-AF3472B8D4B4}

  49. JR says:

    what about my& violodion requests?

  50. Jeff Hebert says:

    JR, your requests were nice, but they weren’t about Insignias, which is what I am working on now. When I get to the relevant slots they’ll be more timely.

    V’s requests are solid as always. I think the happy face is copyrighted, but they’re good ideas. I won’t get to do all of them, but as I work through the sub-sets I’ll come back to it.

    I can’t (and won’t) comment on every single comment, or I’d get no drawing done 🙂 The idea behind having them all in one thread like this is that as I draw I can scroll down and riff through them for ideas.

    If I haven’t said it forcefully enough, I’ll do so now — thank you all for the great suggestions, keep them coming if you’ve got ’em, and even if I don’t respond to each individual one, I read them all and keep them in mind. I offer no guarantee that every idea will make it in — in fact, most won’t, for lots and lots of reasons, but they’re all given due consideration.

    Thanks again everyone! And as I say, keep ’em coming if you got ’em. It looks like this is going to take several days at least.

  51. violodion says:

    Happy face may indeed be copyrighted. see also, Wikipedia’s “Smiley” article.

    Overlooked a few:
    * Open five finger hand (no HandRight/HandLeft equivalent, yet at least) — http–interconnected-org/home/more/2004/12/hand_columns.jpg
    * 3D-ish Diamond (not sure how re-usable) — http–tinyurl-com/dkpmel
    * Geometric polygon shapes: Triangle, Pentagram, Hexagram, etc (how many vertices to go?)
    * Geometric stars (how many point to go?)

    Thought on geometric stars, even numbers points/vertices can be visually replicated quickly (2-4-6-8-10-etc); however, odd numbers cannot (5-7-9-11-etc).

    Not sure about having a font for the runes/symbols (post #46). If did, hope the font would have a fuller unicode support for a wider number of symbols. Uncertainy is how well the applet would handle it. Or, would it just treat them as “converted to outlines” for seeming simplicity.

  52. collex says:

    I agree with medals as insigna. Again, you may not need to draw as many medals are more or less geometrical form/w patterns.

    As for the companion slot, I don’t think you need humanoid companion anymore. I can easily make another character now that I can choose the number of item I want and move them around.

    You should need a special effets slot however, such as for example magical effects, gun firing, bullet case flying, freeze ray etc. Remember in HM 2.x you had those two or three wands with special effects? Well, as much as I liked the wand, I was sometime pissed off I could not remove the effects. Now we could. Probably a subset of item

    And, I know this is weird, but when you’ll get to do body subset, could you do half torso?. So I can do something akin to metamorpho or a more extreme two-face concept…

  53. jude says:

    i think you should add a mouth that is melted shut.please

  54. collex says:

    Jeff, what does the last layer button do? You know, the one with the arrow between two sheets? Because I cliked on it to see and well, it screwed up everythng. My sole pattern object came on top of everything and I could not change the layer of anything even of new objects. What happened?

  55. violodion says:

    @collex, #54: After one click on that button, never again. Dunno *what* is _supposed_ to do. Scares me now. 🙂

    @collex, #52: Might metals be, say, a couple small insignia’s stacked? At typical resolution HM3 offers, not so much detail shows (more with “Headshot view”).

    @jude, #53: Look under the “Zombie” parts. Swore I saw one or two there. Or something which could manipulated into such….

  56. Zorbas the Awesome says:

    1. Crosshairs
    2. DETAILED Crosshairs
    3. Claws (cougar or lion, wolf…EcT.)
    4. Claw marks

    1. Telikenetic Beams (from eyes, hands, heart…Etc.)

    1. crossed swords Buckle
    2. skull buckle
    3. Utility belt (batman style, Altered slightly)

    BTW i think u should make rings. like jewlrey.

  57. Niall Mor says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I presume when you say that you’ll carry over all the insignia features from HM 2.5, we’ll still have the ability to place letters of text somewhere on a character’s costume?

    Also, it just occurs to me that with the scale, rotate, and transform options, we could combine logos to create something that wasn’t in the set, couldn’t we?

  58. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Niall: I think instead what I’ll do is have a couple of sets of pre-generated letters. I don’t think very many people understood the whole “click here and type” thing unfortunately.

    And yes, combining multiple insignia to make new ones is most definitely encouraged!

  59. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, I think that last layer button is supposed to be “Reset all layers”. I take it that is not working properly, lol! Sorry about that, I’ll circle back and take a look at it, I think I just kind of plunked the old code in as a placeholder and never went back to fix it for the new stuff.

  60. Tim says:

    Wow, talk about requests galore! Awesome!

    I might as well add mine too 🙂

    At the moment, I would like to see the gyen symbol return, but I’m confident you’ve already included that Jeff.

    One insignia that I haven’t seen and would like to see included is this one from Dragon Ball Z. Hopefully this doesn’t violate copyright laws. Crossed fingers.

    Note that this is not my tattoo.

  61. Fabien says:

    I forgotten two set for forthcoming :
    – fonts (blackletters, gothic, western, futuristic)
    – Tatoos

  62. Chris G says:

    A pipe, please. Must be able to use Heromachine to recreate “Bob”.

  63. Anarchangel says:

    I have a few requests.

    A tool belt (not a utility belt but that would be cool too)
    A gun belt (a loose hanging kinda thing)
    A loose fitting sweater
    A few more spandex top options (I’d like just some arm parts in spandex. Like the second last one but in parts)

    Also if you get around to making poses could you include a teen one? Not the one in Shakti which looks like a 12/13 year old. I mean something along the lines of 16/17 years old. Smaller than the standard body but not that small.

  64. Anarchangel says:

    A ‘Body > Young Adult’ section maybe

  65. Hakoon1 says:

    I think that it would be good to have all sorts of runes and in the bit where you select them there could be a translation of what each one stands for.

  66. Jeff Hebert says:

    That’s a really good idea, Hakoon.

  67. Hakoon1 says: