A color challenge

Damien has pointed out that the arrangement of the color swatches in HM3 lacks something. Specifically, it lacks a coherent order. If someone wants to take the set of colors and arrange them in a way that makes more sense, I'd appreciate it. I suck at that kind of thing, but I'll take a crack at it if no one else wants to. Complete list for ease of cutting-and-pasting after the jump.

This is just the non-skin-tone colors, since I already have the skin tones separated out and grouped together.

5% Gray ; 0xFFFFFF
15% Gray ; 0xE1E1E1
25% Gray ; 0xCCCCCC
35% Gray ; 0xB7B7B7
45% Gray ; 0xA1A1A1
55% Gray ; 0x898989
65% Gray ; 0x636363
75% Gray ; 0x363636
Air Force Blue ; 0x5D8AA8
Army Green ; 0x4B5320
Beige ; 0xF5F5DC
Black ; 0x000000
Brown ; 0x896B60
Buff ; 0xF0DC82
Burgundy ; 0x800020
Burnt Orange ; 0xA0410A
Burnt Orange ; 0xCC5500
Cardinal Red ; 0xC41E3A
Caucasian ; 0xE2CCBB
Copper ; 0xB87333
Corn ; 0xFBEC5D
Crimson ; 0xDC143C
Dark Asian ; 0xFADFAD
Dark Blue ; 0x003562
Dark Brown ; 0x553526
Dark Cool Brown ; 0x534640
Dark Cyan ; 0x0076A3
Dark Khaki ; 0xBDB76B
Dark Purple ; 0x620160
Dark Red ; 0x9D080D
Dark Scarlet ; 0x560319
Dark Warm Brown ; 0x603811
Dark Yellow ; 0xABA000
Dark Yellow Green ; 0x177B2F
Darker Cool Brown ; 0x352E2C
Darker Purple ; 0x4A0048
Darker Red ; 0x790000
Darker Yellow ; 0x827A00
Darker Yellow Green ; 0x005E1F
Deep Yellow ; 0xFFDE00
Desert Sand ; 0xEDC9AF
Ecru ; 0xC2B280
Feldgrau ; 0x4D5D53
Flax ; 0xEEDC82
Golden ; 0xFFD700
Grape Purple ; 0x430C62
Hunter Green ; 0x355E3B
Islamic Green ; 0x009900
Jade ; 0x00A86B
Kelly Green ; 0x4CBB17
Khaki ; 0xC3B091
Light Asian ; 0xEEE7D1
Light Brown ; 0xAC8C89
Light Cool Brown ; 0x988675
Light Cyan ; 0x00BFF3
Light Orange ; 0xF68E55
Light Orange Brown ; 0xC7AC78
Light Purple ; 0xA863A8
Light Warm Brown ; 0xA67C51
Light Yellow Green ; 0x7CC576
Medium Cool Brown ; 0x726257
Medium Warm Brown ; 0x8C6238
Metallic Gold ; 0xD4AF37
Old Gold ; 0xCFB53B
Orange ; 0xF7941C
Orange Brown ; 0xC7A178
Pale Caucasian ; 0xEEE7E2
Pale Cool Brown ; 0xC7B299
Pale Copper ; 0xDA8A67
Pale Warm Brown ; 0xC69C6D
Pastel Green Cyan ; 0x7ACCC8
Pastel Orange ; 0xF9AD81
Pastel Purple ; 0xBC8CBF
Pastel Red ; 0xF69679
Pastel Yellow ; 0xFFF799
Pastel Yellow Green ; 0xA2D39C
Pure Red Orange ; 0xF26C4E
Pure RGB Red ; 0xFF0000
Pure Yellow ; 0xFFF200
Pure Yellow Green ; 0x38B549
Red Brown ; 0x803A2D
Regular Purple ; 0x91268F
RGB Blue ; 0x0000FF
RGB Green ; 0x00FF00
Rifle Green ; 0x414833
Royal Blue ; 0x002366
Ruby Red ; 0xE0115F
Rust ; 0xB7410E
Scarlet ; 0xFF2400
Sea Green ; 0x2E8B57
Silver ; 0xC0C0C0
Slate Gray ; 0x708090
Steel Blue ; 0x4682b4
Tan ; 0xD2B48C
Tan Caucasian ; 0xD9C1AE

11 Responses to A color challenge

  1. Force32 says:

    Now that we are on the topic of colours would I recommend for the head it could be two sets of colours not just one.

  2. The Imp says:

    Yes, two colors for the head/face would be mucho appreciated. As it is now, when you select the ‘color all skin’ option, the head ends up always being the darker of the two colors I selected for the body, and then I have to go back and manually change that.

    Also, question on patterns: I’ve noticed when masking a pattern over, say, legwear, I get some ‘bleed-over’ onto other items – the belt, sometimes the background itself. Is that just a temporary thing, or something more serious?

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Not sure I understand what you’re talking about Imp, can you send me a screencap of the problem?

  4. The Imp says:

    Sure; I’ll post a link when I get home from work tonight.

    Let’s see if I can sum it up though: Basically, I create a character – body, legwear, topwear, belt, for example. All colored in and ready to add a pattern. I select a pattern, make it the color(s) I want, then go to mask it over an object. For some reason, it not only masks over the object I selected (legwear, for example), but also over parts of the belt (when masking a pattern over legwear), or on the background (when masking a shoulder item, there’s also a big square of pattern showing up behind the character. Also, I’ve noticed when masking certain shoulder items, the mask doesn’t apply to both colors on that item, but only ONE color. Weird.

    Anyway, I’ll post a couple screenshots right here, tonight.

  5. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: How can I change the color of the white webbing pattern?

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    You can’t. It’s either white or black. I could add it into the “Patterns” slot but there’s not really anything to color except the lineart, which seems like a waste. The pattern is a 50% white, which means it ought to come out as a lighter version of whatever colors are underneath it.

  7. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: Okay. Thanks!

  8. The Imp says:

    Ok, Jeff, here’s a link showing what I mean:


    As you can see, when I try to mask a pattern over the spandex legwear, it bleeds over onto the belt as well. This seems to be a placement problem; if I move the pattern down a bit, it avoids the belt. However, that seems like kind of a slipshod solution: why shouldn’t the program be smart enough to hide the pattern under the belt? If it’s only being masked on one thing and one thing only, why does it show up on something other than what it was asked to be masked over?

    As for the shoulder thing… eh, I don’t know what’s going on there… 😀

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Imp. I have no idea why that’s happening. I assume the belt is actually on a higher layer, yes?

    There were a few problems in the Zombie mini where a pattern would shoot out one line way off to the side, which I was able to fix, but I don’t know if this is the same thing. I’ll take a look and see what I can see.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, wait, I think I see — you’re using the actual PatternsStandard set of items, right? The one you pick off the dropdown list and load in like any other slot and set?

    Assuming that’s the case, it’s still on a layer just like anything else, be it a headgear or glove or whatnot. So in your image, you’ve got the Patterns layer over the Belt and Legwear layers. You should be able to go to the cheetah pattern and use Layer Down to move it below the belt layer, but still over the Legwear layer.

    This isn’t a problem with the built-in grayscale patterns on the Patterns tab, because those get loaded into the actual item in question; they literally become part of the Legwear item, for instance, as if I had drawn them in by hand.

    Using the items in the PatternStandard set, however, is not like that. Those are totally separate items, just like a sword or a gun or a shirt. When you use some other item (like the spandex pants) as a Mask for it, the PatternStandard item is still there on its own layer, just like the aforementioned gun or shirt or whatnot. It can be moved up or down in layer order, it can be colored, it can be unmasked, etc. etc. The built-in grayscale patterns can’t have all that done to them, because they’re literally part of the original item, subject to change only as the host item changes.

    Hope that makes sense.

    The shoulder thing — I dunno, still looking into that.

  11. The Imp says:

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense, actually. Thanks, Jeff. It didn’t even occur to me that they were an item set, even though they’re like, in the dropdown list… *smacks forehead* 😀