Contest 52 Winner

I am happy to announce that the Three-Peat Club has a new member: Steve!


I have to say, the whole idea of activating super-powers through a head-to-butt contact is ... unique. And funny. There were a ton of great entries this week, so forgive me for the long list of Honorable Mentions. Maybe this "no limit on the number of entries" thing is a good idea after all ... Anyway, here are the especially funny entries, well done everyone!

  • Damien: “Carry me, I’m scared of the dust!” How do you get me to believe this crap?
  • Runt82: Why couldn’t I have been partnered with Julianne Hough?
  • Ballin' Boy: Let’s see colon… pancreas… Webster…ah here we go prostate.
  • Frankie: “Quiet you. You’re extinct.”
  • Frankie: “Mmmmm. Nothing like freshly squeezed dino juice.”
  • Fishpants: Hang on, I have another call.
  • Fishpants: NOW can we teach evolution, y’all?
  • Fishpants Says: Sorry we’re late. Where does Noah want these dinosaurs and unicorns?
  • Cory: OOOH, a penny!
  • HalLoweEn JacK: …and now my head’s stuck in a dinosaur. Mondays *sigh*.
  • HalLoweEn JacK: KITTY!
  • HalLoweEn JacK: We’re almost at the hospital, but YOU’RE explaining how it got stuck in there!
  • Lyogi: Next time, I’ll ask what the pregnancy craving is for, before I agree to get it.
  • StrangezThingez: I feel like I’m losing my head doing this!
  • The Imp: It plumps when you cook it!
  • Syzyx: You’re going to the vet whether you like it or not!
  • Jester: Voted most likely to get my head stuck in the back of a dinosaur… what are the odds?
  • CARR10N: OMG!! I cant use that as an eye hole.
  • JonnyDemon: Damn, this zit is out of control!
  • Blue Blazer: For the last time, I’m NOT Little Johnny Paper!
  • Danny Beaty: I’m really “dragon ass” today.

Special bonus credit (not currently redeemable for anything) goes to Runt82 for giving me an excuse to do a Google Image search for Julianne Hough. Hubba hubba. And to Blue Blazer for the difficult-to-achieve "Peter Paul and Mary" shout-out. Well done, sir!

Steve wins another black and white custom illustration of whatever he likes (within reason) to go with the one he's already got and the one I still owe him. That's three times in six weeks for the Stevester, which is darned impressive.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and I hope you had as much fun reading all the entries as I did!

5 Responses to Contest 52 Winner

  1. Congrats Steve!

  2. Congrats Steve and to all honorable mentions.

  3. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Woo! Three honourable mentions in one hit!

    Well done Steve!

  4. By the time I looked at this I had nuthin. Great job Steve and all this week!

  5. gonna have to say Danny shoula won it. thats just amazing