Caption Contest 41: Dishpan hands? Get Thano-fresh!

If you come up with the best/funniest replacement dialog for this random comics panel:


And you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration from professional artist Jeff Hebert (he said self-referentially)! The rules are simple: make your entry in the comments below; no more than three entries per person; and try to keep it relatively clean, appropriate for a broadcast television show.

Now get out there and bring the funny!

53 Responses to Caption Contest 41: Dishpan hands? Get Thano-fresh!

  1. Somebody needs a hug!

  2. 1. Just one more! Push! You can do it!
    2. Come to pappa!
    3. Are these the hands of a killer? Seriously.

  3. (King of the hill reference)
    1.”What are you talking about?”

    2.”Ah let me hold the snac-I mean baby!”

    3.”If the glove don’t fit-Oh crap…”

  4. 1.

    ‘O sole mio
    Sta ‘nfronte a te!

  5. Ten fingers, no championship rings. This will be my season.

  6. I’m not kidding! It was this big! I almost had to flush twice!

  7. Why dont you ever hug me mommy?

  8. 1: Guess what? I did’t wash after!


    3: DANG! Right hand in, right hand out, left hand in, left hand out. Not at the same time!

  9. “You’re in good hands with Allstate” (someone had to say it)

  10. 1: Pucker, sucker.
    2: C’mon, guys! Manja! Manja!
    3: You should be dancing – yeah!

  11. 1: So doc, whats the glove for? Anyway I was thinking that after the exam I could….. WHAAAAAAT WAS THAT? OWWWW!

    2: BEHOLD! MY LABRADOODLE! Isn’t he cute?!?

    3: I can beat you with two hands tied behind my back! Wait… wrong way.

  12. Where’s the baby??????

    Every time I think I’m out of a Infinity war or crisis they pull me right back in.

    I’d walk a million miles For one of your smiles, My Mammy!

  13. 1) Five … Five Dollar Foot Longs!!

    2) I have a headache This Big and it has Excedrin written all over it!!

    3) Luke I am your father ,,, no seriously! .. That Vadar guy is a nut!!

  14. Some and give your Auntie Louise a big hug!

  15. er…”come,” not “some”

  16. Do they smell to you? I swear i used soap!

  17. I WANT YOU!…To give me a hug

    In case of emergency the exit is directly behind you.


  18. “Please, just 10 cents a day is all that is needed for me to improve my wardrobe.”

  19. “Put it on the Riiiiitttzzzz.” Not sure if that’s the right line, but that’s what it sounds like to me.

  20. 1. Embrace Change… infiltratin’ since the 70’s bitchez!

    2. Whaddaya mean I smell like death??? oh, heh heh, right.

    3. Ribbed… for your pleasure.

  21. “Its not my fault!”

    “Spirit fingers!!!!!”


  22. 1.) Do THESE look like the hands of a killer? Whaddya mean they do?

    2.) Let the hug fest COMMENCE!

    3.) Let’s see if these gloves will fit O.J.


    (Sorry. It was the first thing that came to my mind. Gives a hint of where my mind is most of the time…)

  24. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Can you help me get these gloves off?

  25. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Look what Liefield did to my arms!

  26. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Please give it back, my dad gave me that ball.

  27. Avatar Zorbas The Awesome





  29. Avatar William A. Peterson

    “Yes! You get the Pocket Fisherman, the Kitchen Magician, AND a full set of Ginsu Knives! NOW, how much would you pay?”

  30. join the dark side…. we have cookies and these lovely costumes

  31. LOVE ME!

  32. 1). Jazz hands? No. These are death-metal hands!

  33. Victims–they melt in your mouth–not in your hands!

  34. Pull a finger! Choose wisely!

  35. 1) I come in peace.
    2) Peace and love, comrades.
    3) I come to speak about our new religion. Believe in me and live in peace or die.

  36. “Hairy palms? Cover them up with Orbitz Gloves.”

  37. 2.

    “Well aren’t you just the cutest little homicidal xenomorph in the whole wide universe! Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!”

  38. 1. “Put down the drugs and come give me a hug!”
    2. “I sold the infinity gauntlet to cash for gold and got money the very next day!”

  39. 1. Mama! I made potty!

    2. Welcome to fantasy island!

    3. Can’t we all just get along?

  40. MOOOMMM!

    Nothing up my sleeves, in my gloves however….

    Look sir, its the new thing! The kids call it ‘Ring under glove’! Ain’t it great?

  41. You`re really my father, Darth? Come in my arms!

  42. You’re an angry elf!

  43. Heya Luigi! Whya did you eat my Whopper?

  44. You heard of mitosis? Well get ready for Thanosis the process of a division of your head from your body. Pwnnnnned!

  45. Got tough skin? try Goldbond’s new moisturizer!

  46. May I have this dance Mrs. Claus?

  47. Step right up! Step right up! Try Thano’s all new amazing, fully interactive, 3D 4 colour comic! FREE goggles with this issue!

    I knew I should never have signed on for Beetlejuice 2! I mean, just look at my head!

    What?! My head’s bigger than my… Curse you Rob Liefeld! Curse you all to hell!

  48. 1. You know what they say, big hands…

    2. My eyes! Give me back my eyes!

    3. I’m a California raisin!

  49. Channeling musicals for this contest

    1. (Grease) “Doin’ that crazy Hand Jive!”

    2. (Cats) “Memorieeeees….all alone in the mooonliiiiight”

    3. (Man of La Mancha) ” To dreeeeam the Impossible dreeeeam…..To Fight the Unbeatable Foe…To try when your arms are too weary…..To ruuuuun where the brave dare not gooooooo!”

  50. 1. Thwipp! THWIPP! Umm..snikt?
    2. It’s quickpudding! Pull me out!
    3. Yeah they’re big, but I’d trade ’em for a lower body.

  51. 1) C-come here Pookie… No, where are you going- I’m this
    2) YES, Mom, I got my palms!!
    3) Jazz hands… AND OUT!

  52. 1) Thug life!

    2) Behold! My powers come from too much time in the tub!

    3) I assure you ma’am I am a qualified instructor of breast exams!