Real life costumes

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If you've ever wished your HeroMachine design could come to life in three large-as-life (which in my case is quite large indeed) dimensions, can now make your dreams come true! I love that several of the designs were laid out in HeroMachine first, I feel like I've helped make the world a more colorful place.

I wonder if the people ordering these are just having a lark or if they really, you know, think of themselves as actual super heroes? If the latter, one would hope they'd have the sense not to send in their photo and testimonial as that's pretty much Rule Number One in the "How To Protect Your Secret Identity" manual.

Note that there's a separate manual for how to keep your secret identity secret if you're a movie super-hero instead of a comic-book super-hero. It only has one rule in it, though -- "Don't get a girlfriend, because it's mandatory for every single movie super-hero to reveal their identity to the first hot chick who locks lips with them."