Random Panel: More great moments in bad analogies


13 Responses to Random Panel: More great moments in bad analogies

  1. “cabbage with a handle?”


  2. *shows a look of confusion that no mortal words can describe*

  3. Well that explains everything. There you go folks, the secret of the meaning of life. I can die peacefully now.

  4. …I could simply say WTF but that…that doesn’t quite cover it. Since when did cabbages get handles and EXACTLY where is the handle on the man locate? Wait…Do I want to know?

  5. Oh, I think you already know, DJ. But how it relates to cabbages, I’ll never know.

  6. What?!!

  7. Does the writer know what a cabbage is?

    He must have gotten confused with a head of cabbage and a man heaving a head.

  8. Frankie…there are some things we aren’t supposed to know in this world…how they make spray cheese…who thought of tugging on a cow and drinking what came out…and what this comic means…It’s a mystery and…will remain so.

  9. …*combines all above comments into a single expression and runs away screaming*

  10. OUCH! That is all I have to say.

  11. That quote is ridiculous, why would you ever need a cabbage?

  12. *Utter confusion strikes face and attempt to comprehend what drugs the maker of this comic must have been on utterly fails and drives to insanity*

  13. Why indeed Frey, why indeed. Much less one with a handle…

    Note:WTF?!?!?!?!!?! Did cabbages used to have handles? If so, evolution is just plain scary