Caption Contest 36: "MOM! I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK FIRST!!"

It's time once again for the Internet's Mightiest Caption Contest, brought to you by Jokin' Jeff the Japemeister and the entire Bertram Bullpen!

Whoops, got taken over by the spirit of Stan Lee for a moment there, my apologies. But you can understand the confusion, given that the Caption Contest panel for this week was drawn by none other than that mighty penciler of legend and Stan Lee contemporary, John Buscema!


If you come up with the funniest/best replacement dialog for this comic book image, you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration by professional artist Jeff Hebert of whatever you like (within reason). The rules are simple: No more than three entries per person, left in the comments to this post, which are all to be PG-13 rated or better. That's it, so put on your thinking cap and start captioning!

51 Responses to Caption Contest 36: "MOM! I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK FIRST!!"

  1. Remind me never to pass gas in this suit!!!!

    No the M is not for Meat Head

    Every body dance. Now!!

  2. Curse you Rubiks cube!

  3. The “M” is for Mmmmm…Mmmmm…Good!

    Damn! The batteries are dead!!!

    My mom puts my initials on everything so I don’t lose stuff!

  4. 1. I swear it’s not because I’m happy to see you!

    2. Damn the painters for not finishing all of my suit!

  5. 1. the M is for massive not mini if you get the picture

  6. ::Groans:: .. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that last Burrito

  7. I’m Dr. Beeps – Cardiologist to Supervillians.

  8. 1. …wha? Batteries not included? *&^% Wal-Mart!

  9. “Gosh Wendy, do you really think all this junk will make me cooler than Jayce?”

  10. “So Mr. Seinfeld, did you think revealing the secret existence of the ‘Moops’ would come without consequences?”

  11. 1. …oil…can…oil…can!

    2. no, no, Mr.Stark,I’m not trying to seal your suit!

    3. Damn this rusty hinges!

  12. Don’t disturb me while I am fiddling with my diddle!!!

  13. I dare you to bend over and pick up your shield Power Princess… yes…that’s right…

  14. Oh drat, I shat myself.

  15. Ok, that might be pushing it…

  16. 3.”NO THE M DOESN’T STAND FOR THAT YOU SICKO! I’m Catholic! We believe that’s a sin!”

  17. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    1. I am MEKANO, architect of doom!… GAH! I’ve lost a wingnut…

  18. Avatar William A. Peterson

    “Oh, Boy! This X-Ray Camera will let me peek right into the Girl’s Locker Room Showers, here at Superhuman Academy…
    And this lead-lined mask will keep them from peeking right back, and getting me in trouble!”

  19. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    (this next one is in direct reference to the guy’s helment!)

    2. mmm mm MMMMMMMMM! mmm mmmmm mmmmmm!

  20. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    3. …So as you can see, this model here boasts enourmous killing power, yet is small enough to fit in your handbag. This is Magnifico, reporting for Good Morning Evil Overlord.

  21. ah, finally i have comleted my doomsday devi… oh crud! i forgot to put a zipper in this thing!

  22. 1) Forget Edna Mode, I went with the biggest cape I could find!

  23. muuuuuust haaaave aaaiiirrr!!!

    maybe this metal helmet will cover up the bald spot.

    my costume is awesome,”nuf said”.

  24. Avatar C. Yusuf Mumaz

    1. Those pill I took make it seem like the room is spinning….

    2. It’s not fair! I created this Doomsday device! Why does Microsoft get the patent?

    3. Blast! Why did I have that Jalapeno pizza for lunch? Do you know how long it takes to get out of this suit?

  25. – Fear the wrath of Doctor Constipation.
    – I’m sorry to interrupt the fight but wher are the toilet.

  26. 1.Pardon me but may I borrow your can opener?…No questions asked.

    2. Damn! There is never a price scanner that works!


  27. 1. “What do you mean your not into cosplay?”

    2. “What do you mean its not still under warrenty?!?!? Thats EVIL…..”

    3.”Thay all laughed at me when I said I needed a envirmonental suit to stalk Paris Hilton…”

  28. 2) Let’s see, that’s left, left, A, B, right, X, B…

  29. If I could I would like to replace my second entry on the grounds that this one rocks so much.

    (replacement for 2nd entry)


  30. This would suit the eyes and posture, I would think:
    “No! This is mine, I tell you, mine! Please!”

    “What? McDonald’s went with a puny clown instead? But that means… I’m unemployed.”

    “Gah, that’s disgusting! Here, I’m going to throw you this aerosol. Industrial strength orchid scent.”
    Perhaps leave the last sentence of the above line off?

  31. (Darn you, Jeff, you already said the first thing that came to mind!)
    1. Gimme a second, Superman! The latch on my Kryptonite Kannon is stuck again… GAH! I knew I shoulda’ gotten the automatic…

    2. …And then… WHOOSH! Take that! Ping! Ping! *makes explodey noises* And that, gentlemen, is how I plan to enslave the universe.

    (and, to quote a line from one of my new favorite movies)
    3. Ok, let’s face it: This isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.

  32. A man is like a cabbage with a handle.

  33. Great Spiraling Sperm!! These Gloves make texting impossible!!

  34. “Once I launch this device into space, they’ll HAVE to change that song to, ‘You don’t tug on Mortimor’s cape.’ Ha!”


    2:What do you mean, this not how Ned Kelly dressed?????

  36. 2. Nausea, .. Heartburn, .. Indigestion, .. Upset Stomach, .. Diarrhea !!!!

  37. With the release of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, I can at last beat Superman!

    (Superman…Hyperion…what’s the difference, right?)

  38. Oh crap! Just as I’m about to launch my World Destroying Disintegrator Ray, the prune tarts I had for lunch kick in!

  39. You stole mah bucket. You ain’t gettin’ my doomsday doo-hickey.

  40. DAMN! Another WEDGIE! I’ll be back in an hour!

  41. 1. (in small print) “I think… I think I just soiled my armor.”
    2. “Whaddaya mean, I ‘wouldn’t make a good Cobra Commander’?”
    3. “My mom always said my face would freeze like this…”

  42. “Wait, I can explain! It’s really just a deadly device! I was just … trying it for size”

    I admit, tho, the Iron Man quote is great.

  43. 1.I am Professor Chaos. Bringer of destruction and DOOM!

    2. Someone order a Strip-a-gram?

  44. I AM NOT EMO!

  45. 1) Teacher said I have to get this old pencil sharpener to her now!

    2)But… but the saleslady told me canary yellow goes perfectly with gray and blue!

    3) GAHH! Oh, God what are you DOING!?

  46. 1- Man, these new Transformers toys are really more complicated than when I was a boy.

    2- I think my armor shrinked in the washing machine. And my helmet too!

    3- I really love Starfrit new OpenACan. Now, I can get out of my helmet faster than ever. It completly changed my life.

  47. Iron underwear aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You need a remote control just to be able to “go.”

  48. Soon everyone will have heart monitors on their chests.

  49. ( A little correction on my third entry)

    – I really love StarFrit’s new OpenACan. Now, I can get out of my helmet faster than ever. Thanks StarFrit. You completely changed my life

  50. Curses! It’s childproof!

  51. This is exactly what it doesn’t look like.

    Face it this is not the worst thing youve caught me doing.

    Come on Transform and roll out already