Contest 34 Winner!

I am happy to announce that the winner of Caption Contest 34 is ... Runt82!


This is Runt's second win, so big congratulations for him. I had immediate flashbacks of doing the hokey-pokey at the skating rink when I was growing up, and this guy would have fit right in there. Good job! Other honorable mentions included:

  • marx: That’s right! My henchmen and I shook up every can of soda in the fridge! We’re hard-core evil like that, baby.
  • HalLoweEn JacK: Fear me! All will trmble before ‘The Tugger’.
  • Rick: I shall have my Yahtzee. You will see!
  • Fishpants: Prepare yourself for…let’s see…3d6 damage plus two! Bwa ha ha ha!
  • Fishpants: You FOOLS! For the last time it’s LEFTY-LOOSEY, RIGHTY-TIGHTY!

Thanks to everyone for the great entries! Not all of them were necessarily age-appropriate or censor-ready, but they were certainly entertaining.

I am running a couple of weeks behind on my prizes, but rest assured Runt82 will win his very own custom black and white illustration of whatever he likes. Last time he chose Draco, so I'm curious to see what we come up with this time around. Stay tuned for your chance to win your own drawing from yours truly, coming up later today!

One Response to Contest 34 Winner!

  1. Runt82 says:

    Thanks again, Jeff, for choosing my entry! I’ll email you what I have in mind for a prize.

    There were a lot of other good entries this week, and other than the ones Jeff has mentioned above, I have to give a shoutout to entries 6-2 (Rock,Paper,Scissors), 10-3 (Wank Off), 21-2 (Rorshach inkblot test), 47-1 (Milkshake), and 48-1 (Fax Letter). They were hilarious.