Patriot reminder and Contest 29 Prize

Just a reminder, you only have three days left to get your entry in for the "Patriot Contest" and the prize of a free custom color character illustration! As an example of the kind of drawing you might get (sans color), I present you with Draco, Runt82's prize for Caption Contest 29:

So head on over to the Photobucket group and get your entry in today before it's too late!

9 Responses to Patriot reminder and Contest 29 Prize

  1. Cool character, reminds me of the punisher.

    ALSO: What the heck is happenning to heromachine, it’s going way slow and behaving erratically. Any suggestions?

  2. Not sure on the HeroMachine front, Ashton, I’ll forward your comment on over to the UGO guys in New York and see what they’ve got going on.

  3. Thanks Jeff. Tell me if you find anything out.

  4. Sorry for the double post but here’s a screenshot:

  5. Ashton: Why not just download it? Then you not only don’t have to worry about annoying hang-fires, but you can generate a bigger picture.

  6. What is the logo on the shirt supposed to be?

  7. I don’t know what it’s from, actually, it’s a symbol from some random font set I just thought looked cool. Naturally that probably means it’s going to wind up translated as something like “Consorts with pedarasts” or something.

  8. It looks like a symbol I used to draw a long time ago.

  9. Cool costume.