Modern Warrior applet

I've just gotten word that the "theme" of the next HeroMachine Mini I talked about earlier will be "Modern Commando". That means lots of camo gear, lots of weapons, lots of cool gun belts, and other ultra-modern gear for all your urban assault needs.

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  1. Will we have the option to put our commando in a dress uniform (I think in the military they call ’em Class A’s) for those occasions when our hero wants to look respectable and dignified and all? Just a thought. A while back I wanted to have a picture of an officer character I had created in his dress uniform with all the trimmings–braid on the cap, maybe some on the shoulder, and rows of ribbons on the jacket. I couldn’t find an easy way to do that, so I settled for putting him in camouflage instead.

  2. I suppose that’s possible, I haven’t started drawing items yet so I can add that stuff.

    Any other requests for specific items?

  3. Can u give a date for when it will be realeased?

  4. I believe they are targeting very early December for this Mini. I am starting on it today (well, this weekend anyway) and am shooting for a 3-4 week development timeline. At various points along the way I will probably be posting beta versions, like with the FaceMaker, for you to tinker with and make suggestions for.

  5. Jeff, although you’ve stated this applet will focus on the modern soldier, is there any chance on any WW2 firearms, fatigues, helmets, etc…?


  6. I can’t answer for sure yet, Joshua, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

  7. warriors?……..of the world?