Caption Contest 20: Pulp Edition

This week's Caption Contest is co-sponsored by "The EvilDM" (warning: some content not quite safe for work), Jeff Mejia, creator of the fantastic sword & sorcery / movie pulp adventure RPG system "Legends of Steel". He selected the following Conan panel as our jumping-off point this week. So after you come up with the funniest caption for it, thereby winning your own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like, head on over to Jeff's place and check out his great gaming commentary.


As always, here's how the contest works. Put your best funny caption that would fill the word balloon in the comments below, up to a maximum of three entries. Keep it relatively clean (i.e. suitable for a prime-time broadcast TV sitcom, only funnier). And that's about it! Here's an example:

Maybe next time I'll just fill out the comment card, but that meal really sucked ...

Good luck everyone, make the Two Jeffs (and Robert E. Howard!) proud.

70 Responses to Caption Contest 20: Pulp Edition

  1. Please. Just because I’m a barbarian warrior does NOT mean I have serious body odor problems!

  2. You call THAT a brothel?

  3. 1. Ha! I’ll told you people would fall for me!

  4. 2. He-man, schme-man! I look nothing like him!

  5. 3. I told you I only use PANTENE conditioner!

  6. 1. That…was a crazy party.

    2. I just KNOW I’m going to get blamed for this.

    3. I knew my dance moves would drop em’ dead!

  7. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    1) Dang it, he’s looking at my butt, isn’t he?

    2) Chuck Norris needs no guardsmen…

    3) I stormed this castle and all I got was this crummy shirt…I was really hoping for some pants.

  8. Just because I have an earring and no pants, doesn’t mean I’m easy!

  9. 1) Who do they think they are callin me fat.

    2) whait for the punch line! get it? punch?… oh nevermind

    3) funny thing is, I don’t even LIKE video-games.

  10. 1. Damn Paparazzi! WHen are they going to learn!

  11. 2. That wasn’t a 20th level dungeon. I’m gonna show you what 20th level means!

  12. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    I’d light a match before going in there, if I were you.

  13. thats what you get for buying the last two cher tickets

  14. you will proclaim me the winner or your next

  15. bad brothel, No soup….

  16. If its called the Blue Oyster they should at least serve seafood

  17. sleeping on the job? tisk tisk

  18. 1. “I just saved a whole crapload of money on my car insurance!”

    2. “I’m gonna KILL the guy who stole my pants!”

    3. “I have that not-so-fresh feeling!”

  19. I think I’ll try this. Here’s my three.

    1. No one kicks a puppy on my watch!

    2. Not having to say you’re sorry? Priceless!

    3. I told you. I’m not gay.

  20. Avatar Bill Cavalier

    1. C’mon you pansies…it didn’t smell that bad!
    2. Mac! Billy! Get to duh choppa!
    3. Worthless valets lost my horse!

  21. I will try this:

    1- Used car salesman never learn.

    2- I hate the DMV!

    3- No, I dont want my legs waxed!

  22. “I told them that I’m not wearing a dead animal over my crotch. I European. But would they listen? Noooo.”

  23. “When they say they want to give Conan ‘two thumbs up’, I think it good for publicity. But then I found out it mean something completely different.”

  24. It was a tough battle, but I finally slayed the dragon called Barbara Walters and her evil “View” witches.

  25. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Worst. Dungeon. Ever.

  26. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Nobody sticks a twenty into my furry underwear!

  27. 1. This is what I get for using Rogaine on my crotch!
    2. Gay marriages in Texas, I don’t think so!
    3. Screw Simon Cowell, I know I can sing!

  28. I was told there would be “pie”

  29. Avatar the creator

    will i EVER find sone Epic leggings…….

  30. 1. Hey, you’d be grumpy too if it suddenly started raining inside a dungeon.

    2. Why does this always happen when I tell the guards that I’m a thief?

  31. 1) No one kills the Metal.

  32. “I’ll be Back!!!”

    “Darn Japanese film makers.”

    “Note to self, never eat Beans before meeting the Queen.”

  33. 1) “When Conan cuts wind, everyone suffers.”

    2) “I just want some pants! A decent pair of pants!”

  34. 3. No… Sleeping Beauty not my kind of girl. So, who’s next on the list?

  35. 2) King Arthur, come with me if you want to live.

  36. Okey dokey here i go:

    1.Solem Grundy want pants too!

    2.”Go see Mamma Mia” Steve says. I soo want my money back. WHich way do i go to see The Dark Knight.

    3.These guys are such drama queens.
    All i said was that they were using too much sauce.

  37. Taking over California will be easier than I thought.

  38. Welcome to greatcleave-ville population you.

    Stare of death!
    Note to self;no more chili

  40. 1) What a party!

  41. I’ve had enough of this lousy pirate scene, I’m going to be a ninja from now on.

  42. 1) I told you guys to wait a half hour before going in the bathroom!

    2) Damn Jehovah’s Witnesses!

    3) Well, EXCUSE ME for farting.

  43. No way they were gonna stick ME with the check!

  44. Let me guess. The princess is in another castle.

  45. And my three cents-equivalent:

    1) I don’t care if arrow collars aren’t in fashion yet!

    2) It’s my pin and I do so think we should save the whales!

    3) Why does Bill always clobber the doormen? I am so going to get blamed for this…

  46. Crom! To many swords in there!

  47. 1. Come on, if you guys are up for a movie, I got Titanic at my place.

    2. A nice, relaxing bubble bath. That’s what I need.

    3. Gaylord is a darned fine name. It means “spirited”, I’m spirited.

  48. 1.) Jeez…they said they would help me with my IRS problems…

    2.) I told them I was a great lawyer!

    3.) I AM YOUR FATHER!!!

  49. so…what I miss?

  50. I told them to le’go my Eggo.

  51. THIS…WAS…SPARTA! Until I killed them all.

  52. That’ll teach them to steal my crayons.


    2. “Pfft… newbies…”

    3. “Okay, I know I’m supposed to be controlling my anger, but… those guys hurt my feelings…”

  54. 3) As you can see, the “carpet” DOES match the “drapes.”

  55. Tough stains on the floor? Try the advanced cleaning power of OXY-CLEAN!

  56. 1. I HAVE THE POWER! To kill you.
    2. You have been terminated.
    3. Now for Kenny.

  57. 2. So what if I shave my legs? …sniffle…

    3. bean burritos, bad idea

  58. Avatar Ballin' Boy

    1. Bad boys, bad boys Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you

    2. And walk and walk. Tyra Banks I am America’s Next Top Model, and I am fierce

    3. Fools. You should of known they gain superhuman strength during the after-Thanksgiving day sales. Your just lucky to still have all your limbs.

  59. Ha-HA Papa Spank!

  60. 1. You have gained 12 geek points for playing 12 hours straight! Now go get a life!

  61. 2. Look at this haircut! I’m never giving THEM a tip again!

  62. 1. That’s all from the Jerry Springer show.
    Take care of your self… and each other.

    2. No i do not need double glazing.


  63. Conan has no need for your extended service plan!

  64. “I can’t believe they don’t have wi-fi access in this place.”

  65. “Urinal etiquette really isn’t that hard, people!”

  66. Avatar Darkplanet01

    1)Lawyers… I hate ’em
    2)I told them time and time again, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bearskin loincloth
    3)WHAT did you say?

  67. 3. I would have pants! If it weren’t for those meddling kids!

  68. Come on, Mamma Mia wasn’t that bad.

  69. Without the lamentations of the women, it’s just not the same.