Captain Obese? Really?

On the one hand, I have to give them credit for giving a hero to a group who routinely gets discriminated against. But on the other hand ... Captain Obese? Really?


So to recap, we have a really really fat guy (I can call him obese, it's right in his name), who inhabits a fantasy world full of hot female elves, while wearing his underwear and sneakers. I fail to see what's imaginary about any of this, I could find you two dozen real-life examples of exactly the same thing by spending half an hour at my local comics shop. And that's not even including myself!

(Image and character ©1986, Don Lomax and WaRP Graphics, Inc., from the Annual which also includes "Thunderbunny", sentient unicorns, and kung-fu pandas. I shit you negatory.)

8 Responses to Captain Obese? Really?

  1. It’s good to know that the morbidly obese can still score hot babes with large endowments.

  2. His logo looks more like two doughnuts than a “CO”.

  3. “His logo looks more like two doughnuts than a “CO”.”

    …which is rather appropriate, dont’cha think?

  4. I was thinking they represented his man boobs.

    His ring has a GP on it. Great Protectors is the name of a team that he’s a member of?

  5. Nope, Great Pizza.

  6. Dananananananana dananananananana. FATMAN. FATMAN.

  7. Avatar Clem Robins

    gee, i remember lettering that page, back in 1985. back before i knew what i was doing.

  8. I thought the lettering was great Clem!