Caption Contest 13 Winner!

The winner of Caption Contest 13 is ... DerKork! Here's the panel with that bit of wittery included:


Many thanks for all the fine entries, this was one of the best sets yet! Among the honorable mentions were:

Niall Mor:

Balloon 1: “Floyd, when we said you should relax a little and let it all hang out, this is NOT what we meant!”
Balloon 2: “Seriously!”


Lady one: “Oh, him? That’s just my brother. He has the ability to hover about five feet or so over the ground. But he says he can only do it while naked and meditating.”
Lady two: “I see…He dosn’t go out and try to fight crime, does he?”


Balloon 1: “Where did you get him?”
Balloon 2: “I made him in Heromachine 11.4″

Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll be trying to get with DerKork to work out the prize. And keep an eye out for Caption Contest 14, coming up later today, for your chance to win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason)!