Mashup 1: The Mosquitoes are TERRIBLE!

Welcome to the first edition of the Monday Mashup! Each week I'll take one bag of ten random comics I purchased for ten cents apiece at Half Price Books and, by scanning one panel from each, try to create some sort of story that almost makes sense, if you don't think about it too hard. I don't know if this'll work, but here goes!

Rocky and Bullwinkle Introduction
Rocky and Bullwinkle Appear
WildCATS 2
E-Man 3 Teen Freakos
Black Canary 8
Dinosaurs 2
E-Man 9 - Tyger Lili
E-Man 6
Black Canary 12
Rocky and Bullwinkle 7
The End

The images and characters in this post are from:
"WildCats" issue 2, © May 1999, WildStorm Productions.
"Bullwinkle and Rocky", issues 5, 7 and 9, ©1989 Marvel Comics, Inc.
"Dinosaurs" issue 2, ©1993, The Walt Disney Company.
"E-Man", issues 3, 6 and 9, ©1983, First Comics, Inc.
"Black Canary", issues 8 and 12, ©1993, DC Comics.

3 Responses to Mashup 1: The Mosquitoes are TERRIBLE!

  1. Avatar Brad says:


    Wow. That… almost makes sense indeed. And it’s interesting you found two comics at random both with a woman stripping, one even with a nipple peek. Did you even try for that one, or was it just a happy accident? The two stripping, not the nipple… although I’m sure people will want to know if you tried for that, too.

  2. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I have to say, the number of mostly-nude, breast-baring females in the few bags I’ve looked through is pretty darn high. There’s one that has a shape-shifting woman run through five different nude forms in a row, one of which has SIX breasts.

    A lot of these were published as “mature” titles during the nineties when creators were trying to break free from the “Comics Code Authority” and featured generous helpings of gratuitous cheesecake.

    As to the two specific “stripper” panels in this sequence … I actually had a different panel from the “WildCATS” issue that had some great dialog, but I couldn’t fit it into the “story flow”. And I liked the “Riiiiicky, I’m home!” bit combined with the completely gratuitous change into the bathing suit. The other one, to be honest, I didn’t even notice the nipple slip. The dialog on that is just so funny I couldn’t not put it in. Especially combined with the enormous red-star pistol holster, exaggerated jodhpurs, salute, and inane verbal monologue. In fact, I still might do an entire post just on that one panel, it’s so bizarre.

  3. Avatar Redd Fox says:

    Tiger Lili turned Commie Commander…. Rocky and Bullwinkle…. Peter Fonda movies….. Yeah this makes a lot of sense….