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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Kioshi Wannabe
    Aliases: (Dragon Warrior) – Translated from the Japanese – (Ryuu Bushi)
    Identity: Known
    Citizenship: Japan
    Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
    Occupation: World class champion Assassin for the Dragon Clan
    Relatives: Akako Wannabe (Father, former Ryuu Bushi, deceased), Aiko Wannabe (Mother, deceased)
    Group Affiliation: The Ryuu Clan
    Education: Ancient teachings from the chosen ones
    Physical Attributes: Height-6’5″, Weight- 250 Ibs., Eyes- Yellow, Hair-Brown
    Powers: Kioshi is an expert in the dark arts, that said he is able to do many things with his ancient spells and mischief. Kioshi also has a pair of Dragon wings that helps him not only fly to great heights but also grants him a great distraction to his enemies.
    Abilities: Saying Kioshi is an expert swords men would be far off and considerate an insult. Kioshi is far beyond anyone when concerning skillful assets in the arts of swordsmanship.
    Weapons: Ryuu sword
    Paraphernalia: None
    BIO- Kioshi was born merely to grow and become the next Dragon Warrior. His Mother and Father brought together for selfish reasons, only to mate and give birth to a worthy son and nothing else. Kioshi’s Father Akako Wannabe had formerly withheld the Ryuu Bushi title, being born into a league of assassins created simply to vanquish aspects apart of history to renew the world and bring it a new horizon to learn and grow every couple of hundred of years, restoring balance. The mighty and fearless Ryuu a symbol of wisdom and strength, a creature bread to withstand and vanquish those who dare stand in it’s way. Kioshi’s Father, Akako Wannabe serving the Ryuu Clan for centuries with great obedience and worthiness until finally succeeding his right to the title and final objective. His son now 100 years old withholds the all powerful Ryuu Bushi title, still showing and giving rebelling lashes towards the clan. Kioshi Wannabe abuses his title and shows great arrogance, the Clan simply too terrified to question his methods do to Kioshi’s great assets of strength and over ruling power. Kioshi goes on as the Dragon Warrior as an assassin for hire, forever being tracked and pursued by those who wish to put an end to Kioshi’s sadistic ways and methods. Kioshi Wannabe is, THE DRAGON WARRIOR.

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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Jake Ikaika
    Aliases: Hydro-Man
    Identity: Secret
    Citizenship: U.S.A
    Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Occupation: Employee at ‘Surfer’s Wild’
    Relatives: Kai Ikaika (Father), Kealoha Ikaika (Mother)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Education: High School
    Physical Attributes: Height-5’11”, Weight- 165 Ibs., Eyes- Blue, Hair-Black
    Powers: Jake has the ability to morph into, manipulate, and control water.
    Abilities: Jake is an experienced surf boarder
    Weapons: Fists
    Paraphernalia: None
    BIO- When young 17 year old surf boarder Jake Ikaika is washed by a wave into an unknown cave surfing, he soon stumbles upon an ancient artifact granting him water related super human abilities. Going through life with extraordinary abilities he also goes on taking on the hardships of being 17 and being a young teenage superhero. Living with his Father and Mother life is anything but easy, his Father a strict religious parent and his Mother the most embarrassing person you could ever imagine. Taking on a costume and donning the alias Hydro-Man granted Jake an escape from life and gave him the chance to feel free and really make a name for himself outside of his everyday life. Jake lives on as Hydro-Man forever fighting the great battle at home and on the streets of Honolulu forever learning being a superhero isn’t everything it’s cut out to be. Jake Ikaika is forever, HYDRO-MAN.

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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Austin Lea Bancroft
    Aliases: Cowboy, Quick-Draw
    Identity: Unknown to current year-2012
    Citizenship: U.S.A
    Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter-Late 1800’s
    Relatives: Bill Bancroft (Father,deceased), Cornell Bancroft(Mother, deceased), Heather Bancroft (Sister, deceased)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Education: None
    Physical Attributes: Height-6’0″, Weight-195 Ibs., Eyes- Hazel , Hair- None
    Powers: Austin contains robotic enhancements such as his engineered eletronic eye, granting him to spot and target opponents within moments of picking up a heart beat, granting him easy shooting. Cowboy’s robotic arm grants him incredible strength and can act as a grabling hook if needed, as the hand is detachable and connected to a metal cable. The robotic arm is also known to withhold a series of hidden weapons such as smoke grenades, fish nets, and other useful gadgets.
    Abilities: Austin is a very skillful former bounty hunter, even without his eletronic enhancements he would be very much capable of handling himself in times of danger. It has been shown that Cowboy is very experienced in forms of hand to hand combat, tracking, shooting, tying, horse back riding, and many forms of survival techniques.
    Weapons: Enhanced gun, metal lasso (capable of electrocution)
    Paraphernalia: Cigarettes, matches
    BIO: 19th century Cowboy, turned 21st century hero. When a time traveling alien android travels to the past to correct time, twenty eight year old Austin Lea Bancroft is stuck in the middle. Tracking a deadly predator known as Anthony Dagger to have supposedly murdered his wife and three children in the river in cold blood, young bounty hunter Austin Bancroft went on his way to bring the homicidal maniac to justice in an attempt to earn a small fortune for his hard working Father that at the time had been supporting his pregnant Mother Cornell Bancroft and his loving sister Heather Bancroft with little to nothing. Though when led upon a wild goose chase to finally catch his bounty, Austin stumbled about a seven foot tall android that had been hiding in the hills near where his bounty was running. Asking of who the thing was, Austin was shot by a double-barreled shotgun that had detached his arm and removed some of side of his face and a chunk of his leg while also making him fall short of death off the rocky mountaintop. The Android realized if not for him he could of prevented Austin’s fate. In return the alien put a stop to the maniac and brought Austin to the 21st century where his next objective lied and where he could construct a full procedure to enhance Austin as sense of repaying him for not preventing his injuries. When awaking Austin had been terrified of where he was and his new appearance, being equipped with a set of robotic replacement parts and put in a time a whole century after his. When asking about the foreign machine about itself, it had responded telling of his race of androids that had been built and had been traveling through time for millenniums to make history a better place for all mankind, constructed by the so called all Father of all things. Calling the whole thing an act Austin was shocked when he was informed that there wasn’t a way for him to go home, once one of the time traveling Androids had traveled back to an era it was not possible for them to return. Furious, Austin lashed out naturally like any person in his situation. Finally coming to terms with his problem Austin soon decided to make the best of his new life. He carries on doing what he does best, he hunts. Taking on the name Cowboy Austin carries on as the vengeful bounty hunter, teaming with his time traveling Android and his robotic stallion to make the world a better place, forever believing one day he will make it back to his loving family… Austin Bancroft is now simply, COWBOY.

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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Jack Arthur Brower
    Aliases: Bolt
    Identity: Publicly Known
    Citizenship: U.S.A
    Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
    Occupation: Former scientific researcher
    Relatives: Daniel Brower (Father), Carol Brower (Mother), Andy Brower (Brother)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Education: College graduate (Major in biophysics), (Major in Electrical engineering), (Doctorate in Biochemistry)
    Physical Attributes: Height-6’3″, Weight-230 Ibs., Eyes- Green , Hair- Black
    Powers: Jack possess the ability to manipulate and form electrical energy with his mind, he also maintains some increase in strength though a very minimum amount.
    Abilities: Jack is a very intellectual being, he is well educated when it comes to the body and electrical matters.
    Weapons: None
    Paraphernalia: Jack built a levitation belt to help maneuver himself when in action and when in times of dire need for transportation
    BIO- Scientific researcher turned electrical vigilante over night. When attempting to complete his electrical current transportation experiment Jack Brower was mysteriously sabotaged by a colleague, unknown to Jack at the time. With his life flashing before his eyes and a certain serum following through his bio make up that was known to give people extraordinary powers for short periods of time Jack was changed forever. After the serum had been injected, Jack Brower had turned into a raging creature destroying everything he had worked so hard to accomplish in his 30 odd years of life. When waking he found himself in a world of trouble, the authorities on his tail and waking to a set of electrical based abilities. Jack fled, donning the suit he had made to travel through his electrical experiments with and made himself a costume. Bringing his attackers to justice Jack found that it had been none other than Roger Philips, a drunk and colleague he had come to befriend back in high school that had sabotaged him for quick cash and injected him with the serum as an alternative for death. Roger had been jealous of Jack’s accomplishments, always being used to Jack being the underdog like back in high school. Jack not only discovered his friend’s jealousy but soon he also discovered the reason he still had his spectacular abilities was simply because the electrical currents had stained the serum to his DNA leaving himself still with powers, though no longer was he the creature he had formed into that dreadful night at the lab. The people Jack’s friend was working for had killed him after he had delivered the experiment, now possessing Jack’s device for electrical current transportation they had high hopes for bank robbery heists and smooth quick fortune. Jack brought them to justice, after though he realized his life was in ruins, he hadn’t any sort of life anymore for himself. Everything he had had been put into that lab and now that was gone along with his only so called friend. He became Bolt and with it burdens the thought he will no longer be able to contain a normal life…. Jack Brower is now simply THE ELETRICFYING BOLT.

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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Michelle Kabree Williams
    Aliases: Blue Bird
    Identity: Publicly know
    Citizenship: U.S.A
    Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
    Occupation: Pizza Delivery girl
    Relatives: Tony Williams Jr. (Father, deceased), Susan Williams (Mother, deceased
    Group Affiliation: None
    Education: High School, dropout
    Physical Attributes: Height-5’10”, Weight- 155 Ibs., Eyes- Blue, Hair-Black
    Powers: Michelle has the ability to fly to great heights, has some increase in strength (limits unknown), can amplify her voice to put people to sleep, and may possess some pheromone factor as it’s been shown previously
    Abilities: Michelle is an accomplished smart-ass, hell razer, and has a major in flirtation
    Weapons: Fists
    Paraphernalia: Cigarettes (quitting), Pain killers
    BIO- Being born with a pair of wings didn’t help Michelle any, she began being teased and bullied early in life forcing her to feel like an outcast from her peers. Her Father a drunk and addicted to pain killers, not being able to cope with his only child being set with a pair of dark blue shadowed wings and her loving mother dead from breast cancer and years of chemotherapy. On one terrifying night her Father had attempted to remove Michelle’s wings with a jigged saw, drawing the line in young 15 year old Michelle’s life. She had run away from home, dropping out of high school and soon becoming addicted to over the counter pain killers. Though she strives with the pain from her past Michelle carries on with a new Identity trying to help those that were cast with the same dreadful nightmare she was forced to live through… She is forever, Blue Bird.

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    That’s fine, I apologize. Though can you unerase it for a second so I can copy all the stuff I had down and I can edit it? I worked pretty hard on that and I didn’t save it. :/

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    Hey, Imp would you mind explaining how your doing the lighting on your characters or items? It would be greatly appreciated, I really admire your creations.

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    Universe: Earth
    Real Name: Adalbrto Eglacieus
    Aliases: Captain Spaniard
    Identity: Secret
    Citizenship: Spain
    Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
    Occupation: Entrepreneur
    Relatives: Carlos Eglacieus (Father, former Captain Spaniard, deceased), Maria Eglacieus (Mother, deceased)
    Group Affiliation: The Justicia 5
    Education: College graduate (Doctorate)
    Physical Attributes: Height- 6’2, Weight- 200 Ibs., Eyes- Green, Hair-Black
    Powers: None
    Abilities: Adalberto is an accomplished inventor and swords men, he his very agile and fit to human perfection being able to withstand great bounds.
    Weapons: Rapier, other utensils depending on mission.
    Paraphenalia: None
    BIO: Born and raised in Spain, Adalberto Eglacieus has grown to take on the responsibilities of Captain Spaniard. The title being passed down to him from his Father, the former Captain Spaniard. Withholding no extrodinary abilities Adalberto alone fight’s for justice with his peak human condition, his wits, and his mighty steed justicia. Being a true patriot to his native land Adalberto shows his true colors by never skipping the chance to help someone in need… Forever living up to his Father’s and Mother’s dream for justice for all, he is Captain Spaniard.

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    I really appreciate this, thank you so much!Smile

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