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    Not really sure how to start this off. Ok, here goes.
    Daigon is one of the few remaining lieutenants of the Demonic army that partook in Armageddon. As a lieutenant Daigon has/had access to advanced technology from within the Hell-forge armoury, this tech. ranges from visual equipment such as visors, like the one that Daigon wears, to full-body armour.
    During the ‘Campaign for the End of Days’, Daigon encountered several Hell-borne reptiles and took it upon himself to train them as small, aerial scouts. These scouts, through-out the Campaign, were called ‘Drakes’ by the humans that managed to survive the hectic times of the Campaign.
    Daigon’s most notable traits are the ‘blue’ flame-like facial and crown hair, as well as his two sets of horns.
    His history in regards to his private life is clouded in mystery, the few demons who knew of his past are either dead, from the war, or they are captives of the Angelic Army. Daigon’s military history is very well known through-out the Campaign, rumour had it that he was on his way to become a General, but he had a conflict with his C.O which ended badly for Daigon.
    He is still trying to survive and win the war, which he doesn’t know is over.

    P.S sorry about the size

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