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    Superpowered individuals have been protecting mankind since the dawn of times. Some of them, like the Knights of the Round Table or the Secret Society of Sorcerers, have gathered in groups to make their battle against the forces of evil more productive. But it was only in 1940, after the evil wizard Faust attacked Paradise City, a coastal city in California, that a real superhero group was formed.

    At first they fought crime locally in Paradise, ending the mafia’s influence on the city and, eventually stopping one quirky masked villain or another. But, after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the subsequent entrance of America in World War II, president Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided to send the heroes to the frontlines – especially after Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan joined forces and created their own team of supers, the Axis Elite.

    For many times the Hypermen and the Elite crossed swords, with the American heroes winning most of the time, but in 1945 the Axis’ superteam pulled their final trick: Projekt Wünderwaffe, a device that could increase the powers of Nazi villain Blitzkrieg, giving him godlike powers. In a last effort to save the world from total damnation, the Hypermen sacrificed themselves in a bloody battle from wich only one member, Paladin, survived. And, with him, their legacy lives on, as the entire world remembers the bravery of the American League of Hypermen, who gave their lives to protect us all.


    The Paladin

    Born from a bloodline of superheroes that can trace its roots back to the almighty Hercules, Mark Bertrand is the knightly-themed superhero Paladin, the first of an entire generation of masked misterymen. With his powers of flight and super strenght, a gift from his half-divine heritage, he has protected Earth from the forces of evil and became one of the founding members of the Hypermen.

    Unfortunately, he was also the sole survivor of the team’s first generation.

    The Blackwatch V

    Joshua McConnors was not the first person in his family to use the identity of the Blackwatch. His most distant ancestor, Angus McConnors, was a vigilante in medieval Ireland, fighting the oppression of the British crown while wearing a black hood and using throwable knives. Later, in Victorian era London, the second Blackwatch Darrin McConnors solved crimes while wearing a mask, including the historical capture of the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. In the Wild West, when Paradise City was a small village by the name of El Paradiso, Irish immigrant Jebediah McConnors became the masked gunslinger Blackwatch, protecting the city from bandits.

    Josh was given the cape and cowl by his father, Elliot, an old watchmaker who used to act as the fourth incarnation of the vigilante. Now in a world where men can fly and women can shoot light from their fingers, Josh not only has big shoes to fill but also has deal with things no other Blackwatch had to deal with.

    The Aurora

    Lucy Bright was an average secretary in the Paradise City Police Department. Dreaming of being a cop, she studied and trained hard to achieve this dream, but unfotunately was born in a man’s world, where women like her didn’t had the freedom to follow their dreams. One day, she received an anonymous call about a strange light in the woods and, instead of informing the PCPD, decided to prove her worth by investigating by herself. The light was actualy a wounded alien being made of pure energy, whose name was Lux. Before passing away, Lux granted her the power of light, turning her into the first ever misterywoman, Aurora.

    Now Lucy serves as a literal beacon of light for her city as she fulfilled her dream of protecting her city from crime, and became an inspiration for girls all around the world by teaching them that they, too, could be whoever they wanted.

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