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    Herr D

    Is ‘1’ a tarot card? Good pic.



    Great background! Nice to have you back.






    Thank you all for the kind words, sorry it took me so long to reply

    @Herr D

    Its not a tarot card but they are very much part of my inspiration, I was thinking of doing a full series of tarot cards on HM when I have time



    So I was making my character to enter for the CDC Team building part 13 and part of her back story is that she is a reincarnated or has the spirit of the Greek Goddess Athena as the source of her powers and I decided to expand on this and make a crime fighting team of what would be reincarnated Greeks Gods & Goddesses in the modern world as active “hero’s”

    This is Riley/Aphrodite

    Riley is around the 100th reincarnation of Aphrodite and the 5th member to join the team she gained her powers when the previous Aphrodite passed away

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Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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