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    Long time no post!

    I’ve been really inspired by the Space Pirate/smuggler sort of stuff as of late, so in the vein of Star Wars/Farscape/Warhammer 40k/Rogue Trader here’s my little spacey thing. I’ve only conceived one character so far but expect lots of exotic aliens, and of course it wouldn’t be a space saga without an overarching intergalactic war! anyways, hers my first character:

    Name: Captain James Cortez
    Age: 35
    Occupation: Trader/smuggler/bounty hunter
    Allegiance: Guild of Free Traders
    Weapons/equipment: Starship: “Terminal Velocity”, Master-crafted laser pistol, energy armour, cunning wit and charm, Ships Cat: Spock.
    Bio: James Cortez, one of the most (in)famous Rogue Traders in the galaxy. Known for his quick wit, good looks and the ability to get out of ANY situation alive. He leads a motley crew of scoundrels, ruffians and general riff raff in his heavily modified ship known as the Terminal Velocity. A good man at heart, he wont hesitate to shoot first (and he never misses) and ask questions later when needed but he is first and foremost a smuggler/trader. Don’t EVER take liberties with his beloved pet cat Spock (yes, named after the 20th century Vulcan) though, he is all that is left of his homeworld after it was destroyed.

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    Welcome back sir. Nice work.



    thanks 🙂 I know James may seem quite a boring and stereotypical character but I really love the setting. yes hes inspired by Han Solo but at the end of the day Han is a good role model to aspire to soo, its not all bad 😛






    Is that guy smuggling “pussy” cats? 😉

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