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    @HeroFan said:

    Hi Kaylin,

    Thanks for the answer/reply. I’ve seen poses with png at the end, are they supposed to be saved like text and loaded like same?

    I really like HM even if all I can do right now is do basic bodies and color ’em in.

    Thanks again.

    The Text files are not the .png files, those are the actual attachment files for the pictures themselves as .png is a image file extension. If you look at the last pose that Worf posted in this thread you will see a hyperlink near the bottom that says “download woman-back.txt” that is the text file and you should click on that to get the file for that pose. Just look for similar hyperlinks in this section of the forum to get the poses you are looking to try.



    New pose. Trying to help out Dionne Jinn.


    here’s the text
    Download dionne-pose.txt


    Dionne Jinn

    Very nice pose, indeed. You pulled it off better than I did. It definitely helps. (Now my reply, and thanks, to you got stuck into moderation on the blog side of things…)



    i love the archer pose. might use it sometime’

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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