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    Tragoth IIV, Tradeing centre of the Neo Germanic league in the west on fringe of the Hyades.

    Officer Hendricks stared at the data sheet, it was bad new, a problem had arisen.
    Selena Lockhart was on the hunt again.
    She was a harden criminal, almost the typical star pirate.

    Hendricks sat back in his chair, and began to read her file, Lockhart’s childhood was almost unremarkable, the only event of note was her birth.
    Lockhart had, not been born in the normal sense, she was more crated in a gene-forge’s on Tanos IIV.

    God forsaken artifacts from the technological black age, and in Hendricks mind things that no same man should never touch.
    He’d seen just what some “artifacts” could do, his blood still ran cold a the mere thought of want he’d seen all those yeas ago.

    He was younger then, just 20, and trooper in the marines.
    He was in the four wave that day, so he hadn’t even seen it, not alive any way, not before it ran.
    It was a “gene freak” or a bio warrior, a half man and half a weapon.
    No, that thing was no man, it was a being built from the worst man, beast and plague
    for one thing only, to bring death and destruction.

    He returned to the task in hand, Selena Lockhart, she had been created in a geneforge.
    it was not illegal, in of it self to use a geneforge and it was not uncommon out in far rim, but it was dam risky.

    Selena had a short military career during one of the lesser alien wars, it had left her with a bionic hand and a war pension.
    And then it happened, she promptly disappeared, for 3 years nothing, not one trace.
    Then she reappeared, a changed woman, 20 centimetres taller, 40 kilos heavier and sporting a disintegrator claw in the place of her old bionic hand.
    It was what happen in those three missing years, that was the mystery.

    The woman called Violet Stormwind cursed as the locking clamps homed in on her ship.

    “All non category 1 visitors are reminded to report to quarantine for screening.
    Remember only you can prevent the spread of Lee’trek lung mites”
    The voice was cold and mechanical as it repeated the safety warning.

    A blown gravetic proton drive core and now i have to pass quarantine.
    As the magnets moved her ship in the parking, she donned her flight mask, as the stink of rubber and reprocessed hit her, she consider sitting out the quarantine in her ship.

    Then she reconsidered it, she was all ready two week’s in to the recycled life support,
    than meant she’d drank the same water no lest than nine times and eaten the dinner three or more times, No she had to get out, eat something she had pass twice already.

    Her fluttering of vales mixed with her breath, to the form the soundtrack of boredom, as she waited in the slow customs queue.

    “Papers please?” The customs officer smiled with her ruby red lips.
    She looked at the paper work for a few minutes before returning them to Violet.

    “Well Miss “Stormwind,” your papers are in order, what is purpose of your visit?”
    It was a long used and weary line questions, delivered as if she was trying to exhale the monotony with a single breath.

    “It’s a family affair.” Violet tried her best to relax, it was a family affair in a way.

    “Well your cleared for entry.”
    -With a loud cluck the officer stamped a red visitors pass-
    “This visa’s good for a 2 weeks if you need more time contact the renewal office on floor 32.
    Have a nice stay on Tragoth IIV.”

    Violet collected the pass and headed inside the station.


    Matt Delbridge

    Seem kinda warhammerish, not that thats a bad thing.

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