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    Greetings everyone! I do hope you enjoy my characters. Each will be categorized by what “Universe” they belong to.

    Corsair Comics: My take on a comic comic book universe. Any character here will be a superhero, supervillain, or neutral party in a world filled with superhumans.

    Wizards and Warriors: Just general characters who belong in Fantasy settings like Dungeons & Dragons or Lord of The Rings

    Space Raiders: Generic SciFi characters.




    Name: Kobina “Kobi” Mensah
    Alias: Anansi
    Age: 25
    Ethnic Background: Born to Ghanaian-American parents of the Asante tribe, raised in traditional Asante culture mixed with Christian religion and American culture.
    Superpower Origins: Kobi’s father, Asón, was a Professor of Literature at this world’s UCLA and had kept a peculiar wooden box. It was a family heirloom, going back all the way to Ntikuma, son of Kwaku Anansi. This very wooden box held the stories that the Sky God Nyame gave to Kwaku Anansi. When a gang of superhumans kill his father, Kobi is directed to the box and is mystically bonded with the spirit of Kwaku Anansi.
    Superhuman Strength – As Anansi, Kobi is able to lift around 25 tons in weight.
    Superhuman Agility – Anansi is able to perform superhuman acts of movement and reflex to the point where he can perform parkour-style movements almost instinctually.
    Magic – Anansi can use spells and chants to create illusions and ensnare opponents in webs of magical energy.
    Illusions – Being the avatar of the “Weaver of Tales”, Kobi and conjure realistic illusions to fight, defend from, or confuse his opponents.
    Martial Arts – Kobi, as a boy, trained in judo and Ghanaian-style boxing to the point where he’d be ranked as a brown belt. In addition, Kwaku Anansi bestows the knowledge of how to use traditional African stick-fighting to Kobi’s skills.
    Weaknesses: While Anansi is a hero of magic, he can also be harmed from it. It is also possible for a strong magic user to “exorcise” Kwaku Anansi from Kobi. Kobi’s other weakness is that he can be very cocky and overconfident.
    Universe: “Corsair Comics”


    Blue Blazer




    Welcome and nice job on Anansi.



    Name: Jack Irwin
    Alias: Bunyip
    Age: 43
    Background: Jack Irwin was a white Australian man who had served in the ADF (Australian Defense Forces), trained to be a sniper. However, he had a rather bloodthristy reputation the caused him to be discharged. After his time in the ADF, Irwin spent his years as a freelance mercenary, offering his sniper skills to the highest bidder.
    Superpower Origins: Irwin was contacted by the Australian government to take part in an experiment to create more strong and durable soldiers, believing that Irwin was expendable if the experiment killed him. Injecting him with the genes of a Salt-Water Crocodile, Irwin did indeed gain extra durablity and strength beyond a peak human. However, he quickly mutated into a crocodillian humanoid, and took the name Bunyip, after an Aboriginal legend about a large creature of the swamps.
    Superhuman Strength – Jack is able to lift up to half-a-ton without a problem
    Superhuman Durability: The scales on Jack’s mutated body are hard, of similar durability to military grade kevlar. Although he is rendered bullet proof, he still can be injured by energy weapons and cutting tools.
    Natural Weapons: Thanks to the crocodile genetics, Jack now has two sets of claws (one with his hands, the other with his feet), a crocodillian tail, and a powerful jaw with sharp teeth to attack with.
    Amphibious: Due to his mutated DNA, Bunyip can breath underwater for 30 minutes without the need to come up for air.
    Military Training: As a member of a military unit, Jack Irwin has moderate training in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. Yet, he is specialized in the use of sniper rifles.
    Universe: Corsair Comics

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