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    Hello everyone, this is a skill path for different characters I create and let you decide what skill matches the characters or armor I create. So anyways, this is the Warrior Skill Path (WSP). This lets you master the skill path of physical attacks.

    Perk Lines:

    Axe Wielder: Lets you master the skills of using Axes. This mainly focuses on critical damage.

    Blade Wielder: Lets you master the skills of using  Blades. This mainly focuses on resisting armor.

    Blunt Wielder: Lets you master the skills of using Blunts. This mainly focuses on paralyzing opponents.

    Master Skill :  If all 3 perk lines are master, then you will get a final perk called ” Legendary  Warrior “. This will buff you’re perk lines by 50% and will buff your physical attacks by 70%. It will also buff your defense by 60%. In a path of a warrior, some enemies will fear and not be a threat to you because you’re a master at being a warrior.

    Starting Stats:

    Health: 150

    Mana: 100

    Defense: 150

    Attack: 140



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