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    Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is George Payne. I’ve been into superheroes (Mostly DC) for some time. Now i’m making my own little story thats in brain development called ”up in the sky”. It’s a celebration opf superheroes in general and all the eras that have come with it. Think Watchmen meets Astro City Meets Wildstorm meets the DCU with bits of Marvel and others. To start thinks off, it’s only right to start from…almost the beggining with my 1st team in my universe. The Patriot Parish. from pre and post WW2. The Golden Age.


    Captain Radio – Reuben K. Offerman: Able to fly and pick up radio frequencies with his mind and spew them out of his mouth as a sonic sound wave. Also able to broadcast his thoughts through radio waves., hand to hand fighter. Weakness is ultra sonic sound and static.


    Quick Buck – William ‘’Buck’’ Algimas: Super speed, able to run faster than sound, high metabolism, photographic memory, able to phase through objects and vibrate his molecules, also has lightning fast reflexes. Fluent in Ninjutsu, Defendo and Dirk dance.


    Man in the Moon – Morris Sterling: Armature boxer and wrestler, acrobat, Detective, Possesses ‘’moon gun’’ that temporarily drives enemies mad yet harmless for up to 6 hours.


    Pretty Polly – Wren Phoenix: Possesses artificial wings that enable her to glide for long distances. Detective, Keen sense of hearing, able to talk to birds, fluent in karate.


    Ffestiniog – Dafydd Meilyr: Welsh Migrant, dwarf. Able to lift 10 times his own weight and run at 50 mph.


    Jet Diamond – Gabrielle Hastings: skilled Archer, mixed martial artist, Acrobat and tracker. The teams cook.


    Bonelessman – Lyndon Lloyd: able to contort his body into any form, shape or position, escape artist, fluent in fisticuffs. Best palls with Ffestiniog as they both met at a circus sideshow.


    The Orc – Brian Bamber (Mugurty):American born half-Goblin from Brooklyn elasticity, Mimetism, access to hammerspace, self transmutation, and size-shifting.

    I will be posting origins, personalities and more at a later date. Untill then, i hope you enjoy this little taster in the meantime. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif (PS, sory about the size. may need help with that. Embarassed)



    Hey man, welcome to the forums! Loving Man in the Moon, particularly the background. Casts a really nice mood on the drawing! Also, the Orc is great. :) What a grin!



    @TheSoupster said:

    Hey man, welcome to the forums! Loving Man in the Moon, particularly the background. Casts a really nice mood on the drawing! Also, the Orc is great. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif What a grin!

    Hi soupster. thanks for the comment. Glad you like them. The Ork (or Mugerty as his goblin name is) is sorta based off the animated mask. He is indeed the PP’s Wild card. as for Man in the Moon, the sandman Wesley Dodds. You’ll be seeing the patriot parish’s villains The Cult of Sinners next. aswell as those who came after them. expect some good ol’ silver age cheese from me later. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif

    To make an example of the COS, lemmie introduce their founder. Stage Magician turned brainwashed 3rd reich magic master. saboteur, Black margic king, spy, smuggler. Ubel Boese AKA The Great Gestapo!




    In that outfit, he’s not exactly secret is he? ;) Welcome and good job so far.



    @Vampyrist said:

    In that outfit, he’s not exactly secret is he? http://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif Welcome and good job so far.

    Aha, but you seem to forget Vampyrist. The Gestapo is a magic master, he can create illusions even on himself. But in all seriousness, thanks. It’s great to be on here sharing my designs and looking at those of others. ^^ I’m looking forward to getting to the 50s and 60s. Theres a character i’ve just created i really want to show you guys.

    But 1swt, meet the next member of the Cult of sinners. Dr. Harrison Troy, AKA Dr Forcast. an enemy of Quick Buck and master over a ”weather gun”. capable of creating different weather conditions through manipulation of things like moisture and pressure.




    Next up is the rest. starting with hooded gangster, The Spook. The spook is an enemy of Man in the Moon. His modus operandi is extortion, blackmail, threats, torture and murder using peoples worst fears and phobias to make ends meet. He is also a secret enemy of The Great Gestapo and wants the leadership spot of the cult.


    Next Is mr. Rob U. Blind. Moustashe twirling conman and cheat. caught by Ffestiniog and Bonelessman selling false meds to a small town in Louisiana, has since become a master of pranks and gadgets.


    For over 30’000 years, Mugerty’s people, The goblins, (good guys in my story) have been in a never ending war with the Trolls. evil, revolting monsters with no mercy and a deep HATE for everything peaceful….You’d think ww2 would be up their alley. ^^; They are ruled by the foul and evil yet seemingly civilised King Gek’Zil. He sees humans as mere food for his people and goblins as mere ants to be stepped on. Muggerty being an ork. (a goblin human hybrid) has an obligation to both races. as a result he must defend both relms from Gek’zil and has a very captain hook and peter pan relationship with the king.


    A kenyan tribesman finds a mistic emerald in the earth that gives him the power to gain the attributes of any animal just by sounding it’s call. In order to teach mankind a lesson or starting ww2, he causes violence, kidnappings and other things to show the world its evil. Mistaken by everyone as a savage (a jab at that eras racism) he is an enemy of both Pretty Polly and Jet Diamond. The man the press call Kenyan Scream.




    While i’m here i might as well add these two. I was looking at dc and MARVEL and noticed the amount of USA themed heroes during the golden age. Not just Captain America, But The Sheild, Americommando, Uncle Sam, The Great Defender, Wonder Woman, ETC. And i thought to myself, i need a couple of those. so, ladies and gents. lemmie introduce these two fellows. With the strenght of twenty men and the speed of 15, john and Jane Q. Public!





    Nice start, welcome to the forums.



    in the late-50s, after unmasking in front of the HUAK earlier that decade unlike the rest of the patriot parishwho refused and dissapeared, captain radio became disillusioned with christianity and masked heroics as a whole and retired. he would later give his life to save Orlando, Florida (Now Radio City in his honor) from a missile attack by the russians. after his death the US Government decided that the world needed someone like him to look up to but also uphold the interests of the government. a bright, shining, public identity hero foir the atomic age. so, they invented a warhead that in theory would give a man the powers of flight invulnerability, the strengh of a god and the power to make things explode just by coming in contact and willing them to blow up. However it would work on people ONLY with AB- blood. Also, it had to be someone no one would miss. Using their own boys would draw too much attention. So, they kidnapped a 18 year old orphaned punk kid biker from Columbia and memory wiped him, tuirning him into a clean cut, sickeningly so kid. the kind you see in those old 50s psas. Then, they blew up the warhead. it worked.

    And so, the kid with no memory of his past became known as ”Adam Split: Prince of Warheads”, and would protect that world till the day…well, you’ll see.


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