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    Hello everyone, this is a skill path for different characters I create and let you decide what skill matches the characters or armor I create. So anyways, this is the Thief Skill Path (TSP). This lets you master the skill path of sneak or “surprise” attacks.

    Perk Lines:

    Alchemist: Causes your potions to be more effective.

    Assassin: Causes your sneak and surprise attacks be more effective.

    Speechcrafter: Causes persuading and intimidating people to be more effective.

    Illusionist: Causes you’re disguise to be more effective.

    Master Skill:

    If you master al your path skills, then you have a higher chance to put people into submission causing them to fear you and never see you as a threat ever again. You can defeat people without having to show violence. You can also do a sneak attack that can increase your attack and critical chance by 60%, but it will take longer to get back in your sneaking position.

    Starting Stats:

    Health: 100

    Mana: 170

    Defense: 110

    Attack: 170



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