The Wolf Gun

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    Hi guys, this is one of my first item creations. I give you the Wolves Gun. This weapon is owned and created by one of my heroes, Wolf Pack, who is pictured using it below. I will make a post for him later but for now I want to talk about the weapon. It is a crafted gun attached to a crafted glove fitted with a loading and firing device. the bullets are loaded into the gun from a pipe attached to a tank on the back that holds up to 4 types of bullets. The wearer can choose which bullets to use and can switch between them with the buttons on the side of the glove. The gun is fired by a device within the gun activated by a specific moment of the hand in order to flip a switch in the glove, or to be used for accurate shots rather than rapid fire is caused by pressing a button on the glove activating a small button on the thumb that can then be pressed to shoot.

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