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    The Start of an Alliance

    Chapter 1: General

    “Sir, there is a General John Pratton here to see you and he won’t take no for an answer.” A receptionist spoke with a slight tremble in her voice.
    “Very well, send him in Becky” the man on the other end of the call sound irritated.
    John Pratton burst through the door and slammed it shut. He stood there staring at a man sitting behind a desk on the other side of the room.
    “How dare you speak to my receptionist like….” The man began to speak but was cut short.
    “Shut up Greg, you know why I’m here and you are going to give me an assignment instead of having me sit behind a desk all day pushing pencils. If you don’t, I will make you. I belong in the field not in a cubicle. Do you understand me?” Pratton ordered his voice getting angrier by the second.
    “You can’t tell me what to do!” Greg yelled “I’m the boss here and you take orders from me!”
    “You’re… the… boss… of… me…” Pratton spoke very slowly.
    “Did I stutter? Now get back to work and don’t come back here your field days are over and if you keep on you’re going to end up in a recruiting station.” Greg bossed Pratton.
    Pratton began to laugh then stop just to start again by looking at Greg pointing at the door.
    “Greg you’re so full of crap your eyes are turning brown. Now you listen and you listen well, you are the boss because I turned the position down so I could work in the field. If only I had known they would get a pinhead like you to run this place I would’ve accepted their offer. Now I’m not leaving until I get a mission and if you want me out of you office you’ll have to make me.” Pratton said pacing back and forth in front of the door.
    Greg face turned beet red from anger and reached for the phone to call security. Pratton grab a snow globe off of a nearby self and threw it knocking the phone off the desk. Greg nearly jumped out of his skin and fell over backwards in his chair. Greg got up, his anger boiling over and walked up to Pratton.
    “I want you out of my office now! Greg yelled pushing Pratton into the door.
    Pratton couldn’t help but smile, he wanted to beat the dog crap out of Greg for months now. Greg put up his hands to fight.
    “Now Greg don’t let that temper of yours get you into trouble. Trust me when I say that you do not want to do…” Pratton was interrupted by a punch to the face.
    Pratton laughed and threw a huge right hand which connected to Greg’s left temple. Greg’s eyes rolled back in his head as his body hit the ground. Pratton open the door to walk out while Greg was twitching. Becky looked over to see her boss twitching on the ground and started to freak out.
    “You killed him! You killed him! Why?! Please don’t hurt me. You killed him!” Becky screamed hysterically.
    Becky began to hyperventilate and soon she too was out cold. Pratton just shook his head and walked back to his office. As soon as he got there he saw two men in suits with dark sunglasses on.
    “General John Pratton?” the man on the left asked.
    “If you took off those sunglasses you could tell.” Pratton joked.
    “General Pratton we have no time for your dumb jokes. We have an offer for you.” The man on the right spoke.
    “I thought the joke was pretty good; no, they were right it was lame.” Pratton mutter under his breath. “So this offer is it an offer I can’t refuse.”
    “Of course not, you can refuse it if you want we just thought you would be the man for the job.” The man on the left said.
    “If it is teaching you guys to have a sense of humor then no, since that appears to be impossible.” Pratton laughed.
    “This has nothing to do with humor, sir. This is about….” The man on the right was interrupted by the crackling of the intercom.
    “John Pratton, I just spoke to our superiors and they gave me permission to have you leave this building and never come back.” The voice of Greg crackled out the intercom.
    “Why don’t we finish this conversation at your place?” Pratton said to the two men.
    The two men took Pratton to see their boss to tell him the offer they had for him. Pratton was surprise to see that their headquarters was in the White House. The two men lead the way to the Oval Office. Sitting behind the desk was the President. Pratton stood at attention saluting the man.
    “At ease General. As you know we have an offer for you and here it is. There is a top secret prison to hold the most dangerous criminals and super villains. This prison has all state of the art security and no prisoner had ever escaped. That was until last week an evil technopath was captured but, his powers were unknown so he was put in a normal cell. The technopath then was able to shut down all of the security measures and open all the doors to the cells. All of the prisoners escaped. Now we heard the villains are beginning to join forces and we need you General to find and recruit a team of heroes to find and capture these fugitives. You will have access to all the government files of all the know heroes and villains. I want you to recruit a hero from each state to show that we still have a united front. Do you accept this offer?” the President asked.
    “Of course I accept this offer just tell me where to start.” Pratton replied.
    “You already started you are the first member of the United States Alliance and the representative of Washington D.C. Now it is up to you to decide where you want to go next just look at the files and choose who you think is best from each state.” The President answered.
    Pratton stood at attention again as the President left the room. Pratton looked down at the huge piles of files.
    “The president told us to have you find a headquarters, do you have anything in mind?” one of the men spoke.
    “I have something in mind.” Pratton said smiling.
    Pratton watched as the men as they took the last of the files into the building. At 120 stories the building was big enough for the team. Pratton walked into his new office and smiled as he sat down. On the desk was a nameplate that said Greg. Pratton smiled as he threw it into the trash.
    “I guess Texas is as good as any place to start.” Pratton said to himself picking up the files of the Texas heroes. “Let see the first hero is called Lone Star. Extreme accuracy and expert hand to hand combatant. The next hero is Lasso. Can make ropes do impossible things. Hero three……” Pratton’s voice trailed off.

    Chapter 2: Lone Star (Coming Soon)


    Sooo…this links in with the character pictures you’ve been posting? Nice! Cool
    Can’t wait to hear about Lone Star Smile


    The Start of an Alliance

    Chapter 2: Lone Star

    “It took a week and a half but I finally got through all the heroes from Texas. Who knew there were so many; I wonder if it has something to do with the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders?” Pratton thought to himself.
    Pratton had the heroes narrowed down to three choices. On his desk were the files of Lasso, Mr. Freedom (III), and Lone Star.
    “Lasso didn’t seem like he had the drive to be a great hero, Mr. Freedom is too busy being a poster boy to care. I suppose that leaves Lone Star; his file says that he is arrogant and rash in his decision making, but who isn’t now days. I guess I’ll pack my things and go to Texas.” Pratton said to himself.
    Austin, Texas Home of Lone Star
    Meanwhile in Texas Lone Star was being interviewed for Channel Nine News.
    “Lone Star you are the most popular hero in Texas. What do you have to say about that? Do you think that it is going to your head?” the reporter asked.
    “Of course popularity goes to people’s heads, but I can handle it just like I can handle any threat against Texas.” Lone Star boasted. “In fact I issue this challenge if anyone wants to fight go ahead if you win I will leave and you can have Austin, Texas”
    Lone Star walked away as the reporter stood there not believing what he heard. As Lone Star walked down the street people began to yell at and throw things at him. Lone Star ducked into an alley wondering what gotten into people. All that day every time he showed his face people yelled and shouted at him. Soon he just gave up for the day and decided to let everyone cool down. Lone Star took off his mask revealing a young man named Colton Hilton. Colton met up with his girlfriend, the one person who knew his identity, just to see she was mad at him too.
    “What did I do that made you and everyone else so angry?” Colton asked.
    “You just put up our town in a bet. How could you be so stupid Colton?” Colton’s girlfriend snapped at him.
    “Oh come on Julie, you know that since I became a hero no one defeated me.” Colton bragged.
    “You better hope you can stay undefeated. You put your town, the townspeople, and yourself in a lot of danger and you can’t relieve that.” Julie explained but her words fell on deaf ears.
    “Julie there is no one that going to attempt the challenge; I mean it’s me they have to fight.” Colton said.
    “Colton… You know what you’re full of it.” Julie said walking away.
    The next day a Mexican gang came to town terrorizing the people. They were shooting their guns in the air and driving on the sidewalks. The leader of the gang stepped out from his pack of thugs. He stood nearly seven foot tall and his arms looked like small tree trunks. He took off his motorcycle helmet to reveal his face half tattooed with a skull.
    “We are Los Muertos and we are here to take Lone Star up on his challenge. We never own a town before and I think it would be nice.” The man said.
    “So you think you can beat me. Who are you anyways twinkle toes?” Lone Star taunted.
    “They call me El Cráneo, The Skull, but you can call me Mayor.” Cráneo said.
    “I rather call you punching bag. Let’s fight I have a date in two minutes and I don’t want to be late.” Lone Star said.
    Cráneo charged at Lone Star, but Lone Star easily side step. Cráneo turn to see Lone Star’s right hand coming right at him. As Lone Star made contact an intense pain went through his arm. It felt like he hit a concrete wall. Cráneo laughed and picked Lone Star up and threw him right back down. Cráneo signaled to his gang and they all came running at Lone Star. Lone Star fought hard but the numbers of opponents was just too much. Lone Star barely made it to his feet after Cráneo had his gang back off.
    “Y… you ch… cheated.” Lone Star panted spitting blood onto the ground.
    “Of course I cheated I’m not a good guy. Now I’ll take my town.” Cráneo chuckled.
    “I’m not dead yet so you haven’t defeated me.” Lone Star said barely able to stand.
    “You soon will be. Funny you finally thinking about your town and now you’re going to die for everyone will still hate you.” Cráneo spoke grabbing Lone Star by the throat.
    Cráneo had Lone Star in the air about to slam him to the ground when there was a huge explosion. Cráneo dropped Lone Star and spun around to see a smoking gun pointed in his face. Cráneo look around the gun to see an older man dress in a military outfit.
    “I am General John Pratton and I order you to leave or I will shoot.” Pratton ordered.
    “There is twenty of us and one old you how do you expect to shoot us all.” Cráneo laughed.
    “I don’t have to kill you all I just have to kill you.” Pratton replied put the gun right on Cráneo’s forehead.
    “Alright alright we’ll leave just don’t shoot.” Cráneo pleaded.
    Los Muertos were gone within minutes. Lone Star walked up to Pratton and thanked him as news reporters surrounded them.
    “Lone Star you have another victory maybe we were worry about this challenge for nothing what do you have to say?” The reporter asked.
    “People of Texas I am sorry that I put everyone’s safety at risk and I promise I will not do it again. I have been an awful hero and I’ll try to do better. You deserve better than me and I have a lot to learn still…” Lone Star’s apology was interrupted.
    “Sorry about interrupting Lone Star but you said you want to be better and I might be able to help. I am forming a team and I want you to represent Texas. Don’t worry you will be trained and conditioned into the best possible hero you could be.” Pratton said.
    “I accept your offer. When do I get to meet the rest of the team?” Lone Star asked.
    “You already have. We’re the only ones so far on the team.” Pratton explained.
    “Well, you heard it here first a new team of heroes is in progress and they are recruiting. This is Bobby North with Channel Nine News back to you Pete.”


    The Start of an Alliance

    Chapter 3: Yellowstone

    “So where do we go now?” Lone Star asked finally breaking the silence in the room.
    “I don’t know; anywhere in the U.S. I suppose.” General Pratton replied. “See that huge map on the far wall let’s just randomly throw a dart and what state it hits we’ll visit.”
    “Sounds like a plan to me.” Lone Star said picking up a dart.
    Lone Star closed his eyes and threw the dart. The dart flew through the air and hit the wall with a thud. Lone Star opened his eyes as General looked at the map.
    “It looks like we need to get started on the Wyoming files.” General said handing Lone Star a stack of files.
    “You never said anything about doing paperwork.” Lone Star sighed.
    “Quicker we get this done the quicker we can start kicking butts.” General replied.
    After three hours of looking through the files, General and Lone Star decided to check out two heroes with similar powers. Yellowstone and Granite both were mutants with stone skin and super strength. They were two of the best heroes that ever lived in Wyoming and when they decided to join forces they became unstoppable. General looked at both files again on the plane to get to know these men better.
    “If you didn’t know any better you would think these two are related. They have the same powers, they live in the same town, but one had a little harder life.” General told Lone Star. “The file says here that Granite was disowned by his family and they called the cops to arrest him when he changed.”
    “How could his family do something like that?” Lone Star asked.
    “Fear, fear consumes people sometimes, makes them do things they wouldn’t normally do and for Granite’s family they fear him because he was different.” General replied.
    “So how do we decide which one of these two gets to be on the team?” Lone Star asked.
    “We have to talk to them and find out more about them and then we will pick the one that will be the best for the team.” General said.
    Yellowstone, Wyoming Home of Yellowstone
    The sounds of people screaming echoed through the torn up streets. Cars were flipped and buildings were toppled. General and Lone Star couldn’t believe the destruction. The two walked down the street stepping over the debris along the way.
    “Who could have done such a thing?” Lone Star said in disbelief.
    “It was Granite. He has gone insane with rage. He’s going to hijack the train carrying the new bomb prototype.” A wounded officer nearby said.
    “A new bomb prototype what do you mean?”Lone Star asked.
    “It is called The Leveler.” General spoke. “The government approved it two months ago and had the best scientist in D.C. working on it now it is on its way to the west coast to be replicated. If Granite gets that bomb and detonates it this whole town will be a hole in the ground. Also there is the small matter of Yellowstone being a super volcano if this bomb goes off it could possibly trigger the volcano and destroy half of the United States.”
    “Is there any good news for today?” Lone Star sighed.
    “Yellowstone went after Granite. He going to try to stop Granite before he reaches the train.” The officer said just before he passed out.
    General and Lone Star rushed towards the train tracks hoping to catch up to Yellowstone and Granite. It wasn’t long before the trail of destruction brought them straight to the two stone superhumans. Yellowstone landed on the hood of General’s Humvee flipping it. Once the vehicle stopped rolling General and Lone Star crawled out. Yellowstone was already back in the fight. The train began to roll by the four as Granite threw Yellowstone into General and Lone Star. Granite ran towards the train and jumped through the side. Yellowstone got up and picked up General and Lone Star and ran towards the train. Yellowstone threw the two through the hole that Granite made and they landed with a thud. Yellowstone jumped in a second later.
    “Where’s Granite, a guy like that can’t just disappear.” Lone Star said getting up.
    The sounds of screaming answered his question as the train rocked back and forth.
    “We have to stop Granite no matter the cost.” Yellowstone said handing General a gun. “This contains nine bullets specially made to stop Granite or myself. Even though it pains me to think of that outcome he must not detonate that bomb.”
    The three heroes ran through the train to find Granite standing next to the bomb. Yellowstone tackled Granite and began to deliver a flurry of punches. General ran to the bomb and open the control panel and began to make the bomb unable to be detonated.
    “Lone Star, help Yellowstone this will take at least fifteen minutes to complete. Take this.” General said throwing the gun to Lone Star.
    Granite threw Yellowstone through the roof of the train and headed towards General.
    “Stop, I will shoot if you get any closer.” Lone Star said.
    Granite looked at Lone Star and roared. Lone Star stood his ground with the gun aim right between Granite’s eyes. Granite swung his huge arm at Lone Star. BANG! The gun went off and ricocheted off of the wall of the train. Lone Star slammed into the side of the train and slumped to the ground unconscious. Granite turned his attention to General once more, but he was too late General got the bomb where it couldn’t be detonated.
    “Give up Granite. You can’t detonate the bomb anymore; your plan failed.” General spoke.
    “That is where you are wrong mister. The bomb will detonate if I rip it apart.” Granite replied.
    “Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not strong enough to rip this bomb apart.” General snapped.
    “Maybe so, but I can derail this train. The crash at this speed will be enough to cause the bomb to go off.” Granite told General.
    “I can’t let you do that.” General said picking up the gun.
    Granite grabbed General before he could fire and threw him down as hard as he could. When General landed you could hear the cracking of bones. Granite kicked General to the side and saw Lone Star getting up. Granite punched Lone Star in the side of the head knocking him right back down. Granite headed towards the front of the train when Yellowstone grabbed him from the top of the train and dragged him up there as well. On top of the train the two former friends stared at each other. Granite made the first move.
    “Granite you need to stop this insanity. We aren’t even in Wyoming anymore.” Yellowstone said dodging the punch.
    “I don’t care where we are the bomb is going to blow and people will die. You think you’re better than me because you protect these people, who hate and fear us, because of that you will die too.” Granite said.
    Yellowstone fought hard, but Granite was stronger than him. Yellowstone was about worn out as he broke away and ran to the bomb. Yellowstone held Granite off long enough to get to an area that was unpopulated and at these speeds throwing the bomb wouldn’t affect anything. Yellowstone grabbed the bomb and barely made it back to the top of the train only to see Granite running at him. Yellowstone used the last of his strength to throw the bomb off the train. The bomb exploded a few minutes later as Granite was beating Yellowstone fiercely.
    “You are the hero once again. This time however people will still die; there is nothing you can do to stop that.” Granite said.
    BANG! Granite fell to the ground. Yellowstone looked up to see Lone Star holding the gun. Lone Star gave Yellowstone a thumbs up as he passed out again. Granite was only wounded as he grabbed Yellowstone’s arm and threw him in front of the train. The train hit Yellowstone and derailed just as Granite wanted. The engine of the train exploded catching the train on fire. The fire department got there within a half a hour. General and Lone Star got many people off the train, but many lives were lost. General was hauled away in an ambulance as Lone Star looked for Yellowstone. The paramedics told Lone Star that he had a severe concussion and he needed to go to the hospital, but he wasn’t leaving without Yellowstone.
    Lone Star got to the tracks and walked about a half a mile when he came across Yellowstone’s body. Lone Star feared the worst, but when he got closer he could see Yellowstone breathing. A lot of the stone on his body was missing revealing skin. Yellowstone just lied on the tracks muttering to himself.
    A few days later Yellowstone was back to himself though there were still a few patches of skin showing. Lone Star and Yellowstone visited General in the hospital.
    “Yellowstone I need to ask you something.” General said weakly.
    “Call me Frank.” Yellowstone replied.
    “Frank I want you to join my team of superheroes.” General said.
    “No. I’m done seventy-five people lost their lives because of me.” Frank said. “How can I call myself a hero after that?”
    “Yes, many lives were lost, but without you thousands of lives could have ended. That my friend; is what I call a hero. You put your life on the line and almost made the ultimate sacrifice for those that believed in you. They may blame you for what happen, but that what people do, they find it easier to blame a few than what is really is to blame.” General explained.
    “Alright I’ll join your team, but just because Granite is still out there and must be stopped.” Frank replied.
    “He will be. You’re not alone in your fight anymore.” Lone Star stated.

    Coming Soon: Amos Moses

    Herr D

    50 heroes? what a mess . . . I hope one of them has the super power of unification and another has the power of instant telepathy.



    Every team has their problems but they should function like the Justice League in Justice League Unlimited.



    Well man fair play to you. All your heros togeter. I link some of my stories togeter but dont think id ever be able to write a unified story about them all. 😀 I am impressed

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