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    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on these forums for quite some time and I have been using HeroMachine i a lot of my DM’ing work, most recently in a Superhero Campaign with a large group of friends. I thought it would be about time that I shared some of my work which, while not exactly original most of the time, I am very proud of.

    Some of it might be very derivative of some of the other creators works (ie. I stole some ideas here and there), and I don’t really remember who I took my inspiration from, so if you see something that you recognize and you see I haven’t credited you then please send me a message and I will give credit where it is do.

    I hope you all enjoy my work, even if it isn’t all that dynamic (I am ghastly at posing).



    Welcome to the forums. Please take some time to read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    (And don’t worry about being bad at posing. It hasn’t stopped me.)


    My setting is called Exemplars, and it revolves around a super group called “The Sentinels” (I only realized later, when we were well into the story, that it was also the name of the default super-group in Mutants and Masterminds).

    So lets start out with some villains, all of which I haven’t gotten around to using just yet.

    First of we have: Obriel the Outsider.
    Obriel is a fallen angel, a free agent in the war between heaven and hell, he is chaos incarnate and serves as one of the big bads in my world.

    Next we have the villain: Submission.
    Submission came about after looking at one of the tutorials on this site, the one about living tattoos. Submission is a super-powered martial artist who needs to prove that he is the greatest fighter to ever have lived, he serves as the Nemesis of one of my player characters The Raven. Submission’s power is the ability to absorb energy and turn it into physical strength.

    And for my third and final offering tonight we have a character who stands on the line between hero and villain: King Nereus.
    King Nereus is (as you might guess) my setting’s Aquaman/Namor character, the ruler of the Seven Seas and as such he cannot simply serve as a hero, since he must look out for the interests of his people first and foremost. Nereus is actually the result of generations of selective breeding in the royal line and a generous dose of genetic tampering, a genetically enhanced super-soldier from birth.



    welcome! nice work so far. i particularly like Nereus of Charybdis.


    Thank you FRM :) I just kinda fell in love with the new fins and knew that my setting needed an aquatic character, and thus Nereus was born :)


    So today we will have a look at some current and future members of the villain society that my players know as “The Swarm”.

    First of we have the leader of the The Swarm: The Apostate
    The Apostate does not view himself as a villain, and he believes that he knows best how to save the world, and he is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

    Second of we have The Apostate’s primary enforcer: Executioner
    As of this moment I don’t really know what Executioner’s deal is, since he was basically just a piece of character design I liked.

    My third and final offering today is a future member of The Swarm: Primadonna
    Primadonna used to be part of the super villain team The Primadonna Duo, back when she was known as Donna Diva. After a tragic accident that caused her to suffer burns over most of her body, lose her arm and to lose her twin brother Donald “Donny” Diva, The Apostate had his scientists reconstruct her and turned her into Primadonna.



    Great characters, welcome to the forums.


    Herr D

    As a pessimist, I should tell you, “your thread’s half empty.” As a viewer, I am formally advising you to overcorrect that. Smile


    Ask and thou shall receive, I think it is time that I shared the true core of the Exemplar Universe, the so called Ur Gods. The common man of the Exemplar Universe have no idea that five (as of this moment) mighty space deities forged the universe together, and only a very few heroes know this “truth”. Many of these “Gods” have been given other names, and attributed other powers by different faiths and religions.

    First of let me introduce to you: The Void Father
    While all the Ur Gods are essentially the same age, there was a split second in the history of the universe where there was nothing, not even darkness and it was then that the first of the Ur Gods, The Void Father, created the cold void of space. The Void Father is the master of the empty void and this has lead many to see him as the personification of Death.

    Next up we have: The Star Mother
    Seeing the empty void created by her “brother”, Star Mother decided that the universe would need light and warmth, and thus she created the stars that shine in the void. Many mythologies have turned the Star Mother into a masculine figure, from Apollo to Ra, when in fact these lesser “Gods” were simply agents of her will.

    Next up we have: The World Father
    When The World Father saw all the stars he was inspired, and thus he decided to create the planets of the universe. The World Father is known by many names, but he is often viewed as the Judaic/Christian God, a view that is only strengthed since his agents fall into the category (at least visually) of Angels.

    Next up we have: The Life Mother
    The Life Mother saw the empty worlds spread out through out the universe and felt lonely, so she planted the seeds of life on select worlds through out the universe in hopes that life would triumph. The Life Mother has been given many names, but the most famous name attributed to her would be Gaia or Mother Earth.

    Finally we have: The Time Father
    Seeing all the chaos his brothers and sisters had spread, the Time Father desired order in the universe, so he decreed that life could no longer exist outside of time like the Ur Gods, and thus he created time. Now The Time Father watches over all timelines and ensures that no threat to time is allowed to endure, his prime agents are the so called Nevermen, only one of which exists in every timeline.

    Generally I will try to keep future posts to about 3 characters per post, but I felt like these five deserved to be in one post.


    Long time since last update, and this one will be a little shorter.

    Starting out here is my entry into Kaldath’s Silver Owl Challenge:
    As you can see I decided to go simple for this design, taking a lot of notes from the original image. I wanted her to seem more like a street level character, and I fell in love with the spandex design on the original.

    Second off we have one of my newer characters for my Exemplar Universe: Wrecker
    My first story-line concerns street thugs being turned into super-villains and seeing the new body types I got a new idea. Wrecker used to be the leader of a local biker gang, but after he was injected with a strange serum his body turned into a stone like substance.

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