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    Read this…

    …now think, Heromachine with 3D printing….

    Would be so cool!



    Wow. I’d need a whole new room in my house.



    ^ Likewise.
    3D printers will probably be the norm one day. Even now people are using them to create just about anything. From organs for the body…to even edible food! One video I watched had a 3d printer printing out a 3d printer!?!? Who wants to go in halves to get one?

    Technology is way advanced now a days. I remember black and white televisions and no remotes to control them. Now I get netflix on my phone. We’re all gonna end up in the matrix one day… watch what I tell ya ;)



    That would be sweet! What they would need, though, would be something like hero machine 3, but one where you could customize all around the body. With that, though, there would need to be way more items. And that would be without it being a toy. But if you want to print something out, like say, an action figure, they’d probably have to make different sections where you customize the arms, legs, body, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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