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    i as thinking the other day I know nothing about any of yous, i know ur style on heromachine but i don’t know the creator its self. Lets just cal this an induction, and i would like to know more about my fello heromachiners as well. I will start.

    My name is Patrick I was born in 1998 I’m 16 I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. i like the outdoors that much that i hope to one day open my own outdoor recreation center. I’m a very creative person i have a notepad on my phone just filled with characters i make at least one character a night. i found heromachine back when it was still in 2.5  and i think i was like 11 maybe. i get a lot of my creative off my dad same with the outdoor stuff i literally follow in my dads foot steps. I don’t enjoy “ball sports” football, golf, tennis, etc but i still will have a kick of the footy or shoot some hops. I rather enjoy extreme sports like; off road racing, surfing, skateboarding, parkour and free running, etc. i actually do parkour and i surf at least every second weekend with dad. I listen to a wide variety of music which ranges to death metal to blue grass. bu mostly, heavy metal, hard rock, classical rock, metal, and the stuff along those lines. AC DC is my favorite band. The name PMD Warrior comes from a abbreviation of PatManDozzie some thing my dad called me as a little kid and i just shorted it down and made it sound cooler. Also My parents are together I’m the oldest of 4 youngest being 7 my little bro with two sisters in between us.

    That pretty much sums up most of the important things and there is plenty i left out if i was going to write a full thing i might as well just wrote a biography about my self.

    PMD signing out.



    You should go take a look at the blog Section “Power User Profiles” It isn’t everyone in the community however it wil give you a look into the lives of a sizable number of us:


    And here is My PUP:


    Some of the info on my profile is out of date as it was created back in the UGO days thus some of the links no longer work. One of these days  I will go in and update it.



    Kaldath, if you want to do another PUP, I can arrange it. I mean, my PUP is out of date and it was only put up last year, so I’d wanna redo it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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