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    The 4 lieutenants are cool, loving Seishin to ūüôā Great Work !!



    The 4 lieutenants are cool, loving Seishin to :) Great Work !!

    Thank you, Yin!


    Here is a Nephilim/Nephitali war steed for your delectation.



    Hey, look, it’s another Juma, riding into battle.




    F****** badass! I absolutely love it!



    Name: Ash
    Age: 35
    Height: 6’2
    Powers/Abilities: Self-Duplication, Weapon Proficiency, Peak Human Condition, Ash Breath
    Equipment: Two Machetes
    Alignment: Villain/Neutral

    Former member of the African¬†mercenary group, SOMA, The man known only as Ash is still considered one of the most deadly men in the planet. Covered in ash and markings, Ash has become the subject of many legends and ghost stories throughout Africa and the Middle East.¬†Theories of Ash’s¬†origin vary, but the most common story is of him being found as a baby in the ashes of his home by soldiers and raised to be a warrior. His notoriety¬†as a mercenary and penchant for burning down villages have made him a target for superhero groups such as The Guardian Core and ORION in the past, but he has always been able to escape apprehension due to his ability to create duplicates of himself and create smokescreens simply by breathing. Using his old military connections, Ash has recently began to find work in the US. This can’t be good…



    Great use of tattoos, there.



    Good work on Ash very cool design and good back story



    Nephilim Warsteed. Very nice design



    Things are getting pretty dusty in here…

    Have some of this!



    Name: Peachy Keen
    Age: 26
    Height: 5’4
    Powers/Abilities: Gun Kata, Happiness Empowerment, Peak Human Reflexes, Balance, & Stamina
    Equipment: 2 modified Baby Eagle .9mm Pistols
    Alignment: Villain

    “Don’t make her smile! She’s a better shot when she smiles!” – C-4

    Paige¬†Garc√≠a Keene AKA Peachy Keen will forever go down as the most unassuming dangerous person on the planet (aside from Rick¬†the Janitor, but that’s another story). A member of the criminal super-gang, The Syndicate,¬†Paige has played a significant role in the growth of the organization. The youngest¬†in a family with cartel¬†connections, Paige, (under the tutelage of her father, the late Isador Garc√≠a), began to learn and master the art of HŇćjutsu¬†(a martial art dedicated to firearm usage) as well as the ins and outs of his business. Using her amazing skills as a¬†sharpshooter and mysteriously off-putting happy demeanor, Paige is well on her way to building¬†an empire. She has deep connections with¬†La¬†M√°scara, a ruthless drug cartel out of Durango.

    And again in a suit

    yes I intentionally gave her the OAG look of doom ūüėÄ



    Name: Rick The Janitor
    Age: 58
    Height: 5’7
    Powers/Abilities: Super-Amazing Cleaning, Repair, and Sanitation Skills, Seemingly Eternal Patience
    Equipment: Various cleaning tools
    Alignment: Civilian

    “*sigh* I’ll get a broom…” – Rick The Janitor

    ORION‘s resident janitor, Rick, is the man to call when things get messy. Although he goes about his job in a somewhat listless manner, Rick (along with several cleaning drones designed by Modem) is always there to clean up after every city-smashing battle or thwarted world ending event. His family may not understand, but Rick is glad to be¬†there when the heroes need him. Even if anyone else would have quit by now.





    Since the new CC poster is up, I guess I’ll post this


    Battlemage? Sure, why not?


    Mad Jack

    Very cool… ūüôā



    Thanks, Mad Jack ūüėÄ


    Here is Tajkei of Mars, along with his daughter, Tajmal.



    Name: Animus
    Age: Immortal
    Height: 7′
    Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Cosmic Awareness, Subatomic Manipulation, Cosmic Energy Physiology, Ultipotence, Flight, Other powers unknown
    Alignment: Villain

    I cannot lie…He’s come to end all of you.” – The Spirit

    The brother/parallel of ORION co-founder, The Spirit, the being known to denizens of Earth¬†as Animus is perhaps the largest threat the planet has ever faced. With the potential for infinite power, and an army at his back, Animus seeks to claim what he believes is rightfully his… The Milky Way galaxy and all life it contains.

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 221 total)

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