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    The mind is like a labyrinth. A riddle or puzzle. While the paths of the brain are clear and visible, its pattern is deceptive, its destinations unknown and their secrets are secret. To understand the mind completely is to understand everything about reality. This was something that many people accepted. As the creature leapt down into the alleyway it looked around to see who was in its sight. Suddenly, its nerves sprung to life as it sensed movement behind it. It sprung around and grabbing the victim by the neck looked them in the eyes. A street dweller that smelled of vomit and blood stared back.
    “JESUS CHRIST!” he said as he saw the evil in the demons eyes
    “Not quite” the demon responded calmly as its hand squeezed the hobos neck
    “Look man I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were a mask! Comon I’m just a victim of circumstance here!” the hobo bargained as if to try and convince this enforcer that there was no need for justice
    “A victim? Aren’t we all victims? I’m a victim of this body, of this mind…” the demon said as he tapped his skull
    “…and you believe that you are a more pitiful victim than I am?” The demon said his grip tightening.
    “Comon man its cold this time of year!*Cough*… I just want something to eat!” The thug said gasping for air.
    “That’s not the cold…that’s death creeping in on this city!” The demon said dropping the hobo onto the ground.
    As the hobo coughed and spat on the ground, friends of his better equipped than he was approached the demon. The hobo got to his feet and stared at the demon. The demon looked at the pack of wolves surrounding him. He moved his neck left and right to crack it and sighed as he went on to crack his knuckles. The crack could be heard by each of the wolves.
    “Ah some friends of yours are here to play!” The demon said almost excited to the hobo.
    “Man. Mitch…this guy is creepy” Said a dirty young man wielding a pipe.
    “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Mitch said as he stared at the demon.
    One of the men holding a blade ran towards the masked man and stabbed him in the shoulder. The blade pierced his jacket, shirt and flesh in one action. Sighing the masked man looked at the scared homeless man, without showing pain or shock in his eyes he grabbed the homeless mans arm and snapped the bone. The homeless man began to scream in pain.
    “Who am I? I’m the writing on the walls, the nightmares of punks like you!” He said as he punched the homeless man knocking him out.
    The one with the pipe ran towards the masked man screaming, swinging his pipe and showing his rage towards the attacker of his fallen friend. The masked demon tripped the screaming hobo into a trash can. Anger and rage was the enemy of this hobo as he got up and ran towards his target again and trying to throw a punch, hoping to get his target. Grabbing his fist the masked demon spun him around and threw him into the wall. Breaking his nose on impact, the hobo disorientated and scared was tripped and pushed to the ground.
    “I am the weak and the wounded that you take advantage of!” He said stepping towards Mitch the leader of the pack of murderous homeless. As he stepped closer the hobo looked up towards the man who had just taken down his friends.
    “I’m Mr. Satan, Mitch.” He said looking down on the homeless man
    “No..No….please don’t hurt me!” Mitch begged and pleaded
    “Oh it’s true Mitch! You found the bogeyman and he is very very real!” Mr. Satan said as he began beating down on the homeless man.
    When his knuckles were bloody and his victims no more of a threat than the wind, he went out into the night looking for more evil to extinguish.

    Later on he returned to the old factory where he called home. She was there. Dressed head to toe in leather garments, she was dancing to some rock music on her IPod. She noticed the moonlight streaming from the open doors and turned around quickly.
    “BOSS!” she said as she ran over and leapt into his arms.
    Grabbing her as she leapt she wrapped her arms around his head. She hugged him close, grateful he was alive and back to her. Her tattooed body close to his made her feel like he and she were the only people in the world that could be happy. He never would share the same level of feeling she possessed.
    “I’m so happy your back boss. Want some water?” She said as he let her down.
    “No Lucy. I need your medical help.” He said as he took off his coat and shirt.
    His stab wound was not fresh but still needed attention. Lucy ran towards her bags to get a first aid kit. Lucy liked to patch up Mr. Satan; she felt it made them closer. Of course she couldn’t tell her friends that she was dating a vigilante. Well…she could but it would be a bad idea. And it wasn’t as much dating as it was shacking up/working for. Finding the kit she put on her glasses and ran back to him to get to work.
    “What’s the body count tonight boss?” She said stitching his wound.
    “Some homeless guys that thought I was an easy target.” Mr. Satan said as she stitched him up.
    “You know your one hell of a guy! Most guys would feel me stitching their wound shut. Hell getting half my piercings’ hurt like a hell! But you…You just get stabbed and shake it off.” Lucy said gazing at his back and the wound.
    “I don’t feel it but the baby will tomorrow morning” Mr. Satan said as he concentrated towards the wall.
    “DONE!” She said wrapping her arms around him.
    “Lucy…what are you doing?” He said sounding irritated
    “Getting a bonus boss” She said smiling as she kissed him

    Dudley Bradshaw woke up in pain and felt the stitches along his back. “He” was awake last night, putting both Dudley’s and his own life at risk. But why did he do that? Why was this happening to Dudley? He went to the black framed mirror to ask him. In Dudley’s house the basement held many secrets that Dudley didn’t care about, what he did care about was the old broken Black framed mirror. Here was the only place in the house the two could meet. Why this was, neither Dudley nor Mister Satan Knew. Mister Satan didn’t know how he came to being but did have his own set of goals. They were by all means more heroic than Dudley’s, but Mr. Satan was using Dudley’s body to do these deeds and Dudley didn’t want to die saving some dirty person on the street. He wanted to at the age of ninety, in a hot tub, with supermodels.
    He arrived down to the basement and pulled the cloth from the mirror. There sitting in the place Dudley was standing was the dead eyed Mr. Satan.
    “Look who woke up from her sleep” Mr. Satan said as he looked at Dudley.
    “What the hell did you do last night!?” Dudley said as he felt the stitches on his shoulder
    “ARE THESE STITCHS!?!” Dudley shouted shocked at the reflection.
    “Oh yes Lucy did a fantastic job patching me….well “US” up last night.” Mr. Satan said smiling.
    “That Tattooed woman! Oh god. Tell me you didn’t sleep with her!” Dudley said angry at the mirrors words.
    “And what if I did? She has no interest in finding out our identity and knows that you’re a prissy little bitch anyways.” The reflection said as he stretched his muscles out as if about to exercise.
    “She knows who you…I…. We are?” Dudley said puzzled at the insane man in the mirror.
    “No. She knows I am Mr. Satan. Hero and badass. But also just another side of a man, who though has the utilities, refuses to use them to help others.” The reflection said as he stared into Dudley’s eyes.
    “What if I catch something from her? What if Cassandra catches something from me? What will I do then?” Dudley said as he began to panic.
    “Oh calm down you big baby we didn’t do anything that would make you want to change churches. Look I need to rest go …play polo…or tennis or something I don’t care just leave me alone. Your face annoys me.” Mr. Satan said as Dudley stared at him.
    Dudley put the blanket back on the mirror hoping he would be free of any trouble for the rest of the day. At least he survived another night with Mister Satan at the wheel.


    The Atomic Punk

    Nice introduction. You established the major players with enough details to pique interest.


    Herr D

    agreed. This is by far your best opening yet.



    Thank you very much guys i really appreciate feedback



    Dudley sat at the table waiting for his family to enter the room and eat lunch, as they did every day since his sister had died years before. His family was originally made up of seven, his mother and father, the young twins, himself, his older brother and older sister. Being the middle child meant he was often overlooked by his parents resulting in him getting away with a lot of trouble around the house and city. But ten years ago he came home drunk to his parents and siblings crying. He was then told that a former employee of his father’s company had killed Dudley’s sister as a form of revenge towards his father. Dudley never was close to his siblings as they were different to him. He was the black sheep to this family and he knew it. The twins were super genius’, his older brother had a superior mind for business, and his sister was a combination of the three of them. In short she was the perfect one in the eyes of their father and mother. Since then the family had always ate together, went to parties together and kept in contact. In reality this only meant that six people sat around a table eating barley talking to one another. Suddenly the door opened and Dudley’s brother walked in, his perfect face damaged by a black eye.
    “Richard…What happened?” Dudley said looking at the aggression in his brother’s expression
    “You know damn well Dudley.” Richard said in a calm yet angry tone, his voice usually soothing now intimidating.
    “Out of nowhere you come over to me, say the rudest things imaginable, take my Champaign, spit it on the ground and then you punched me in face calling me princess!” Richard said slowly elevating the volume of his voice as his blood began to boil.
    Dudley knew Mr. Satan heard this and was laughing to himself right now.
    “But…Mother said you were obviously drunk so I should forgive you. Just do not talk to me until this is gone!” Richard said making reference to his black eye.
    As Richard sat down Dudley’s mother and the twins walked into the room. The same aura of self worth, they had whenever in the presence of those of less worth. Dudley’s phone began to ring as his mother and siblings sat down. He felt their judgmental glares focusing on him. Feeling ashamed Dudley answered his phone.
    “Hello?” Dudley said feeling embarrassed about the situation he was currently in.
    “Hello Dudley” the woman over the phone said in the cold way that Dudley came to appreciate
    “Oh Cassandra. I’m surprised to hear from you so early. Is it time for our weekly get together?” Dudley said curious at why his future fiancé would call him at this time.
    “Yes. I shall meet you at 2pm at the Cafe le Blanc. Do not be late” Cassandra said before she hung up her phone.
    “So is it that time again? Where is she bringing you this time?” Dudley’s mother asked as the servants placed their lunches in front of them.
    “We are going to Cafe Le Blanc at two o clock.” Dudley said as he put his phone away and began eating his lunch.
    “I’m surprised anyone wants to talk to you after last night actions” His mother said as she looked down towards her lunch.
    For the remainder of the meal the table was quite. Dudley did not want to know Mr. Satan’s action and wanted it to stay that way. On the other hand he was satisfied someone finally gave Richard the thrashing he had coming.

    Lucy sat at her desk daydreaming about her night with the devil. She remembered his strong arms around her, and her lips pushing against his lips through his mask. She didn’t care what he looked like behind it, he was brave ,strong and something about his martyr like personality made her feel safe around him. She knew she was just his ally, someone to patch him up and occasionally warm his bedside. She knew he wasn’t the ideal prince charming that every girl dreams of meeting, but he was a prince among men to her. She was always so nervous whenever he went out on the town. Would it be the last time they ever saw each other? She wanted to help him in more ways than just patching him up. She often asked him if he wanted some company on his patrols, so she could make sure he was safe. But he always says that she would only put herself in danger and while expendable he didn’t want to lose her. It was a sweet yet a cruel thing to say to her, as it meant he cared for her a little bit.
    She watched as her fellow nurses walked around the hospital and she was stuck at the desk. She had medical training and knew her way around any form of illness or injury. However, because the head of medicine believed her appearance would make the patients extremely uncomfortable, she was stuck in behind a desk. This was the biggest load of crap she had ever heard. He only put her on desk duty during the day because he hated her. She turned him down once for a date and he hasn’t forgiven her since but in this economy she would have to be dating a millionaire to be able to quit.
    She looked at the newspaper and saw her man was there again. The picture was blurry and there was no way of recognising the man in the picture but the title said it all.

  • Devil Man Vigilante Spotted. Friend or Foe?
  • Laughing to herself she could not wait till the next time she saw her hero so she could show him this article. He loved it when his work was advertised. To the rich he was a violent psychopath, to the poor a vengeful spirit, to the wrong doers he was a demon, and to the common man he was both a psycho and a hero. To her he was amazing.

    Mr. Satan woke up in a bed that was not his own. He looked around and saw he was in bed with “THAT” woman. Dudley had slept with Cassandra again. Mr. Satan never understood what Dudley saw in this woman. She was cold, annoying and spoilt rotten. She was everything that made a woman unattractive to any sane man. Getting up from the bed he began putting on the cloths that Dudley had taken off. It was still daylight which made it more difficult for him to sneak around the city. He left the apartment not caring if he woke up Cassandra or not. It would do Dudley some good to show he doesn’t rely on this woman to dictate his actions.
    Walking towards the old Warehouse he noticed her bike out front. Slowly and cautiously he entered the warehouse.
    “Lucy!?!?” Mr. Satan shouted as he stepped into the building.
    “Boss? You’re early…Why you don’t come over here I got something to show…”
    “DONT COME ANY CLOSER! I need my mask!” He said as he stepped into the darkness interrupting his assistant.
    “Okay…God you must be the ugliest guy in the world.” She said as she threw the mask across the room towards Mr. Satan.
    Mr. Satan pulled his mask on and stepped towards his assistant. Lucy wondered if that shirt was really a designer brand or did Mr. Satan steal it from some pimp.
    “What is it Lucy?” Mr. Satan said staring at his partner
    “Blue prints for my sidekick outfit. See its effective in combat because I can move a lot more and…” Lucy explained to her boss.
    “Go back to that last part Lucy” Mr. Satan said with great disdain.
    “Oh it helps me out in combat because…” Lucy repeated
    “Before that…” Mr. Satan said his patients wearing extremely thin.
    “My…Sidekick outfit” Lucy said sounding almost ashamed of it.
    “We talked about this Lucy. I don’t need a sidekick and I don’t want one. I’m fine on my own.” Mr. Satan said as he pulled his costume out.
    “You came back stabbed the last night. Are you honestly this stupid? What if you die!?” Lucy said being unnaturally emotional in front of her boss.
    “Lucy not now. I have work to do.” Mr. Satan said as he put on his costume.
    “I swear to God. Do you appreciate everything I do? I work my ass off during the day and tend to your wounds during the night and never once have I asked your real name or why you’re doing this? I should know this….”She said as Mr. Satan walked towards the exit.
    “Do you even care about me?” Lucy said looking at Mr. Satan.
    “Lucy…Later please.” He said in his typical cold manner leaving Lucy alone yet again.




Mr. Satan watched as the suspicious car drove down the street, he was closely following them from the rooftops. They wouldn’t be speeding as it would only bring attention to the car; this wasn’t a robbery or a hit they were driving to or from. If it was a hit they wouldn’t be driving such a nice car in this neighbourhood, and if it was a robbery there would most certainly be police sirens following them. They stopped in front of a cafe and went inside. Mr. Satan had positioned himself on the building next door so he could keep an eye on them. They certainly didn’t look like they were there for coffee. Mr. Satan jumped on the fire escape of the building he was on and quietly climbed down it. This was why MR. Satan hated doing patrol during the day. It was six o clock and Dudley would be bitching about how Mr. Satan had no right taking up all of his day and putting him at risk. Distracted by this thought Mr. Satan accidently forced the ladder to release and slide down to the ground causing a thunderous noise. Realising he hadn’t much time he leapt into the nearest dumpster to hide from the approaching goons. He had to find out what they were doing first before he could attempt to take them down.
“The hell was that?” The big one said looking around.
“It was just the damn ladder release. A bird or something must have released it.” The small one said.
“Man with all this Devil man talk, I’m kinda on edge.” The big guy said still paranoid.
“Can we get back to work?” The small impatient one said walking back towards the back door.
The big one slowly followed his partner as they went back into the shop. Mr. Satan waited a little before he climbed out of the dumpster slowly and quietly. Sneaking up to the window Mr. Satan peeked inside to see what they were doing. In the room beyond the window was a suitcase full of money and three well dressed men with the owner. Mr. Satan assumed that this was one of two things; it was either drug deal or protection money. Lucy suddenly sprang to his mind. She was very emotional today. What was wrong with her? Suddenly his wave of thought was broken by a gunshot. The owner had been shot and it was time to move. Stepping back he ran towards the door and busted it open. It was too late by the time he thought that maybe this point of entry was more dangerous than an ulterior.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” The big guy said as he pulled out his gun.
Mr. Satan was only happy that he was still on his feet and not on the ground. Next time he would think before he acted, if there was a next time.
“I am the devil and I’m here to do the Devils work. Answer your question?” Mr. Satan said walking slowly closer to them. Maybe if he scared them enough he could catch them off guard.
“No way…You’re supposed to be some kind of myth!” The big guy said intimidated.
“Shut up Sonny it’s just a guy in a mask! Don’t let him scare ya!” The little guy said.
Suddenly the third man raised his hand and the other two froze in motion.
“So your Devil man? It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The apparent authority figure said as he grabbed his cane and rose from his seat.
He wasn’t a cripple that was for sure. The cane was more for symbolic purposes, perhaps to make him look more important. Of course this meant nothing to Mr. Satan, except maybe just another object to beat him and his goons with.
“It’s Mr. Satan actually.” Mr. Satan said suspicious of the cane holding man.
“My name is Mr. Abelle.” Mr. Abelle said as he stepped forward a little.
“Mr. Abelle I don’t think…”The small ones sentence was instantly silenced as Mr. Abelle pulled out a gun and put a bullet between his eyes.
The big guy looked in shock and fear as his partner hit the ground. Mr. Abelle not showing any remorse for his actions cleaned some blood off of his shirt and returned his attention to Mr. Satan.
“I hate being interrupted don’t you?” Mr. Abelle said putting his gun away.
“Now Mr. Jones over there is bleeding and in shock the best you could do is wait till we leave and call an ambulance. We can all leave here as pals and none has to die.” Mr. Abelle said confident that Mr. Satan would just let him go.
“Let me make this clear Mr. Abelle. I am not gonna let you walk out of here without putting up some kind of fight.” Mr. Satan said waiting for the first move to be made.
The big guy suddenly rushed towards Mr. Satan and quickly Mr. Satan grabbed his arm flipping him over Mr. Satan as if he was a pillow. Sonny landed on a table that broke in half on impact with his huge body. He wasn’t going anywhere for the time being.
“As much as I love getting my hands dirty, Id much prefer if you stopped all this idiotic behaviour.” Mr. Abelle said.
“First of all don’t get so cocky about taking me on…”Mr. Satan said as he walked over to Sonny.
Stepping on the back of Sonny’s arm Mr. Satan pulled it back snapping the bone. Sonny let out a horrifying scream and started crying.
“Second, there are only two types of people in this world…My kind and assholes. Guess which one you fall under?” Mr. Satan said when suddenly Mr. Abelle dashed over to him and kneed him in the stomach.
Caught off guard Mr. Satan attempted to uppercut the fast man but was met with an elbow to his back and was taken down. Mr. Satan hit the ground, but Mr. Abelle was not finished with his fun yet. The cane came down hard onto the back of Mr. Satan and continued over and over. Mr. Satan couldn’t feel the pain but he did find it difficult to breathe at this point. Suddenly he was kicked in the stomach and rolled over onto his back. Standing over him Mr. Abelle was smiling as Sonny stood at the door, waiting snuffling and wiping his tears. Mr. Abelle pulled out his gun, a pack of matches and a cigar. Rolling up Mr. Satan’s mask he put the cigar in Mr. Satan’s mouth. Striking one of the matches he lit the cigar and put the matches into Mr. Satan’s pocket.
“I can’t say I enjoyed that. But if you wanted to be a witness…well you witnessed something all right.” Mr. Abelle said as he pulled out his gun.
“Aren’t you gonna pull the mask off? See who it is?” Sonny asked in a whimpering tone
“Why? Knowing who he really is might be disappointing. I’d rather if we just left it to our imagination.” Mr. Abelle said as he looked down at Mr. Satan.
“Send Hell my regards.” Mr. Abelle said as he fired his pistol into Mr. Satan.

Lucy sat at her desk reading over some of the patient charts. She was still incredibly pissed off at Mr. Satan’s attitude towards her. There would be no “talk later”, only him coming back to her looking for medical attention. Why did she do this to herself she often wondered. He is a self destructive vigilante that wants nothing more than to save a burning city. But maybe that was why she was so attracted to him. Just as she started to feel a little better for about all this, Dr. Patterson walked over and tried for the hundredth time to get a date with Lucy.
“Hey there nurse Mayberry. You seem like you need some company. How’s coffee sound?” He said in his cocky tone.
“Sure if you buy it, bring it to me, and then drink your own on the other side of the hospital I might consider about giving it some thought.” Lucy said coldly
“You don’t like me do you Lucy?” Dr. Patterson said still confident in his abilities.
“Honestly? I think…No I’m sure… that you are the most unattractive man I have ever met in my entire life. In the short time I’ve known you, you have demonstrated ever possible loathsome characteristic that a male personality could express and have even brought some new ones to my attention. You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, your morally reprehensible, insensitive, stupid, vulgar, selfish, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humour, and you smell. You’re not even interesting enough to make me sick. And considering that you’re a doctor it’s amazing you have gotten as far as you have in your chosen career with so many flaws.” Lucy explained angrily to him.
“So you admit it. You do think about me. Even if it’s just the flaws” he said winking at Lucy.
“Was asking me for coffee really all you came over to do?” Lucy said irritated at the doctor’s advances.
“I actually wanted Mr. Hoppers chart, but thought today was my lucky day.” He said smiling as Lucy handed him Mr. Hoppers chart.
Dr. Patterson walked away his confidence not even scratched. Lucy looked down to her feet thinking of how Mr. Satan was some of the things that repulsed her about Dr. Patterson. Just then a terrifying thought came to her. What if Dr. Patterson was Mr. Satan? She vomited into her mouth a little at that thought. She wasn’t much of a religious person, but right now she prayed that Mr. Satan was someone she could actually tolerate. She didn’t care if he was some pencil pusher or even a mailman but she hoped it wasn’t someone like Dr. Patterson or worse. Just as she started to relax the doors swung open and the paramedics ran in with two stretchers.
“Out of the way! We are losing him fast. How’s the other guy doing?!” the male paramedic said.
“He’s still got a bullet in him. We need to get these guys to surgery Right now!!” The female paramedic said.
“This guy was found in his cafe the other guy in an alleyway across the street. He must have seen something he wasn’t suppose to” The male paramedic said.
One of the men raised their hand to the paramedics and opened his mouth.
“Find the devil man and help him…” The man said weakly.
Lucy suddenly started to pay attention to the man’s words and gasps. The other gurney was pulled away to surgery.
“He tried to save me. He is shot. Please find him.” He said as he laid back and died.
Tears started forming in Lucy’s eyes. What if he was dead? She ran to the bathroom and started to cry. She hoped he would be alive and prayed for the second time this day. She did it more passionately this time praying that her love was not dead.



Lucy came out from the bathroom, rubbing her red eyes trying to hide the fact she was crying. She sat down at her desk and returned to her work. This would be a perfect time to leave and call a sick day but she needed to work so she could pay her rent. She felt like her world was falling to pieces around her. What if Mr. Satan was on the ground in a gutter somewhere bleeding to death or dead? She felt another wave of tears coming forming in her eyes. If he was dead she would never know who he was and if he felt the same way about her as she felt about him. All of a sudden a handsome man stepped up to the desk. He was wearing an expensive looking black coal suit and a red tie. His hair was a bright blonde and slicked back and his facial hair was well kept and obviously trimmed expertly. Lucy felt her heart race a little as he looked at her with great interest.
“Hello may I ask you a question?” He said leaning over her desk smiling at her.
“Of…Of course.” Lucy said feeling her face blush a little.
“Excellent. I am looking for a Mr. Jones. He was admitted today with a gunshot wound and I wanted to see if he was in good health.” The mystery man said in a calm manner.
“And who are you?” Lucy said feeling a strange mix of attraction and fear towards this man.
“Oh where are my Manners. I’m Mr. Ballee. A close friend of Mr. Jones.” The man said smiling towards Lucy.
“Ok. Well he is in room 33A on the second floor.” Lucy said trying not to make eye contact with the man.
“You have my gratitude Nurse….” He trailed off as he looked at Lucy’s name tag.
“Mayberry… What a beautiful name” he finished as he walked away.
Lucy was left blushing uncontrollably. She looked towards the man and saw something strange. The man was walking with a cane of some kind, but it didn’t look like he needed it as he lifted the cane up at certain points as he walked.

Mr. Abelle was unsure of what had happened after he left the cafe. He was sure that Mr. Jones would have bled to death by the time the authorities had arrived. Then again he was also responsible for some of the blame; after all he could have finished it then and there in the cafe. But then he wouldn’t have met that fine specimen Mr. Satan. It was a shame that they could not see eye to eye, but in the end Mr. Abelle proved that the masked Demon was nothing but a fool in a mask. Mr. Abelle liked hospitals as he felt that this was where life was at this limits. People were being cured of sickness here, but people were also dyeing here. People are so afraid of the uncertainty of death that when in a hospital they often fear for the worse. Of course when they are healed and sent home they won’t change. All the faith or promises to live a better life are never truly kept. Stepping into the elevator he waited as the small room lifted him up to the second floor. Mr. Abelle walked towards the private room and noticed that there was a police officer standing in front of the doorway.
“Hello officer” Mr. Abelle said in a pleased manner.
“Hello. Mind if I ask what your business is here sir?”The officer asked looking at Mr. Abelle.
“Oh I am an old friend of Mr. Jones and thought I would visit him. You know make sure he’s all right.” Mr. Abelle said putting on a fake tone of concern into his voice.
“Sir I am sorry but I have to make sure that only doctors and family go into his room” The officer said as he yawned.
“I understand but as his friend I really want to put my fears at rest. I’m sure you have a friend that you would be concerned for if this situation happened to him.” Mr. Abelle said looking at the officer.
“I can’t let anyone in sir” The officer said starting to get aggressive.
“Officer pleases. I am a man that needs a cane to walk due to my leg. What harm could I do to my dear friend?” Mr. Abelle lied as he knew that one of the canes multi purposes was to make people feel at ease around him. That was always a mistake.
“Tell ya what…Im tired and want to go get a coffee. Go in and leave by the time I get back. Deal?” The officer said in exhaustion.
“Officer you have my word. I won’t be long.” Mr. Abelle said smiling.
As the officer walked away Mr. Abelle entered the room and saw the sleeping Mr. Jones. Pulling out the needle he injected Mr. Jones with the liquid as Mr. Jones woke up.
“Hello Mr. Jones. I’m sure you remember me. And there lies the problem.” Mr. Abelle said as he sat down.
Mr. Jones opened his mouth but no sound escaped his lips.
“You see I have just injected you with a slow acting poison. It starts by burning your voice box so you can’t speak and within in the next 24 hours your organs will shut down and you will seem to have died of strange causes.” Mr. Abelle said with a smile on his face.
“See I can’t let anyone know my name or face. It’s bad for business. You understand being a businessman yourself.” Mr. Abelle said as he stood up from the chair and walked towards the door.
“As much as I would love to stay and chat I have to leave. So long Mr. Jones.” Mr. Abelle said as he walked out the door and towards the elevator.
He walked into the elevator that was currently occupied by two other people. Mr. Abelle choose to ignore them. Until something was said that caught his interest.
“Did you hear there was a third person at the cafe scene?” The first person said
“Really but we only found two? One corpse and the guy in room 33A” The second person said.
“Yeah but…get this… the devil man was apparently there and he was wounded” The first one said.
“So there’s another guy wounded walking around the city? That guy must be insane” The second one said.
Mr. Abelle had a strange rush of emotions. He felt angry that there was a survivor, amazed that it was Mr. Satan, and excited for their next encounter. Of course he was wounded and wondering around the town so if he may not even survive long enough to meet Mr. Abelle again.

Lucy walked towards the warehouse with the slim hope that maybe he was there waiting for her. If he wasn’t, that means he was dead somewhere. Walking inside she saw someone lying down on the table with his shirt off. He seemed wounded but was attempting to fix his own wounds. Lucy approached him cautiously.
“B…Boss? Is that you?” Lucy asked with a mix of fear and curiosity.
“Lucy?” The man asked
“IT IS YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” She shouted in excitement and anger.
“I’m fixing myself up!” He said in anger and pain.
“Let me do it you damn idiot!” She said as she started operating on her boss.

Mr. Satan wasn’t thinking straight when he got back to the warehouse. All his thoughts cantered around his encounter with Mr. Abelle. The man overpowered and almost killed Mr. Satan if it wasn’t for Mr. Abelle’s lousy aim Mr. Satan and Dudley Bradshaw would be just another dead guy in this city. It wasn’t over. Mr. Satan needed to be more careful from now on. He grunted as Lucy finished cleaning the wound and he realised that maybe he could use her help more.
“Lucy…” Mr. Satan said weakly.
“Yeah boss?” Lucy said sounding concerned.
“Get that outfit you have been working on ready…” Mr. Satan said as he got up off the table.
“..Really boss?” Lucy said
“Yeah I’m going to need some help for the time being till I get fixed up and who better than you?” Mr. Satan said as he looked at Lucy.
Lucy suddenly kissed Mr. Satan out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around him
“Thanks boss…” She said then suddenly slapped him.
“Never scare me like that again!”She said as she walked towards the door.



Dudley woke up on a strange bed, his arm wrapped around a naked woman. It was dark outside.
“I must have slept all day” Dudley thought to himself as he pulled the woman closer to him.
It was clear now that they were both naked and that his lovely Cassandra had slept by his side for the full day. He knew under her cold exterior was a puppy who just wanted to be loved. He looked over her body and smiled. He could even say her back was an attractive quality about her. As he thought to himself Dudley raised his hand to scratch his face when an interesting thought came to mind:
“I wonder where she got that tattoo…” Dudley suddenly came to a realisation.
Not only was Cassandra’s body free of any form of piercing or ink but she wouldn’t have cut her hair in the last six or seven hours. Cassandra wasn’t that impulsive. Then as he touched his face he realised that he was wearing Mr. Satan’s mask on his face and the woman next to him was probably “THAT” woman who assists Mr. Satan. His panic induced thoughts where put aside as he heard a voice from next to him.
“Hey Boss” The woman sat up smiling at Dudley, her purple hair covering her right eye and the sheets just about covering her body.
“Um…Hey” Dudley said rising from the make shift bed as fast as he could.
“Whoa you in a rush or something?” Lucy asked looking at the man she had just shared a blanket with
“..No?” Not knowing what to say to her Dudley decided to keep his answers short.
“So can I ask you a question?” Lucy asked wondering what was wrong with his voice.
“I don’t think I have the time for…” Before he could answer she interrupted
“You’re the other guy aren’t you?” Lucy said. Her sweet voice from before, now one mimicking that of a school teacher disciplining a student.
“Yeah…I am” Dudley said in some form of relief that he wouldn’t have to act like that brute.
She stood up, wrapping the sheet around her body and walked over to her cloths without saying anything. Dudley watched her as she started picking up her own cloths off the ground.
“Want something?” Lucy said in a cold and angry tone.
“Um…”Dudley responded intimidated by this woman and feeling guilty for what he had done with her behind Cassandra’s back.
“Where are my clothes?” Dudley asked as if he had done something extremely shameful.
“Over there” She said as she pointed towards what Dudley was wearing earlier today. It was now on the ground of some warehouse and getting dirty.
“I wouldn’t be to reckless if I were you. My boss was shot earlier today so you might want to be careful who you take your shirt off to for a while” She said as she dropped the bed sheet and pulled up her pants.
“HE GOT ME SHOT!!” Dudley started to panic as he only now noticed the scar on his stomach.
“What did I do to deserve this!?” Dudley said as he stared at the scar.
“Well in my experience guys don’t like it when you see their girlfriends naked…” She said with an evil smile on her face as she zipped up her leather jacket.
“Is that supposed to be funny?” Dudley snapped at the leather wearing woman.
“I think it’s funny” She said as she walked towards the door.
“How can you love someone who’s wearing a mask all the time? What if I was grotesquely ugly?” Dudley shouted towards Lucy.
Stopping before the door she turned back to face Dudley.
“Know what Love means?” Lucy said looking towards Dudley
“It means never having to say your ugly.” With that said Lucy left the building and Dudley alone in the dark.
Dudley took off the mask and quickly got dressed. He needed to be home as soon as he could before his family noticed he was missing.

Dudley arrived back at the house feeling like he was about to collapse. He paid the driver and walked up the steps of his house hoping that none was going to be waiting for him on the other side of the front door. He opened the door and found that today was just not his day. There inside the house he saw his family standing still staring at him.
“Where in the Hell have you been!?!” His mother shouted.
“Do you realise what you have put us through? This family does not need any more of your antics Dudley!” His father yelled.
“What do you expect?” Richard said walking over to Dudley.
Dudley felt that there was more to come from this statement and none of it would be good.
“Dudley is a lost cause. We shouldn’t expect too much from him. After all mom and dad you can’t have five perfect children. There was bound to be one or two children that would be a disappointment.” Richard’s words infuriated Dudley.
“Shut up Richard!” Dudley shouted as his whole family turned to stare at him.
“Excuse me? Dudley please I’m not in the mood for the tough guy act.” Richard said as Dudley clinched his fists.
“Who’s acting?” Dudley said as he walked towards the stairs.
“Dudley where do you think you’re going!?” His mother shouted.
“I’m going to my room. I’ve had a long day!” Dudley said as he stared at his family.
“Let him mother he has the manners of a goat and smells like a sewer.” Richard said as he walked towards his mother.
“Say that again…” Dudley said looking towards his brother.
“Sewer…..Goat…” Richard said slowly in a condescending manner.
With that said Dudley punched Richard in the nose. The crack could be heard by everyone in the room and Richard fell back onto the ground. A broken nose matching his black eye.
“YOU BROKE MY NOSE!” Richard shouted as he held his nose and the family stared at Dudley.
Dudley was shocked at his actions. Did he really just stand up to his brother? Was this real? Dudley looked at his family and walked off up the stairs towards his bedroom.

Dudley knew he would be getting a visit by someone soon. Who it was, he didn’t know. Richard could be coming up to take his revenge on Dudley or maybe it was his parents to tell him he would be put into a mental institution. Whoever it was he was ready for it.
The door swung open and his brother stormed in. Blood ran down his nostrils and rage filled his eyes. He wasn’t the handsome figure he usually was; now he had taken the form of something like a rabid wolverine that wanted blood. Without saying a word he punched Dudley in the stomach. The bullet wound combined with the force of his brother’s punch sent Dudley to the ground. His brother started kicking him in the ribs over and over again. Dudley hoped it would be over soon as pain infected his body.
His parents burst through the door and pulled his brother away from Dudley. They left Dudley on the ground bruised and in pain.
The only one who had not left with the family was his youngest brother. One of the twins. It was strange to see his little brother on his own and not beside his sister.
“Was it worth it?” He asked a calm manner.
“What?” Dudley struggled to speak.
“Was hitting Richard worth all the backfire that’s coming?” He asked Dudley in the same manner.
“Yes…Yes it was” Dudley then coughed as he got up from the ground and watched his brother leave.
Dudley questioned his answer to his brother’s question. “Was it worth it”? Dudley had mixed feelings towards this question. He was proud that he hit the smug face of his brother, but was worried in case it wasn’t him but Mr. Satan controlling the fist.
He needed to talk to Mr. Satan, but now was not a good time to do it. He would wait until later on in the night before he would converse with the demon.

Lucy came home semi-satisfied with her day. Not only did she find out that he was alive, but she was now going to be on patrol with Mr. Satan and that meant she could keep a closer eye on him. She now felt like Mr. Satan trusted her and for now that was all she needed. She took off her jacket and jumped on her bed. She felt a little nervous about it, but she was far more excited at the thought of them working together. She felt like a school girl who just found out the boy she likes likes her too. Just as she relaxed on to her bed her phone rang.
“Hey Lucy guess who?” the female voice over the phone said.
“Sharky! How ya doing?” Lucy said to the woman on the phone.
“I’m fine. I’m in town for a job and wanted to know if you were free for a coffee?” Sharky asked Lucy.
“Is this a normal coffee or a Sharky coffee?” Lucy asked smiling at the thought of meeting her old friend.
“Wait and see…” Sharky said in her usually impish manner.

In pain, Dudley stepped down the stairs into the basement at three in the morning. He needed to talk to Mr. Satan and ask what the hell happened today. He looked into the black framed mirror and saw his cracked reflection.
“Is he there?” Dudley wondered as the reflection mimicked his every move.
Dudley leaned in closer to the mirror and nothing changed.
“Are you there?” Dudley asked the mirror.
“I know your there, Damn it! Answer me!” Dudley ordered his reflection.
Feeling defeated he turned his back to the mirror and started walking towards the stairs.
“Would you shut the hell up? I’m trying to sleep!” The voice said to Dudley
Dudley turned around and smiled to see Mr. Satan. His smile quickly turned to a frown as the reason why he was here came to him.
“What happened today? Why was I shot? I swear if you were showing off…” Dudley said but was quickly interrupted by Mr. Satan.
“Not this crap…”Mr. Satan said as he looked behind Dudley.
“Why the hell not! Why aren’t you more careful?” Dudley barked at Mr. Satan.
“I do what I got to do to keep the wicked restless, Princess. And I’m sick of you always bitching to me.” Mr. Satan said to Dudley in an angry manner.
“What the hell does that mean?!’Keep the wicked Restless’? Why can’t you just leave the bad guys to the cops?!” Dudley asked in an aggressive manner.
“Cops don’t always get there on time or get the job done. You know that, don’t you Dudley?” Mr. Satan said to the now response less Dudley.
“By the way…You gave your brother a nice right hook. Felt good didn’t it?” Mr. Satan said smiling.
“…yes.”Dudley said quietly in shame.
“I bet it did. Look…Rest and we can talk in the morning ok?” Mr. Satan said as he turned his back to Dudley.
Dudley looked at his fist and left the basement. Not willing to admit that maybe he liked having Mr. Satan around.



(Sorry for the late update but due to college exams and essays I am held up creatively. I hope to update the stories on a more regular basis as I did before when my semester is over)

Dudley woke up the next morning to the sound of 80’s pop music being played over his radio. His body was still in pieces over the combination of a bullet wound and the beating his brother Richard gave him last night. Slowly Dudley got out of bed and put on his clothe’s. He knew what would be waiting for him the second he left the room. He was going to walk downstairs and be greeted with angry parents who wanted to know what had gotten into him and how they could help. The first time in month’s they would actually give him the time of day would be now,after he had made a mess of Richard’s face and stood up for himself. The thought of being questioned about his behavior and why he did what he did made his blood boil. Why did Dudley hit the man that was insulting him? Oh because he felt like it. Dudley was the Black sheep not because of his actions but because he didnt make the family look as good as his siblings did, and this was something he knew all his life. Letting out a sigh Dudley closed his eyes and walked out of his room towards what he could assume was going to be a long ass day.

Lucy sat down across the table from Sharky as they enjoyed their coffee and discussed old time’s. The coffee was bitter and the atmosphere was full of idiots talking like they had experienced the world’s glory at least three time’s. Lucky for Lucy she was with one of the craziest women she had ever met in her life. Sharky had been arrested more times than most other people had in a lifetime and had gotten away with it because her brother was some kind of Judge and father was a cop.
“So Loose Lucy is a now Nurse Mayberry. Who would have guessed you, of all people would be a nurse?” Sharky said with a smile taking a drag of her lit cigarette.
“Says the kindergarten teacher.” Lucy said with a smile across her face.
“Touche. Ever miss the old days?” Sharky said finishing off her cigarette.
“What do you mean?” Lucy said looking confused
“The Wild bunch” Sharky said as she looked across the cafe.
“Sometimes. What are you looking at?” Lucy asked looking at Sharky.
“Is that Dudley Bradshaw over there?”Sharky asked as Lucy turned around in the direction Sharky was staring.
She was right. Across the small cafe was the infamous Dudley Bradshaw drinking a coffee. The question why he was in this side of town alone was what interested Lucy at this moment, but Sharky was wondering if she was capable of getting inside his pants. Lucy never saw the appeal in Dudley Bradshaw to women. He was trouble and obviously had some issues that needed to be resolved. Was there some kind of switch in the minds of women that make them go after bad guys? Then again she had no right to judge. She was in love with a vigilante who called himself Mr. Satan. When did her life become a comic book?
“Lets go over and talk to him” Sharky said finishing her coffee.
“What makes you think he wants to talk to us?” Lucy said starting to get sick of this topic.
“For one he has been looking over here since he sat down.” Sharky said to Lucy with a smirk on her face.
Hearing this Lucy looked behind her and saw that Dudley Bradshaw was indeed looking at them.

Dudley began to get nervous as the woman he had woken up next to not twenty four hours prior to this moment was now walking towards him with a woman who looked like she would be more at home around leather and chains. His stomach grew tight as his mind tormented him with the reasons she could be coming over for. This happened because he wanted to cut out of his usual routine and for some reason come to this side of this damn town. Sweat was pumping out of him from his armpits as they got closer and closer to his table. It was too late to run away now. If he got up and left now they would know he was up to something, after all he just spent the last ten minutes staring at them. His breathing quickened and suddenly his path of thought was broken by one of them speaking.
“Hey your Dudley Bradshaw right?” The strange one said as the familiar one stood behind her looking annoyed.
“Yes I am..And you two are?” Dudley asked faking a smile as he looked at the two women.
“Oh I’m Sally,friends call me Sharky…” She said with a wink and pause as if giving Dudley the opportunity to absorb her name and face before finishing her sentence.
“AndthisisLucy” Sharky said rather quickly.
“Would you two like to join me?” Dudley said not expecting them to actually stay in his company.
“Oh we would love to! Wouldn’t we Lucy?” Sharky said giving Lucy no chance to object.
The both sat down and so began what Dudley believed was to be the most awkward coffee he had ever had in his life.

Mr. Satan suddenly gained control of Dudley. Why, he didn’t know. What he did know was he was wearing something incredibly uncomfortable and was having what he assumed was lunch with Lucy and a stranger. This wasnt good. Mr. Satan would have to act as if he was Dudley.
“So The Devil man?..What do you guys think of think of him?” The stranger said.
“Sharky I don’t know if that the kind of topic Mr. Bradshaw wants to discuss.” Lucy said revealing the strangers name to be Sharky.
“I don’t know about that Lucy” Mr. Satan said hoping her name was already mentioned.
“What?”Lucy said in a scoff.
“You have an opinion about the vigilante?” Lucy said in a tone that challenged Mr.Satan’s statement.
“Yes I do.And I would appreciate you keeping your opinion of me to yourself Lucy.” Mr.Satan said smiling taking great pleasure in being a stronger more confident Dudley
This statement brought silence to the table. While Sharky felt herself become more attracted to Dudley, Lucy was feeling like she was just insulted by someone she had very little respect for.
“Okay Mr. Tough Guy what do you think of the Devil man? Let me guess. He’s a criminal or no better than that of the men he takes down?” Lucy said with a wicked smile across her face.
“Actually I think the polar opposite.” Mr. Satan said looking at Lucy.
“Really? I’m actually surprised at that Mr. Bradshaw.” Sharky said as she smiled at the confident rich man.
“So what do you think of him ?” Lucy asked still not convinced of Mr. Satan’s words.
“I think he has the right Idea. God knows this city has gone to hell and I think it was rather clever of someone seeing this and coming up with a Devil persona. Of course he has to be some kind of Madman with a hell of a death wish to do it.” Mr.Satan said as he began to fake laughing.
With that said Lucy got up from her chair and stormed off out of the cafe. Sharky looking concerned followed her and left Mr. Satan alone in the cafe to his own thoughts and questions.



It was now 5pm and Mr. Satan was sitting in the warehouse waiting for Lucy to arrive. He called her from a payphone after the cafe incident and to her to get her ass to the hideout as fast as she could. She then asked if she could bring her costume with her and show him what she had come up with. Knowing even if he had said no she would have brought it, he decided to agree to her bringing it. He stuck his hand in his pocket and looked at the item he had taken from a street punk who confronted Mr.Satan on the way to the warehouse. It was the new drug that was in great supply in his city. The drug increased the bodies performance for a short period of time allowing it to be stronger and faster than it usually was, while still giving the user an energized feeling that made it very addictive. The street name for the drug was Jack. Mr.Satan wasn’t sure if it was because it, quote “Jacked you up” or the creators ego that christianed it the name Jack. The punk was clearly underage and looking for a fight to test the merchandise he had. Unlucky for him that he didn’t get the chance to use it as he was on the ground before he had taken the drug. Another interesting thing about the drug was how it was used. Jack is, what the authorities have christained, a universal drug. This meant that the drug could be taken in its pill form, crushed down and smoked or snorted,and melted down and injected into your bloodstream(if done incorrectly it could result in death). This drug was one of the three problems Mr.Satan had to fix about this city, the other’s being crime and of course Mr.Abelle. There was something about Mr.Abelle that made Mr.Satan incredibly nervous. He had to be taken care of before he had the chance to hurt someone else. His train of thought was quickly derailed as an excited Lucy flung the doors open to see that of the relaxing Mr. Satan.
“Hey Boss!” her shout resembling that of a school girl, but quickly restrained her emotions and returned to her adult composer.
“So wanna see my outfit?” She said coming closer and closer to her boss.
“Do I have to?” Mr.Satan said unimpressed with Lucy’s eagerness to get out into the dangerous city.
“No…But I want you to” Lucy said smiling in an impish manner as she started to take off her clothes.
“How do you know this isn’t the other side of Me? How do you know that this is Mr.Satan?” The masked man said as he watched Lucy’s performance.
“Oh you are more confident than the other side of you. If you were him you wouldn’t be as calm seeing me naked as you are now.” Lucy said as she took off the same leather pants he saw her wearing earlier today.
“I suppose that’s right.” Mr.Satan said as Lucy walked closer to him.
“So when we heading out Boss?” Lucy said as she tried to seduce Mr.Satan before she noticed the pills in his hand.
“We leave at 9pm. Then head to the subway in the slums.” Mr.Satan said looking at the near naked woman before him.
“Those drugs have something to do with that? Or…” Lucy said, her voice now becoming less confident and more nervous.
“Are those to make you…You?” Lucy asked now wondering if her boss was in fact some crazy drug addict.
“They are part of why we are going to the slums. I got a friend who…knows things.” Mr.Satan said as he looked at Lucy who seemed relived.
Lucy kissed Mr.Satan and started to get dressed. She pulled up some tight black pants and tightened a belt around her waist. Watching her assemble her outfit, Mr.Satan wondered if this was a good idea to bring her with him. He was sure she could handle herself in a fight, but meeting the man who called himself Nostradamus (or Damus for short) was an entirely different situation. Meeting him would neither be a pleasant situation, nor would it be a difficult one. It would just be an unsettling meeting.
Lucy took a baton and placed it in a holder on the belt, which also held a taser and smiled at her boss.
“If I tased you…Would you feel it?” Lucy asked in a cheeky manner.
“I wont feel the pain as bad as D…as my other side would but I would be incapacitated as he would be. Just as if I’m shot, it would hurt just not as much as it would hurt you. But otherwise, if I am just fist fighting against a guy with a knife or a metal pipe I wont feel it.” Mr.Satan said as a thought came to mind.
His ability to ignore pain was of course accurate, so how was he beaten by Mr.Abelle ? Once again his train of thought was interrupted by the young woman who had developed feelings for him jumping on his lap.
“Wanna see my mask boss?” She said smiling rubbing her body against his.
“Do whatever you like. Just get off of me.”Mr.Satan said coldly and starting to show his irritation in his voice.
“Comon. Don’t be a party pooper..We have hours before we have to go to meet your friend.” Lucy said leaning closer to Mr.Satan for another kiss.
He stood up while she was on him dropping her to the ground and walking towards the laptop they had set up some days before. Lucy got up from the ground angry and wanting to know why did she have to be thrown on the ground.
“What was that for asshole?!” She said not having her loving tone anymore but now having the same tone she had with Dudley.
“This isn’t some game Lucy. This isn’t some Hollywood love story..” Mr. Satan explained before being cut off by Lucy.
“I know that!” Lucy responded as she came over to Mr. Satan.
“Okay. But I don’t think you understand…” Mr. Satan said as her arms wrapped around his waist in an attempt to make peace.
“Help me.” Lucy said in a light tone.
“I intend to.” Mr. Satan said breaking the belt her arms had made around his waist.
“Put on that mask and lets see what ya got.” Mr. Satan said as he walked to the Free space in the middle of the building.

After hours of Training Mr. Satan and Lucy set out in the night to the Subway Station in the slums. They moved between the alleyways and rooftops so as not to be seen by anyone who would report them. That was all Mr. Satan needed, someone getting a picture of him and selling it to the papers. Lucy had to stop now and then to catch her breath. They had to move quickly and quietly, two things that Lucy was not yet used to. They sat on a rooftop that was not too far from the stairway that led to the station and their destination. Lucy watched as Mr. Satan stood close to the edge looking down at the people below. There were drug dealers, pimps, whores and bums all living their lives, going about their daily routine that was ruining their lives. Of course Mr. Satan could go down there. He could beat up that pimp on the street corner about to beat his “girl” for cutting him short on payment, or he could stop that drug dealer from selling to that addict depriving him of another life ruining hit of his addiction. But what would that accomplish? He takes down the pimp and another pimp comes along, takes his girl and treats her just as bad if not worse. Same goes for the drug dealer. If he stopped the dealer the client would find a new dealer and keep up his habit. It was an endless cycle of pain and sin that had dug its nails in so deep it was here to stay. This was something Mr. Satan explained to Lucy on that rooftop that night. Evil and pain could never be stopped entirely. It wasn’t something that could be stopped by one being, be it supernatural or mortal.Evil was eternal. However, certain evil can be contained or stopped in order to keep the human race from being entirely engulfed by its own evil. It was cliched ,but there could not be good without evil and evil without good. Lucy looked at the man she cared deeply for and thought about what he had just said. They stepped out onto the streets as they approached the stairway, the thought of what he had said echoing in her mind when suddenly he stopped.
“We have some company…” Mr. Satan said as a gang of thugs stepped out of the alleyway.
“Three of them. You better be ready.” Mr. Satan said as his tone changed from calm and intelligent to aggressive and judgmental.
The men circled the masked couple smiling and mocking the two of them. Mr. Satan just stood and took it as they mocked him and Lucy.
“Hey baby. Why don’t ya dump the freak and come have some fun with some real men.” One goon said.
“Well when some show up maybe I’ll consider it.” Lucy said as she moved closer to Mr.Satan.
“Funny girl. Let’s see if your boyfriend can protect ya with a bunch of holes in his body.” the large one said as he lunged at Mr. Satan with a knife.
With a quick movement Mr.Satan grabbed the attackers wrist and swept his leg causing the large man to fall to the ground. As one of the other men advanced on Mr.Satan, Lucy took out her baton and smacked him the face with it. The third attacker ran towards Lucy, but was unfortunate enough to get in the line of fire of Lucy’s taser. Shouting from the pain and wiggling on the ground, he was out of the fight for the time being. Lucy wanted to think of something clever to say now, but was interrupted by the goon who got a face full of baton just a moment ago.Unlike Lucy, Mr.Satan was having no trouble with his opponent. As the large man slashed at the masked man, Mr.Satan started to talk as he fought back. Mr. Satan punched him in the face and knocked him back a little.
“You just gonna stand there and bleed or are you actually gonna hit me?” Mr.Satan asked mocking his attacker.
“Stay still you son of a Bitch!” The attacker shouted as he rushed towards Mr.Satan.
“Wow..Either all your past fights have been with idiots..” Mr.Satan said as he punched the attacker in the stomach.
“…Who didn’t know how to dodge or you really suck at this” Mr.Satan said as he spun his body around lowering his torso and lifting his leg connected with the kick.
Seeing his friends beaten to a pulp by these two and after having been attacked by a baton he decided it was time to run away. As he ran away, Lucy looked at her boss who was standing over a huge unconscious man. She felt something that she had not felt since her old days in the gang. Beating the crap out of men and watching them run from her was both exciting and satisfying. She walked over to her tag team partner and smiled down at the man that Mr.Satan had beaten senseless.
“Let’s go catch our train.” Mr. Satan said as he walked towards the stairs.

The vigilante and his assistant stood on the dimly lit station platform in complete silence. Lucy watched Mr.Satan as they stood in almost complete darkness. Mr.Satan stood there as if he was waiting for something to happen. The atmosphere was getting uncomfortable as neither of them had spoken since they arrived downstairs,Mr.Satan just stared blankly at the poster across the tracks. Lucy opened her mouth but was interrupted by Mr.Satan shushing her like she was a child. Suddenly the sound of an approaching train came thundering down the empty tunnel, echoing around the two of them as the old steel train stopped in front of them. The doors opened to reveal two women half naked laying on the old chairs.
“Let’s go” Mr.Satan said as he stepped into the train Lucy slowly following him.
Mr. Satan had been here one too many times when he needed Damus’ help. Nostradamus is someone who you didn’t have to like to be friends with and you most certainly did not have to like his lifestyle to associate with him. He was a lot of things that made him unpleasant, but he was well connected with the underworld and loyal to his friends. These qualities were good to have in an ally and Mr. Satan understood this.
The train was filthy and filled with members of Nostradamus’ inner circle. Smoke filled the air and people were in the middle of drug fueled passions with each other. At the end of the hallway sat a man in his early fourthy’s, who dressed as if he was in his early twenty’s and had his hair done by a movie crew. His shirt was opened revealing a toned stomach with a tattoo quoting that of Plato. He wore sunglasses and looked directly at the two masked individuals.
“Well well well, look who has graced me with his presence.” He smiled as he looked at Mr. Satan and then at Lucy.
“And it looks like you brought me a present.” He said as he knew Mr. Satan wouldnt like this.
“Nostradamus…Meet my new partner.” Mr.Satan said as he looked at Nostradamus.
“Lady Lylett…’Nice’ to meet ya” Lucy said sarcastically.
“Well Lady me an you got something in common besides Big red here.” Nostradamus said.
“I got nothing in common with you dirtbag.” Lucy said looking at the silent Mr.Satan.
“Oh yes ya do girly…This is the first time I ever heard that ‘Big Red’ had other friends than just me. See me and you, …” he stalled to remove his glasses to reveal his scared eye that ruined his handsome face.
“We dont know when to get off the ride” He said smiling at the two heros.



The scarred face of the hedonist caused Lucy to step back a little in shock. One of the young women who surrounded him raised her hand up slowly towards his face. Her hand lovingly rubbed the side of his face that was not scarred in a perverse manner. Nostradamus sat there and smiled at Lucy as the woman stroked his face. Lucy felt very uncomfortable around this man and didn’t like the way he stared at her. Not a word was said between the three and the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the wheels on the subway train moving along the tracks and the excited moans of the other members of Nostradamus’ harem. Lucy felt his stares all over her body, but she didn’t want to seem weak in front of Mr. Satan.
“I’m here about Jack” Mr. Satan said breaking the silence.
“Which one?” Nostradamus said finally breaking eye contact with Lucy to smile at Mr. Satan.
Mr. Satan reached into his pocket and pulled out the bag of pills he had earlier. Nostradamus looked at the bag with confusion as Mr. Satan threw the bag onto Nostradamus’ lap. The smile on his face quickly changed to that of a frown.The train stopped at an unmarked station.
“Bitch’s Leave!” Nostradamus said to his harem left subway car.
As the women got up the wobbled towards the exit in a daze leaving the the hero’s and the wise man. Nostradamus sat up and rubbed his face with his two hands. Mr. Satan sat down in one of the seats across from Damus and watched him like a guard dog watch’s a criminal. Lucy sat down next to Mr. Satan still feeling uncomfortable about being in the presence of Damus.
“So Alice and the white rabbit want to know where the bottle comes from?” Nostradamus said as he looked at them both.
“Cut the crap Nostradamus!” Mr. Satan snapped as he became more in control of the conversation.
“Ya know how dangerous this crap is?” Mr.Satan said to Nostradamus.
“Yeah I do. Some close associates of mine have died from it mate.” Nostradamus said as he looked at the bag.
“Okay what can I tell ya about this stuff. It started being sold a year ago on the streets, became popular after a week or two and the first causality was not too long after that.” Nostradamus said as he looked over to Mr. Satan.
“Wheres it coming from?” Mr. Satan asked as Lucy began feeling a knot in her stomach.
“No clue mate” Nostradamus said throwing the bag back at him.
“But I can tell ya where one of the factories are. May not be a big one but its nothing to stick your nose up at.” Nostradamus said as he looked at Mr. Satan. Lucy wasn’t even there to them any more.
“It will do…and..” Mr.Satan said as he looked at the ground.
“One more thing.” Mr. Satan continued before being cut off by Damus.
“Ya want to know if I know anything about the guy that laid ya out like a bitch?” Nostradamus said as he laughed a little.
Mr.Satan said nothing he just glared at scarred man.
“Whats the blokes name so? If ya know that is.” Nostradamus said as he lit a cigar and started smoking.
“Mr. Abelle.” Mr. Satan said quietly almost a whisper.
“What was that?” Nostradamus said grinning.
“Mr. Abelle!” Mr. Satan said raising his voice to a shout.
Silence filled the car and Nostradamus’ face went into shock.
“Mate you sure that’s his name?”Nostradamus asked looking at Mr. Satan.
Lucy was just a spectator among giants now, she didn’t know the importance or the fear that that name inspired in Nostradamus.
“I’m sure” Mr. Satan said his eyes meeting that of Nostradamus.
“Carry like…a stick or something?” Nostradamus asked.
“He carried a cane.”Mr. Satan said leaning towards Nostradamus.
Somethign sparked in Lucys mind at the mention of that cane. The man who visited the hospital the other day was interested in seeing Mr.Jones carried a cane. Maybe it was coincidence,but maybe she had come face to face with this Mr. Abelle.
“Red. That guys like the boogie man of the underworld. He appears one month and disappears for like a year never to be seen or heard of until he turns up again. People call him a demon or something. But besides some rumors, I know nothing more.Theres some messed up stories about what he does man. Like real disgusting stuff. Your probubly the first survivor he ever let get away. If your going up against him man…God help ya.” Nostradamus explained
“I’ll take my chances.” Mr. Satan said.
“Your funeral mate.Anything else?” Nostradamus asked picking his cigar back up.
“Wheres this factory?” Lucy asked trying to seem just as deserving of Nostradamus’ attention as that of her boss.
“Hahaha”Nostradamus laughed.
“You really know how to pick the feisty ones red.” Nostradamus said behind his laughter.
“The old RD warehouse at the docks. Head on over they still may be cooking.” Nostradamus said to the two masked vigilantes.
“Thanks” Mr. Satan said as he got up from the chair.Lucy miming his action.
“Tell the bitch’s they can come back in.”Nostradamus said as Lucy and Mr.Satan began to leave the car.
The moment the women got back on the subway car it began moving once more to another location in the city. They scaled the steps that led out of the station and to the city. The city of Demons and Devils that Lucy decided all too soon to be a part of.

As the exited the darkness of the subway Mr. Satan didnt look back to Lucy. He was fully aware that she was behind him despite the fact they had not spoken since they left the subway car. He knew she had questions that needed answer and he would answer them in his own time. Nostradamus clearly made a bad impression on that of Lucy and now he would have to explain to her why he associated himself with Nostradamus. He looked around to see where they were and was surprised to see they were not to far from the warehouse. He began to walk when Lucy spoke.
“Where are you going?” Lucy asked Mr. Satan.
“The Warehouse.” Mr. Satan said as he continued to walk.
“Your really gonna listen to that drugged up idiot!” Lucy said.
“He is a lot of things Lucy,but he is not an idiot.” Mr.Satan said as he heard Lucy begin to follow him.
“How can you trust him?” Lucy asked approaching Mr. Satan.
“Nostradamus is a lot of things. But he has many good qualities that make him a great ally.” Mr. Satan answered as they turned down an alleyway.
“Like what?” Lucy whispered lowering her voice as they silently walked through the alley.
“Just trust me Lucy” Mr. Satan answered.
“How can I trust you if you don’t trust me?” Lucy asked staring at the back of Mr. Satan as he pulled down a ladder.
“You cant” Mr. Satan responded and began to climb the ladder.
Mr. Satan knew that this would not satisfy Lucy as an answer at all, but all his mind could think of at this moment was getting to the warehouse. The warehouse was now in sight and it was now time to see what he could find out from these drug peddlers.



The RD warehouse used to be used for shipping various crates and objects from the city. It was surrounded by a chain linked fence and had been closed down for years.Mr.Satan and Lucy silently approached the warehouse, staying close to the shadows so as to keep themselves hidden. There was no chance that they could go in through the front door of the building, but they could head in through the side of the building. Lucy had remained quiet for the past 20 minuites. Mr. Satan was aware that she was pissed at him for keeping things from her, but he couldnt deal with listening to one of her speachs at this moment. Finding a break in the fence, they ducked behind one of the large crates.
“What are we doing?” Lucy asked Mr.Satan staring at the empty area.
“Being careful.” Mr. Satan responded moving to the next piece of cover that was close by.
“This place looks like nones been here in years.” Lucy said following Mr.Satan.
“Thats the point. Looks can be decieving.” Mr.Satan said as they came to the side door.
Mr. Satan walked into the warehouse hoping that this was not some wild goose chase. Of course Nostradamus’ predictions and information was never too far from the truth, but there was always that small doubt in Mr.Satan that made it hard to take what Damus said as fact. That was perhaps a side effect of being part of Dudley for so long. He was starting to become more human and this worried him.



Entering the factory was easier than he thought. It wasn’t however easy to see the warehouse empty. There were some crates and some production lines but nothing that said this place was used for drug manufacturing or shipment. Mr. Satan looked around to see if there was something his missed when Lucy spoke.
“See I told you that guy was talking shit. Lets go back to our Hideout and finish up for the night. I got an early shift tomorrow.” Lucy said sounding like she had had enough of tonight.
“Fine. You wait here and Ill check out the office upstairs.When I am done we can leave.” Mr. Satan said as he walked towards the stairs.
“Your gonna leave me all alone!” Lucy replied not very happy with her boss.
“All alone?”Lucy continued shocked at his decision.
“In a big spooky warehouse?!” Lucy went on hoping to get some response from him.
Mr. Satan began walking up the steps before he finally responded to her.
“Yes I am.” Mr. Satan said climbing the steps slowly
“Well Screw you asshole!” Lucy said as she started to feel nervous about this place. Like someone was watching her.
“I wont be long. Calm down.” Mr. Satan said as he opened the door to the office.

The office was completely different from that of the main building. It was clean and looked like it had been used recently.There were files on the table that looked like they were shipping manifest’s that recorded some movement from this warehouse. Mr.Satan read over the documents and they stated that there was a product being made and moved from this location daily. What Mr.Satan could gather from this was that they used the building during the day and then left the building as abandoned looking as possible. Except for the foreman behind all this who liked to keep his office neat. On the table there was an opened pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Lifting the mask a little he put the smoke in his mouth and lit it. As he breathed in the heavy taste of nicotine and tar he noticed the same name pop up in each of the manifests. The supervisor of each of the shipments and apparently supervised the delivery of each shipment. The next person up for interrogation was a Mr.Orlando. The cigarette was now coming close to an end and this file was all he needed. The benefactor of this operation was blanked out. With good reason of course.
“Never know what kind of masked freak might show up” Mr.Satan heard next to him.
None was there. The room was empty. Was he thinking out loud or was his more human side taking control over its body?
“Dudley?” Mr. Satan said silently as he looked around the room.
Rubbing his head, he put out the cigarette and pulled down his mask. He was hearing things and maybe the stress had gotten to him. Maybe he should give Dudley a day or three rest before he came to the surface again. He couldn’t do that though. He opened the door, only to be greeted with Lucy shouting.
“Boss Help!” She shouted causing Mr.Satan to come out of the room carefully.
“Whoever is in there better come out slowly and no funny business.” The voice said.

Mr.Satan stood at the top of the stairs, his body shrouded by darkness.
“Big mistake.” The voice said as he fired his gun.
Mr.Satan dodged it narrowly and landed in the shadows behind some crates. Mr.Satan was surprised he expected more from this thug, but he had to take care of this before that guy hurt Lucy.
“Hey freak! Come out and face me like a man or the girly gets it!” He shouted as he waled towards the center of the warehouse.
Mr.Satan sneaked along the production line and saw the huge individual holding the bruised Lucy. She had clearly put up a fight and lost. Her tazer was her only chance to escape but he had a tight grip around her.
“I’m gonna count to three! Come out by then or she decorates the place with her brains.” He said as he seemed to get more nervous.
Mr.Satan rolled behind a fork lift as he got closer to the large man.
“I’m so sick of you Masked freaks messing with me!” He shouted holding the gun out.
This caught Mr. Satan’s attention. How many other masked men were around this city. Unless this man had met Mr.Satan before and that gave Mr.Satan the upper hand. Mr.Satan silently walked across the floor and was now almost behind him.
“3” The man shouted as Mr.Satan got closer.
“2” He shouted as Mr.Satan ducked stood up from the darkness behind him.
“Hello” Mr.Satan said behind the man as he walked slowly towards him.
“WHAT THE FU-” The man shouted as he spun around to meet Mr. Satan. His face suddenly changed from angry to full of fear.
He threw Lucy across the room and watched as Mr.Satan approached him slowly.
“Your…Your dead! He Killed you!” Sonny said recognising Mr.Satan as he approached him slowly.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you? When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.” Mr. Satan said as the gun was aimed at him.
“Come now you saw how useful the last gun that was used on me was.” Mr.Satan said as he approached Sonny.
In a fit of fear Sonny fired his weapon and missed Mr. Satan completely. Mr.Satan rushed Sonny and grabbed his arm flipping hims over his body and unarming him in the process.
“Get up” Mr.Satan said in an angry tone.
Sonny got up slowly, but was soon raised to his feet by Mr.Satan and headbutted across the room.
“What are you doing here? Wheres Mr. Abelle?” Mr.Satan asked as he walked towards Sonny.
Sonny blindly swung at Mr.Satan only to have his arm grabbed by the Masked Demon. Mr. Satan’s voice began to get more intimidating.
“This was the arm I dislocated the other day.” He said examining it.
“No..Please don’t…”Sonny begged as he looked at Mr. Satan.
“You should really have let it heal up first.” Mr.Satan said as he dislocated it again.
Sonny’s screams were enough to make Lucy feel pity for him. He was begging Mr.Satan to stop causing him pain but Mr.Satan kept inflicting as much damage as he could onto this thug.
“Answer me!” Mr.Satan shouted at Sonny.
“I don’t know man! Please stop!” Sonny shouted as he pulled out a knife and lunged at Mr.Satan.
It stabbed Mr.Satan in the shoulder blade and Mr.Satan punched Sonny in the jaw. The knife still in his shoulder,Sonny remained on the ground backing away from Mr.Satan for some kind of mercy. Mr.Satan picked up Sonny from the ground. Gripping his color Mr.Satan looked at Sonny in the eyes and asked him: “Who is Supplying this warehouse?”
Sonny mumbled something under his breath and was thrown onto the crate.
“I’ll have answers Sonny! Or I will have Blood!” Mr.Satan threatened Sonny as he grabbed his throat.
“Now I wont ask again.” Mr.Satan said.
“Bradshaw…” Sonny said in great pain.
“What?” Mr.Satan said not quite sure if he had heard that right.
“The Bradshaw corporation. One of the big wigs. I think its the owner I don’t know!” He shouted as Mr.Satan pulled him to his feet.
“If your lying to me, you are going to experience a pain that would make your boss sick.” Mr.Satan said throwing the goon to the ground and removing the knife from his shoulder.
“Lady Lylett lets go. We have one more stop to make.” Mr.Satan said as he approached the exit.
“You guys are dead! Ya hear me Dead!”Sonny shouted as they left the building.

Dudley’s father was still awake in his study, when the clock struck midnight. He listened carefully as the bell rang. He had made it a habit since his eldest daughter died to spend more time away from his other children of which for the most he saw non of himself in.The only child he saw some resemblance of himself in was that of Dudley. He saw himself as a young man in Dudley. Out of control and needing to settle down. But he doubted the greatest of tamers could tame his son. That was something he both hated and admired about Dudley. On the twelfth tone of midnight the lights shut off leaving Edward Bradshaw in the darkness. Assuming that one of the fuses had blown he didn’t think it was necessary to call one of the help about it, they would have it back to normal shortly. Suddenly the windows flew open and a hand wrapped around the mouth of Mr.E Bradshaw.
“Do me a favor and Don’t scream” The dark voice said as it held its hand on Edwards face.
“Scream and we are gonna have more then one problem on our hands understand me?” The voice said.
Edward nodded compliantly and the hand was removed from his face. Edward turned around and saw a man in a red coat that was wearing a mask. He assumed this was the vigilante that had been in the papers Mr.Devil. There was no point in being aggressive in this situation so Edward decided to see what this Lunatic wanted.
“So.Your the Devil man?” Edward asked looking at the masked man.
“Correct and I don’t have much time.” Mr.Satan said as he looked at Dudley’s father.
“Might I ask you to make an appointment like everyone else so as not to catch me this late at night” Edward asked looking at the masked man.
Mr.Satan threw the bag of pills on the table and looked at Dudley’s fathers curious face.
“What are these?” Edward asked looking at the strangely shaped pills.
“Jack” Mr. Satan said as Edward backed away from the pills.
“WHY DID YOU BRING THEM TO ME!” Edward shouted now furious at this man bringing drugs into his house.
“Your companies supplying the distributors with the funding to make these…or someone in the company is.” Mr.Satan said glaring at Dudley’s father.
“And you think its me?” Dudley’s father asked feeling like he was being interrogated.
“Yes. If it wasn’t you it was somebody in your family. And believe me..I’m keeping a close eye on you all.” Mr.Satan said as he jumped out the window leaving Mr.Bradshaw with his thoughts.

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