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    “My name is Sarah, I once was a normal teenage girl until everything went to shit as a result of a massive virus outbreak which spread. The symptoms included loss of memory, slow and shambling movement, lack full cognitive function and act only on a single drive: the need to seek and consume living flesh. This epidemic then swept across what was left of the nation’s abandoned towns and cities. I’d be dead if isn’t wasn’t for the Doc, a rogue zombie hunter, whose has taught me how to remain alive in the quest for a safe haven.”

    Chapter I: How to kill a Biter 101

    It was midday and the sun was shining at its most brightest. The Doc set up a trap for a Biter, he tied up a half-dead rabbit upside down on a tree branch. We sat behind a fallen log ten yards back waiting for a Biter to take the bait. The Doc wanted me to do some target practice with my bow.

    I can kill a Biter that’s easy, I’ve done it plenty of times but the Doc believes I need to practice how to use a bow. I’ve shot arrows at trees before, but I’ve never killed anything with it. So in order to survive I need to be able to use a wide range of weapons, like the Doc always says, adapt or die.

    We sat waiting for something to take the bait. In order to pass the time, the Doc would sharpen his knife, in which he nicknamed ‘Daisy’. He was entertaining to watch, the amount of care and patience he undertakes for this simple task is remarkable. Suddenly he stopped sharpening ‘Daisy’, he looked up, he sensed something was near. I don’t know how he does it, but he has dog-like senses.

    We then began to hear a noise in the distance. Out of the trees came a Biter. It must of sensed the half-dead rabbit from a mile away, it began to grunt as it closer to the bait. The creature was wearing a worn-out suit, in its former life it must of been some businessmen. The creature had a distinct limp in its right leg, from a distance it looked like this Biter had been been infected from a bite on its leg. Lucky he didn’t turn out to be a crawler, they don’t last long.

    It got closer to the bait and still didn’t notice us. It finally reached the half-dead rabbit, got hold of it, easily ripped it open and began gnawing at its internal organs, it was sickening.

    The Doc then turned to me and whispered “now remember what I taught you, relax and breathe and everything else will come to you.”

    I nodded my head to show that I was ready.

    We stood up together, it was then that the Biter noticed us. It stopped feasting on what was now a dead rabbit. It looked over at us and snarled. It then began walking over to us raising it arms hoping to grab hold of us. The Doc stood to the side whilst I pulled the bow and an arrow from behind my backpack. I lifted the bow and aimed the arrow directly at the creature.

    Before I was about to shoot, Doc again uttered his advice “Remember relax and breathe.”

    I stood up tall, I then inhaled and exhaled. I aimed directly at its forehead and shot the arrow. But the arrow missed his head and went flying into the tree. The Biter was getting closer and I was starting to panic.

    Doc was astonished I missed, but wasn’t surprised. He responded again but this time with a little more urgency “C’mon missie you don’t have all the time in the world right now, aim and shoot!”

    I rushed and pulled out another arrow, and hurried the routine I did before. I aimed again and shot the arrow, this time I got did get him, but only in the shoulder. The slow-moving creature stopped for a second, but then continued to move. It was closer then before and if I missed again, I’ll be dead for sure.

    I pulled out another arrow quickly and aimed it at the Biter. I breathed in and shot the arrow but I missed and got its neck. The arrow to the neck didn’t stop it and it got the log, before Doc stepped it and grabbed the creature. He got hold of its shoulders and threw it to the ground. He jumped on top of it and held it down. I pulled out ‘Daisy’ and he thrust the knife into the creatures brain, killing it instantly.

    He got back up and looked at me, I could see in his eyes. he was disappointed. He stepped over the log and got hold of his backpack and vocalized “grab your stuff, we’re moving”.

    I let him down.

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