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    I’ve been using HeroMachine 3 on and off for a few years now. It’s really powerful, but I do admit I use an external editor to help touch up in ways outside of HM3’s capabilities.
    I’d like to leave a bit of feedback.

    • The choice between a whole object or parts of said object is clearly the best part of this program. It isn’t perfect though. For example, I can’t use spandex to cleanly separate the neck-shoulder line from the lower collarbone as two different colors. This is a big reason why I use an editor.
    • The way exports re-center the character is another little feature deserving of praise. I don’t have a big monitor, and to compensate I manually shift the character around in face-view. Amazing how everything stays in place the entire time.
    • Undoing always leaves the top layer selected. This isn’t a big deal for shifting objects with the mouse, but if you screw up a color you have to reselect that layer. It’s much easier to just click undo instead of trying to relocate your color honestly.
    • The ability to move parts is quite imprecise. I understand this might be related to subpixels (or something similar). Transform shifts layers more than one “unit” compared to the mouse. Some items shift further than others as well.
    • Exporting forgets the name of the file after one export. This isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice if every export was named properly after a save or load.


    By the way, I am aware that external editors are frowned upon. Just over the past three days I learned so much about HM3 looking at tutorials and actually exploring the parts it has. I know full-well I’ve only scratched the surface of what HM3 is capable of, but there are some ideas I would like that I don’t feel is possible. My edits do not recolor, shade, nor resize externally as to preserve the anti-aliasing provided within the program. All I do is layer over changes using multiple exports.

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