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    That actaully does sound pretty usefull but in my defence id prefer to be able to see 30 secs into the future so i can see any problems coming my way and avoid them


    Herr D

    DC–I have considered that, but it would need to be dependent on something other than a time frame. Otherwise if someone were to just fool you for that time frame, say, with a slow acting poison, that would be it. My way, you still suffer, but if you figure it out before your subconscious mind dies, you live and maybe learn, and go back as far as you need to. Also, if a Rebranch dies, it will wind up being so quick as to be painless. What’s faster than subconscious thought?



    fair point


    DC Always

    Well thats a tough question to decide on. hmm? I would have to go with Gene and say Super-Genius. Only for the reason being that I would be able to have a great knowledge of anything. Such as Technology in Bruce Waynes case or well no thats mostly it when superheros have great knowlege.Laugh

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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