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    Herr D

    So, Sunni D told me that Harrison Ford said he’d be Solo if he got to star in Indiana Jones 5, and that the new owners of Star Wars said okay. And that no one has been able to write a script for it yet? Seriously?

    I’m looking for work, and I know good and well that no one would pay ME to write it. I’m an unknown. I’ve only ghost-written and my credits are practically nil. BUT I THINK IT SHOULD BE EASY. I think [any fan of Indiana Jones with a moderate knowledge of history and the capability of writing a decent story without dwelling on aliens or going over the top like IJ4] could make a passable script.

    Question 1: How many people think, as I do, that more than fifty unknown writers could do a better job on IJ5 than WAS done on IJ4? Some of you have seen the casual writing on this site and various fan-fic sites. Some of you have seen the work of other unknown writers. No shame on Ford–he acted well enough, but the script was JUNK.
    Question 2: How many of you have seen pieces of work by unknowns that were better than what was done? I composed a plot for MIB 2 that everyone I showed liked better in rough draft form than what was produced. Who’s seen them and what were they?

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