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     Born in Cirrus City to billionaires George and Mary Nixson
     His father, George Nixson owned five 5-star hotels and three 5-star restaurants
     Mary Nixson was a medical doctor; cardiovascular surgeon.
     Has one older brother, Tony Awe Nixson who went to College earlier because he was very smart.
     Andy was part of a group of new born children in a hospital that were experimented on by a mad scientist, Doctor Declan Deagan.
     Dr. Deagan had planted a chemical-biological combination in each of the 10 children.
     The next morning in the hospital, 5 of the experimented children had died and the remaining 5 were in terrible conditions.
     Soon, it was concluded that Andrew would also die soon.
     Another scientist said he could use various animals DNA to fix the infants. The Nixsons refused to let their son pass through that process but the other four did. The scientist was later revealed to be Dr. Deagan in disguise, and he had worsened the children by adding the DNA of a bat, wolf, hyena and fox on them.
     Before the police could arrest Dr. Deagan, he escaped and left the children as four ugly humanoid beasts. Their parents abandoned them and they were all left for dead in a forest near Relite.
     All this happened before winter came. When winter came, Andrew mysteriously got healed and even more, he could generate fire.
     This came as a shock to his parents who contained this as a secret and even moved from the city to Pall-Omar, a small neighborhood at the mouth of Cirrus City.
     To avoid any form of unexpected occurrence, Andrew was kept at home all day long and was even home-schooled.

    When Andrew was up to high school age, he decided he no more wanted to be home-schooled. He assured his parents that he could control his powers and they allowed him to go to high school.
    He quickly becomes friends with Jamal Jeremy Jones, the smartest boy in class who always had a complex remote control car; and with Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Antony; an intolerant Latin-American girl. The three become so close that Andrew decides to tell them about his fire ability.
    On one night, when the three were in Andrew’s room, he showed them his fire ability. Things get even more interesting when Jones reveals that he had developed a far more modern ability; he called it technopathy. He could combine machines and manufacture technological devices with just his brain. No wonder he was so smart. Lizzie then suggests they set up a team of crime- fighters. It seems like a joke in the beginning and they laugh. Back then, the only superhero in town was the speedster called LITHE SPEED.
    Some weeks later, the first team of villains rises against Pall-Omar. They called themselves THE MIDNIGHT BROTHERS. A group of four malicious fearsome creatures of the night who conduct superstitious crimes and steal only peculiar items such as old pendants, rugged paintings and unremarkable artifacts; items that if they asked, without money, it would be given them. But they strike great terror into people while doing this. The group consisted of a humanoid wolf, fox, hyena and bat. Shortly after they arrived, LITHE SPEED also mysteriously disappeared. He had abandoned the people when they needed him most.
    The MIDNIGHT BROTHERS begin to go about preaching doom on the people of the town.
    Thus, on one Sunday afternoon, when everyone was in their homes, or in the streets, the four beasts placed time bombs at the feet of the big reservoir which fed the whole of Pall-Omar and beyond. If the reservoir ever gave its water, a great part of Pall-Omar would go with it. The police found out about it on time and the media was telling about it. An evacuation was going on immediately.
    Andrew and Jamal decided to stay behind and try to sort out a plan. Andrew suggests using evaporation to stop the water and the two agree to give it a try but the problem was; Andrew didn’t know how to swim; so this was a do or die situation. The reservoir exploded and the water flowed wildly. As soon as the first part of the water touches Andrew, it turns to ice and the ice continues backward to a certain level and stops. The rest of the water flows over the first and falls behind Andrew. As quickly as he could, he jumped back and touched that water as well freezing all the water for good and creating a cave for easy escape. It is revealed that the Midnight Brothers had also been frozen in with the water. No one says anything about forming a team anymore. The team itself gets formed by itself.
     The team’s base of operations was the garage of Reginald Soul; the twin brother of Police Sheriff Ronald Soul; who lived off the road.
     Reginald Soul saw Andrew freezing the water and took the team under him to be their chaperone. He also promises to help them find the origin of their abilities
     Reginald Soul and the team get along very well but he says he wouldn’t let them on the field until they had trained for a whole year; even Lizzie had to train for a minimum of 2 years in advance computer knowledge and taekwondo.
     He seeks permission from their parents in the guise of a school teacher, saying he wanted them to have extra classes.
     Training is harsh but the team makes significant progress; even Lizzie, though without abilities could match the other two in hand-to-hand combat; Andrew could manipulate the fire greatly but the ice was not so good; Jamal had the ability to combine simple metal scrap with a simple pocket radio’s motherboard to create machines ranging from simple remote control cars to complicated tracking devices. He was dangerous on his own.
     Despite Reginald Soul’s advice the youth were still obliged to go onto the field. Threats began to arise so they had to pick up secret identities and special costumes that can contain their abilities and cover them.
    o Andrew becomes FROSTFIRE
    o Jamal becomes REMOTE
     The team begins to go public in Pall-Omar where the action of the Midnight Brothers had given birth to different sorts of crimes. Their first opponent is Reginald Sprewell, a teenager from their school who had developed superhuman abilities; to generate and manipulate electricity. He went about wreaking havoc in the name Electro-Charge.
     Frostfire and Remote manage to defeat Sprewell and cause him to yield for the doctors to find a cure for him.
     The citizens don’t accept Frostfire and Remote well because of the memories of Lithe Speed.
     Soon, Doctor Deagan moves to town; he had found the seed he had sown and he is here to reap. Meanwhile, a young darkness-casting villains was on the loose; Gloom Girl.
     Declan Deagan kidnaps Andrew and Jamal then tells Andrew about how he had experimented on him 15 years earlier. He revealed that he didn’t know anything about Remote’s abilities but would like to keep him still. He then begins to test Jamal and Andrews’s abilities using special catalysts. This results in a boost of their abilities. They are rescued by Reginald Soul later.
     While escaping, Reginald Soul is killed by Doctor Deagan, while the Gloom Girl was blotting out the light in the area.
     Now knowing the origin of his abilities, he had lost their chaperone. They were now on their own.
     Sherriff Soul told the children that the house meant a lot to his brother (who was presumed shot by a group of mobsters) and since they were the closest ones to him before he disappeared and the house meant so much to them, they could have it and keep it.
     Meanwhile, FROSTFIRE and REMOTE had gained greater abilities; Frostfire could now control his ice to near perfection; Jamal had mastered building almost any mechanical gadget – he only had to imagine it and get ‘some needed equipment’. Soon, Andrew and Lizzie started dating.
     REMOTE rebuilt their base of operations to include Reginald Soul’s house. He designed mainframe computers and special gadgets to help the team find out where and when they were needed. He built for himself, a complex motorcycle which he used his mind to control.
     Andrew’s abilities were enhanced superhuman strength (although not the maximum); flight by means of the impossible combination of fire and ice which he uses to propel himself; fire generation and manipulation (mostly used as a torch in dark places); ice generation and manipulation (the main offense and defense. It doesn’t freeze your bones; it just freezes your body).
     The team continued and advanced greatly. The whole of Cirrus City and most of beyond had recognized their presence and gave them great respect… except some protesters.
     Soon, Mr. and Mrs. George and Mary Nixson sadly died in a car accident and this grieved Andrew very much.
     He found out that they had left their property for Andrew and his older brother, Tony.
     Still, Andrew’s older brother never came home. Rather, he signed all the property his parents had left him over to Andrew and kept only one of his father’s hotels for himself.
     Frostfire spent most of the time in the field than Remote; who rather spent more time manufacturing new gadgets. This caused Frostfire to become way, way respected and trusted in the whole of Cirrus City.
     After some time, when Frostfire and Remote were once under mind control by a classmate, Doreen Delores (Miss Mist), it was time for Lizzie to also mask up. She took up the identity of WILDE KITTEN and thus began her superhero career. She managed to rescue her two partners on her own. She even got her nemesis on that night.
     Since then, Remote began to enhance her suit and gadgets, even making a new motorcycle; the Rolling Claw; for her.
     The team mostly came face to face with villains such as Miss Mist, Shadow Realm, Gloom Girl and Declan Deagan.
     The team got help from, and allied forces with Sandstorm (a very attractive girl with sand manipulation ability who mostly brought complications in Andrew and Lizzie’s relationship).
     All during the stay of the young heroes, the people didn’t know Frostfire, Wilde Kitten and Remote’s superhero names so they named them Sentinel and his Sidekicks, where Sentinel was Frostfire. This issue was raised where Mayor Natasha Arias demanded to meet ‘Sentinel and his Sidekicks’.
     Meanwhile, an assassin on hire was placed to take out the heroes when they came public. When the assassin was placed to shoot, Wilde Kitten engaged and with the help of Remote, defeated him while Frostfire went public to talk to the mayor.
     Frostfire thanked the people for the name which they had given to him and he assured them to keep it and live up to it; saying that, “The Security Men would always be here”.
     He however identified Jamal and Lizzie as Remote and Wilde Kitten respectively. The mayor expressed her gratitude in their success so far and gave him three medals; one for each member of their team. She assured them that she would put up the building of a base of operations for the Security Men in the heart of Cirrus City in order for them to attend to other affairs fairly.
     A long time passed with Cirrus City under constant watch from their Security Men; the three teenagers matured into young adults; and kept maturing; then finally came the time for higher education. Jamal wanted to go to Ridge University of Science and Technology in Ridge City.
     Lizzie’s parents couldn’t afford her university fees and Lizzie wouldn’t take Andrews money (he tried and tried but she refused). She wanted to go to Brick City to assist with her parent’s ‘family business’.
     This meant the team was automatically going to split. One night, the three met for the last time in Reginald Soul’s house, where Jamal had rearranged into a normal house. That was the night that the three were never returning to their various homes in Pall’Omar.
     Jamal was going to Ridge City; Lizzie was going to Brick City; and Andrew was moving back to the main Cirrus City, where he ‘could have a better view of affairs’.

     In Cirrus City, Andrew lived in one huge house that he had bought close to the new base of operations that Mayor Natasha Arias had built for the Security Men.
     He chose to stop using the Frostfire name and officially become SENTINEL. Now running his father’s restaurants and hotels directly, Andrew was making great achievements in his young manhood. Time passed, villains rose and villains fell, but Sentinel always proved himself to the citizens although he was going solo.
     Briefly, Sandstorm (Docia Christensen) moved to stay in Cirrus City and soon, began to go on patrols with Sentinel.
     As time went on, the two heroes developed a very intimate romantic relationship that resulted in a marriage proposal.
     Meanwhile the secret identities of the two heroes were at loggerheads. Andrew knew who Docia was but the latter had no idea at all.
     However, the relationship-behind-a-mask had also made their hero work become sloppy.
     Sandstorm made the hard decision and chose to end the relationship between them and then moved away from Cirrus City. Sentinel was solo again but still never let Sandstorm find out his secret identity.

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