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    I’ve been working on a rework of a superhero board game I designed along with some friends, making a new, better version for Tabletop Simulator. (Not a game intended for sale or anything, just something I’m making for fun.) For the rework I wanted to make all non-copyrighted heroes, and I discovered HeroMachine. But not knowing what form HM will take after the end of Flash, and wanting to keep the art consistent, I’ve been pounding away at hero creation in my free time during the last couple of months to finish everything planned. I haven’t tried doing anything with custom assets, just using the normally-available ones.

    My work doesn’t compare to the works of art I’ve seen posted here, but I thought I’d share anyway as my own way of celebrating HM. The hero figures will be used as both card art and for figure standees (thus the lack of backgrounds), while the challenges and the rest will just be for card art. They can all be found at the following:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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