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    Andrew Grover

    Just started using Heromachine and I like it.  However, my saves only seem to exist in the current browser tab while it is live.  I can’t find the save files on my machine anywhere, and they all disappear as “load” options as soon as I browse away from the active hero machine window.

    Tried saving the text and then using “load text” but nothing loads when I load from text, either.

    A little frustrated.  Cool tool, if I could save anything.




    Andrew Grover

    Update: I realized that I wasn’t saving text that scrolled off the bottom of the text window.  I have now figured out how to save via text and load via text, and that seems to work OK.

    Still not sure about the .sol files or where to find them or keep them available.



    Herr D

    Gah. Missed this. ctrl-a to get it all, ctrl-c to ‘read and remember’, ctrl-v to a Word or Works or notepad text file. E-mail the text files to yourself to plan to use them on different computers. The .sol files are too fragile to depend on. If you do, you’ll BE s-o-l.




    I got a problem. I havent been using HM3 for a while (iam a premium member). And while in the past all my saves where there save and sound now they are gone…

    Can someone please help me?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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