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    @JR: Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! Hopefully, when things get a little less crazy in Sabrina-ville, I’ll be able to improve in the areas where I’m lacking. If only the darn neighbors would stop having babies I could stop rushing over to congratulate everyone/ volunteer to watch the other kids. Curse me and my inability to turn away from two year olds with hopeful eyes and moms who look like they’re about to strangle somebody if they don’t get help. I’m soft, I guess. 🙂

    @Herr D: The boots for that one were a mess in every way, shape, and form. 😛 I couldn’t get the look I was going for no matter how hard I tried. I think I have some sort of insignias masked over her legs in an attempt to get a bit of the blue-ish tint I was going for, because none of the boots were doing it for me. (I don’t remember why. It’s been awhile… I’ve have to re-open that file and look at it again.) Thank you for the tips! I’ll see if I can mess with them a little more if I find myself tackling something similar.



    This is my first entry for the current name generator contest. (I’m going to do another one if time permits.)

    This is the character that the generator rolled up for me:

    And this is what I did with it:

    I didn’t do anything extremely unique about it; the posing is pretty simple. But I had fun with the background, doing the soft wisps of an aura at the bottom with a few gradient colors spread throughout.

    Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I like doing “ambiguous” backgrounds. They don’t distract from the character, but they also don’t bring an added depth that a layed out backdrop can. That’s probably going to be my next challenge for myself- to see if I can do an actual background. I may or may not display the horrific result that will occur.



    Added note: Yes, I am aware that the planet logo on his chest is NOT Mercury. But seeing as the description from the generator said that his home planet was destroyed, I figured that he wasn’t from Mercury anyway. The logo on his chest is a representation of the planet that he’s from.

    I imagine he got his name rather like this:

    Captain Mercury: This Admiral Beefheart is a dangerous man. Someone’s going to have to stop him! Perhaps that someone is me? *dramatic superhero sigh* But I’ll need a name!

    Bystander: How about the Void?

    CM: Too obvious. Other heroes, and villains, have taken it.

    B: Time-and-Space Man?

    CM: Too confusing.

    B: The Astonishing Man With Void Powers?

    CM: Now you’re just getting ridiculous.

    B: Well, how about Captain… something? Lots of good heroes have names that start with Captain.

    CM: Ah… I should name myself after my deceased planet! From this moment on, I shall go by the name of Captain Chrocklfishcalevarcoarprelantonogglecriswo…

    B: Dude, just stick with Captain Mercury. By the time someone’s done screaming your name they’ll be dead already.

    CM: *meekly* That works too… I guess.




    I was so focused on trying to prepare for a competition that I never really got around to doing what I had envisioned for Tiger Mask. I decided to submit her anyway to the contest anyway for fun, but I’ll likely go back and see if I can’t do something cooler with her later.

    I generated this backstory for her:

    And this is what I tried to do with her:



    While I was constructing the body I thought she had more potential, but the background is a rushed job that comes from not having any time to work on her. I had originally envisioned either a) a giant “energy avatar” of a tiger in the background, b) her kicking one of the evil magicians mentioned in her backstory (in which case her body would be twisted more in the direction of the kick and she would be facing her target), or c) have her standing up against a brick wall, and have her shadow be the shadow of a tiger. None of these ended up happening, but I still really want to try that last one. I’ll add it to my ever growing list of things I wish to do but never seem to have time for.

    In any case, I had fun learning how to do inner thighs or other areas of the body not covered by Hero Machine. (But then I added the fur and I realized that it covered up all my hard work anyway. Maybe that’s why I should plan ahead…)

    This also makes Tiger Mask part of a long line of characters that I’ve tried to make look a little younger. As the Game Master for a superhero game where the PCs are all teenage superheros who wish to battle supervillains of a similar age group, I typically find myself using trying to make characters who are in their late teens or early twenties. I’m not entirely sure if this is working or not… they look age appropriate by themselves but I haven’t made many middle-aged heroes to put them next to and see if you can notice a difference.



    “In any case, I had fun learning how to do inner thighs or other areas of the body not covered by Hero Machine. (But then I added the fur and I realized that it covered up all my hard work anyway. Maybe that’s why I should plan ahead…)”

    I couldn’t tell you how many times this has happened to me as well. It’s all part of the process I think.



    I’m not dead…. yet. I’ve just been really busy, and the only thing I’ve used HeroMachine for in months has been to make printable tokens for a tabletop RPG I’m playing. (None of which were anything about “mass production” quality.) I finished making a token for my character Replica and I suddenly really wanted to do something with HeroMachine again. So for the past two hours, I’ve been working on creating a scene from the opening session of our game’s campaign.

    Replica can alter her appearance to imitate any humanoid and control her bone growth, enabling her to use her splintered bones as weapons. In other words, she’s like Mystique and Marrow combined.

    Replica was initially imprisoned after first developing her powers.

    It’s nothing special and a rather hurried project, but I’m just glad to be Machining again! One of these days I’ll have the time to actually learn how to use the program!




    Excellent composition! That reflection is really unique. So full of detail. Even the distortions and changes of color in the mirror are well thought out. Also, the spikes are delightfully gruesome. Great job.


    There’s two things I think could be even better in the picture. The connection point between the wrist and the hand is a bit too obvious. Could it be hidden with some object or masked out somehow? Also, I can’t help but feel that her ear should be visible in the mirror from this angle.

    These are incredibly minor nitpicks, though.



    I really like Replica!  There’s great depth-of-field.  The glass in the mirror looks tangible; I think the streaks of light on it really make it work.  I would agree with Suleman that a mask on the wrist might be called for though.

    There’s already a lot of improvement in your skills with HM since your first posts!  Keep it up.  😉



    Thank you for the tips! I think I’m going to rework her at some point and post her again, so I appreciate the feedback! College starts in about two weeks though, so I’ve got to make that come first. I really appreciate the pointers you guys give me to help point me in the right direction!

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