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    Hi people, I’m totally new here, and this is my first hero creation, what do you thing??

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    Welcome to the forums Highwood. I’ll be moving this three to the Art Gallery section of the forums rather than The Pub, because that’s where it belongs.

    Please make sure you read the forum rules, if you haven’t already.

    As for your first picture, I’d suggest exporting in .png rather than in .jpeg because the quality is better. Also, the picture is a bit dark. Red and Black work together yes, but it’s usually red as the main colour rather than black, and the black swamps the character and makes it very hard to see the pose properly. And I don’t think the green in the background works with the red, the colours clash. But the pose is good and you’re definitely trying some cool stuff. Good start dude.



    Hello and Welcome to one of the nicest  places on/in the Internet Enjoy your stay. PS nice first creation.



    Welcome to the forums!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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