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    Most of my characters are of PCs and NPCs in our 4th Edition D&D game(Neverwinter Campaign) but some of them are expies to and from my novel.

    Images link to my Photobucket which have higher res images or additional data.

    Here’s my player character, Ellie, otherwise known as Eleonora Prismriver, or Madama L’Aurore. She’s a Bard/Wizard classwise(Cunning Bard w/Resourceful Magician PP) and Eladrin race-wise, but in reality we’ve decided she’s something unique. She has a human parent but is Fae in ways most elves aren’t. She’s something akin to a Leannán Sídhe, and was born kind of weird. She has a habit of accidentally sending people to sleep, possibly from draining their energy.

    Also she’s a Courtesan & Showgirl, because why not. Here she is being a Showgirl.



    Here are her sisters. First up is Lily, who was adopted by a Noble family as a child, as her(and Ellie’s mother) felt she couldn’t raise her after fleeing her village and starting work as a courtesan.

    She’s generally polite, well spoken and respectful and sometimes has a rebellious streak from running around with her sister, Ellie, as the Prismriver Sisters, a freak folk act who put on shows around Waterdeep. Unfortunately lately she’s become a little too assimilated and Ellie is trying to pull her away from her adoptive family. She is also a Bard, but uses a bow rather than a staff for her magic, and plays the flute rather than the fiddle. She’s also a better singer, and enjoys making tea for people, a habit Ellie has picked up.

    Next up is Emerald. Emerald and Lily are unrelated, except through an ancestor(Emerald’s mother is Lily’s great great great grandmother or something like that – Elves!), she shares a human father, Alexander the Artificer, with Ellie. She’s a Chaos Mage and can be a bit unpredictable.

    And last, there’s Penelope, who prefers to call herself Penny Dreadful. She’s a Half Succubus, also Alexander’s child, and was trained as a master thief/assassin. She’s kind of messed up from being a sort of child soldier/bioweapon.



    Welcome to the forums, good start.

    Please make sure you read the forums rules and have fun posting.



    Very kewl Roseweave, Some very interesting and pretty characters. Welcome.



    here are Ellie’s (birth) parents, Alstromeria and Alexander.

    Alstromeria is a witch, she’s a bit Morticia Addams-ish, or more accurately like Yuuko Ichihara from xxHolic. She’s spooky but nice and mothering. She’s an Elf, with a mix of the Fae equivalent of Scottish and Slavic heritage. She’s very witchy, a little childish and likes to play up her spooky side even if she’s more of a dreamy stargazer type.

    And her father Alexander, who was originally a patron of Alstromeria’s when she worked as a Courtesan. He’s kind of a Tony Stark like character, and the Most Interesting Man in the World(tm). Elusive and not a very good Dad. Gur/Rashemi heritage(Romani/Slavic). Professional philanderer and compulsive inventor.



    Cool! Welcome to the forums! Not really sure how new you are at heromachine, but if you are new, great start! You’re really good at backgrounds.




    Been using for a few months on and off now I think.

    Lily and Alexander are recent, the rest are a bit older especially Ellie. I probably have the skills to do something more impressive but I don’t like to spend too long on design as I always get finnicky over small details and it stops being fun after a while.



    Wow! Just, wow!

    Yours just became one of my favourite galleries. Will be following your art closely from now on!



    I don’t really do fancy poses and stuff, but I focus on the character designs.

    Here’s Ellie’s Cousin Sarah, Fairy Doll Thread. She’s actually a sort of Homunculus, but still technically her biological cousin. She’s meant to have black/white stripe socks but there was no way of doing it 🙁 Please fix!



    Ellie’s stepdad Glanian getting into a random midnight duel in the forest since he has a habit of picking random fights like that. General delinquent from High Elven society though this apparently makes him a good ambassador between humans and high elves.

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