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    Hello, again” Since I’m on my wrestling phase, so to speak, I decided to create some wrestlers for my fictional league.

    Let’s meet them:

    Kevin Perry, your typical babyface:

    Justin Meyers, the classic heel:

    El Chicano, the masked luchador:

    Scott “Pitch” Black, the fan-favourite hardcore:

    Leave your comment!


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    Here’s another batch of AWC wrestlers. I will do a more detailed AWC story at the Writer’s Romm, here at the forum.


    Victor Cruz – Talented spanish wrestler. Specialist on grappling and submission:

    Trevor “The Tank” Jackson – Former bounty hunter turned powerhouse wrestler. Don’t expect mercy from him:

    Paulo Romano – Charming all-around troublemaker. Loves to make Mr. Thompson’s life difficult:

    Max Archer- Heir of the wealthy Archer family. Bad wrestler, if compared with the others. Too afraid to hurt his pretty face:

    “Captain” David Thompson – The owner of AWC. Your typical corporation type of guy.


    You can give your own suggestions of characters or gimmicks for the AWC. Thanks for watching!



    Cool! Nice to see someone else taking on wrestling here. I think I like the Tank and Chicano the most.

    Don’t be afraid to tweak the characters’ proportions and sizes a bit! If the character is a powerhouse, they should probably look bigger than the other wrestlers, for example.



    Suleman, I’ve followed your tip and tweaked “The Tank” Jackson.


    You should go to my new topic over the Writer’s Room, for more details of my ficticious wrestling league.




    (The crowd cheers loudly when the AWC theme music* starts to play. Soon, Mr. David Thompson enters the stage, goes inside the ring and announces)

    *Foo Fighters – The Pretender

    THOMPSON: Welcome to AWC, Awesome Wrestling Championship!! I am the owner, David Thompson. It’s my pleasure to announce that today will be the first friday night of fights. (crowd cheers again) We have eight of the most talented wrestlers of the country here, facing each other at the next four fights tonight. So without further ado, let’s meet our AWC talents:


    FIGHT 1

    Your typical face vs heel match. Kevin Perry began with a good momentum, applying great grappling moves, but Justin Meyers would stop him by reversing a clothesline and applying an armlock.

    But in a true underdog way, Perry escapes from Meyer’s grasp and starts a comeback. Just as Meyers is about to counter, Perry applies a superkick and finishes Justin with the “Perry Power” finisher.

    Winner – KEVIN PERRY by pinfall


    For more fights and results, visit AWC – Awesome Wrestling Championship on The Writer’s Room here at the HeroMachine forums.

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