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    looking for support and critics
    here the first page of many to check the rest please go here (URL REMOVED – “NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED” – Kaldath )
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    His breath hangs in the air cold and frightful. The sound of gunfire off in the distance seems to focus his mind. One last ammo check before running out to end more lives. Cut off from the main forces, his job was to infiltrate the main spire in his sector. The hum of his personal cloak sputters, it won’t last much longer he thinks to himself, the charge belt has seen better days. During the last 24 hours, Danny has seen much killing. A lot of those kills where his, preferring the up-close feel of his short blade. Made to feel and look like a short sword with the width of a machete called his Phantom blade. The mission was going as planned, some how the creatures of this planet have the ability to drain our tech of all power. The damping field is strongest here between the giant rock spires the Altoot call buildings.

    He and the boxing saint were born to run these missions. Use of his secondary weapons and any gadget he has is suspect. The power drain started to affect his bio implants. Turning their power on and off like a child playing with a remote. But this is what he had trained for ever since he considers becoming a saint. The Boxer who mastery of stealth is only dwarfed by his hand to hand combat skills, they had the best chance to enter the facility. Danny’s cousin Kennon had told him how important this was. The tech of the Altoot could stop an entire army dead in its tracks, making thing that draws powers inert. And the sheer size and power of An Altoot could crush a man in seconds.

    The bombing raids had done their jobs well. With the giant cannons used most of the asteroid belts tiny rocks and sent them raining down on the frontier planet. We knew that this planet had tech we needed and the Altoot themselves would make invaluable asset to the guilds so we had to take this planet. But first we had to find and deactivate the damping fields, so support guild and the A.I. core could move in and do their jobs. The chaos of the bombardment had left the Altoot in disarray, leaving the complex undermanned. All Danny and the Boxer had to do was get in and take down any one in the complex shut down and retrieve any tech relating to the damping fields.

    Only problem was no tech, communication, Dannie’s left eye and secondary weapons were out. Even the Nano tech that gave him limited healing wore down. The small smile he and the boxer’s lips showed how much they live for this stuff or will mostly likely die for this stuff. They pulled in close to the perimeter of the building. The sounds of exploding meteors, as the rail guns have the area encircled which kept out reinforcements. This made it harder to hear as they closed in on their entry point, the real action was about to begin.

    Page 1

    EDIT: Edited this post to Remove a URL to Website as it violates the no advertising rules of this forum due to the fact that the site was an online store.



    Pretty good stuff. Cool
    Good to see we’re finally getting some more writers on here Smile



    well i would post more but it seem it a no no to link to my site that i could have not made with out hero machine i dont want to cause problems so here just the cover



    wait my site has a online store but it is not a online store the link i posted was to my short story page smh



    @roc64comics said:

    wait my site has a online store but it is not a online store the link i posted was to my short story page smh

    My Apologies, that was an error of wording on my part. the word “was” was suppose to be “has”. Regardless, you are free to post your stories and images to this forum so long as they are in compliance with the forum’s rules. You just can not advertise your website here. If your goal in posting here is to draw traffic to your site then that is plainly advertising which is against the rules. If your goal is to show off your work and get feed back then feel free to post it here.

    If you have anymore questions or concerns please address them to me in private message from here on out, Thank you.

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