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    Here’s a neat trick I learned a few months ago, that really helps when you post large pictures. I don’t remember who I learned it from, nor where it was posted. I don’t claim credit for it, I just thought I’d “repost” it with some illustrations, since the original post seems to be a bit hard to find.

    Allright, here’s the trick:

    The maximum image width for the forum is 740 pixels. If an uploaded image is wider than that parts of it will be hidden by the margins, like this:


    You’ll have to open the image in another tab to see the whole thing, which can be a bit annoying. But there is a simple method to resize images, and still keep the larger version easily available.

    When you upload a picture, something like this ends up in the area where you’re writing your post:


    Now bring up your calculator, and divide 740 with the “width”:


    Which in this case equals 0.74 (740/998=0.74148296593…)
    Meaning that the width of the resized picture needs to be at most 74 % of the size of the original picture.
    Multiply the percentage with the “height”.


    Which gives us 371 (or 371.482965… to be more precise). Enter this instead of the original height, and change the original width to 740.


    This is what the picture looks like now:


    Both the width and the height have been reduced to 74 %, and the picture fits perfectly within the margins of the forum, but if one wants to see it fullsized, one only has to open it in a new tab.

    Thanks for watching! And thanks to the original poster of the trick, whoever you are!



    Thanks for the post.



    I sacrifice :D
    I made a post in this topic to the attachment resize. If you go back you find it. But this is better because you made the example more clean.

    Thy Thy great job.



    I had a feeling it was you, but I couldn’t be certain!

    Thanks again for the trick! It’s brilliantly clever!

    Edit: Here’s the original tutorial.



    Just wanted to say that the current width of the forum is 606 pixels, not 740.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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