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    Hello Hero Machiners!

    I have only just recently joined the forums, but I have read a bunch of the contests, and I really like them. So today I am going to present to you a contest/game that I have thought of.

    So in this contest/game/whatever one person will make a character, and everybody else has to re-create the character in their own way. After a week the person who made the original will judge on which one they like the most.

    If my small introduction to this contest/game/whatever-the-bleep-you-would-call-this isn’t clear enough, then I will re-word it and try to make it more understandable.

    With all that, I guess I shall start this thing out.
    So, here is a simple Alien Freak that I made. I am excited to see how you guys will re-create it! Smile


    BTW: Judging will be Next Monday/The 25th. I think it sounds good to have it on Mondays.

    Also, I didn’t know what to name this topic, so any suggestions are very welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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