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    What is your favorite race to play and why?Smile



    Looking back, the majority of my characters have been Human.  Dunno why, I guess becuase most rule systems give you some sort of bonus you can apply anywhere as opposed to a bonus tied to a specific racial trait – and I like more options when character building..  After that I'd say Elves, and I don't know why. *shrug*  Guess I just like the pointy eared bastards 🙂


    One of my favorite races is the Jaka from Talislanta. 



    Human here too. But I did play a Galka on FF XI. Big guys are cool.



    Elves. Definitely. When they're available, that is. See, because there are so many different worlds for these RPGs, you get different races, and not all races are available in all RPGs. Human is pretty much the only one! So, elf, or human as a second choice.



    There are also many different types and sizes of Elves. (Or as some call them tall fairies, in folk lore.)


    Herr D

    I always end up playing humans, halflings or gnomes, but my favorite thing abt race I ever ‘witnessed?’

    a half orc had to help earn passage on a ship, so submitted for manual labor
    a sailor was abt to show her how to brush tar on the side of the ship and she sighed and said:
    “Okay, turn around, I’ll do your back first.” I thought the GM was going to drop his dice.



    I have played a lot of Elves which are my second fave, but my MAIN race is SATYRS! No surprise to anyone doing Character Contest with me in the last few years LOL Laugh



    From a mechanical perspective, I like to play humans. They’re highly flexible, such that any mechanical character concept could be done with a human. In addition, sometimes I like to play already-made characters (or characters based on already-made characters), and most of those are human.

    It’s a shame, really, because I think humans are boring. In fact, a lot of “standard” fantasy races are boring – you’ve got tall, arrogant, extremely effeminate humans with pointy ears; short, stout, stubborn humans who like treasure almost as much as they like alcohol; really tiny, adventurous humans sometimes sporting big, hairy feet; you get my point. It’s gotten to the point where I find all but the most exotic of races to be pretty boring.

    So I try to spice things up a little bit. One time in a DnD 4e campaign, I played a Dragonborn Infernal Hexblade and flavored his infernal powers as being that he was actually half-Dragonborn, half-Tiefling. Another time, again in a DnD 4e game, I played a human ardent who got his psionic powers from what was basically a friendly, self-sentient alien tumor (with a british accent to boot) that had consumed and replaced his right arm. In yet another DnD 4e campaign, I played a character based on a character from the setting of the game system I myself am making; he was a human mage who happened to be magically cloned from a dead god, and as a result of a botched ritual which was intended to awaken his divine powers and turn him evil, he had a crippled leg. My latest character that I’ve played in someone else’s campaign (this time, it was a 3.5 campaign) was a tauric Goblin/Wolf who, due to being beaten as a slave every time he spoke, was afraid of himself speaking. I think the most “normal” character I’ve played in the past couple of years was Jeff Andonuts (from Earthbound), flavored as having crashed into the campaign world after a malfunction in the Phase Distorter while trying to find and apprehend Porky Minch.

    Actually, scratch that. My most “normal” character may have been my recurring character, Aaron Irving, a human sniper-type rogue whose biological father was a vampire who kept trying to recruit Aaron into his service.

    As you can probably guess, people have tried to get me to play “normal” characters on plenty an occasion. I’ve actually considered playing a completely boring, one-dimensional human fighter named “Gene Rick” just to get them to shut up.



    ^ Wow. Surprised



    My Most favorite race to play is a Kender, though they can be a bit disruptive so I have only played them at Convention games. Remember one game at a Convention where the entire party were Kenders, fun but short game though to be honest most of the players in that game were behaving more like Gully Dwarves then Kenders. …. After the Kender and the character races I play the most in regular games is a tie between Elves and Half Elves. In Final Fantasy XI I played a Mithra Redmage/whitemage. and I am currently playing an Elven Artificer in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

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