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    If anyone is printing their pics, this question is for you.

    I have a character that I wish to print for poster sized sheet and was wondering how do you get the best resolution to make it worth while. I almost always screen shot, cut and paste my characters to save and that doesn’t cut it for a great resolution.

    Anyone can help me with this???





    There are two ways to do this, the painful way and the slightly less painful but still painful way.

    The first is to use the built-in Flash right-click-and-zoom method. You basically get it on as big a monitor as you can, right-click on part of the image and choose “zoom” from the flyout menu, then do that screen cap. Zoom back out to normal, move your cursor over however much, and repeat, pasting each screen cap into a big Photoshop file. You’ll have to manually move them around so they’re all in the right place.

    The other way (and I haven’t tried this lately) is to install a dummy PostScript printer. Pick a color one from your operating system’s default choices. Use the HM print button, choose the dummy printer, and check the “print to file” box. You’ll end up with a PostScript file, which you can then import into Photoshop or Illustrator or whatnot at as high a resolution as you want.

    Or, and I just thought of this, you can get the save string saved into a text file, go to a Kinkos, and see if they will let you pull it up on one of their computers to then print to one of their poster-size printers. I don’t know if they’ll allow that or not.

    If anyone else has options I’d love to hear ’em too.




    There’s one big drawback to the printing to the PostScript printer. Any transparency reverts back to 100% so if you use a lot of gradient circles and squares with transparency your piece will not turn out right.

    For example, here’s my Phantom Reaper using the print to file option.


    If you don’t have any transparencies you should be fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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