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    #1. Phantasia – She’s one of the main characters I’ve thought of, This isn’t the design I have for her but it’s the closest I could get. Her power is, like any other magic user in this universe, she can draw energy from a dimension which connect to her neural commands. She uses this energy to enchant her arrows to explode, teleport, turn things to ice etc. Basically the gadgets of Hawkeye or Green Arrow just using magic

    #2. Paladin – He’s just this badass vigilante from France

    #3. Grim Reaper or Thanatos (haven’t landed on the name) – He’s an Anti-Hero. He invented Phasing tech.

    #4. Patriot/Champion/Rover – He is the reason of a massive resurgence of superheroes. After going public he creates an American team, messes up, goes to Europe creates a team there, messes up again, then retreats as a low-level crime-fighter rather than an internation superhero. He’s a very tech-based superhero. He has a liquid bio-metal which acts as skin-tight indestructable armor. It can create energy beams. Also allows him to fly and breathe underwater.

    #5. Salvation – Just this cosmic level badass

    #6. Morrigan – (that’s supposed to be more of a cape, not wings :P)

    #7. Panthera – Stealthy Vigilante from Italy, her suit can change color to black.

    #8. The Trench – This Badass that comes from the Mariana’s Trench. He shares a lot of similarities to the creatures there – Bioluminescence, Fast swimming, Body expanding to make him seem larger/low-level shapeshift, Camouflage, Sharp teeth and claws, Electricity conduction, extremely enhanced vision, smell and hearing etc. Also has low-level hydrokinesis.

    #9. Chronos – She can time-travel 😛

    #10. Skadi – Human Vessel for the Norse goddess Skadi. Skilled archer, hunter and tracker, can create weapons made out of ice.

    #11. Photon – He can shrink and can transfer light as well as make constructs out of it.

    #12. Harvester – Every single cell in his body has a tiny portal to far-off planet full of purple sand-like particles. When he opens them up he can control these particles and conjure weapons and armor out of them. He can also turn his whole body into this particle but it’s very hard for him to keep that form.

    #13. The Adversary – One of the magic users (same magic Phantasia uses, as in from that dimension). He’s a very good manipulator and instant teleporter. Energy beams, force-fields etc. He’s one of the 4 crime bosses in America Chessmaster assembles to for a secret team Illuminati.

    #14. Athena – She can turn any form of energy into another. She’s recruited by Patriot/Champion for the European team. He creates the armor that helps regulate her energy transference. Later her mind is lost when the Greek Goddess uses her body as a vessel for herself.

    #15. Lee Emphans – Just a maniac that sees death and torture as a from of art.

    #16. Sunblaze – One of the S.C.A.R.A.B experiments. He has pyrokinesis (can’t create fire, he can only control it)

    #17. Hellstone – Another S.C.A.R.A.B. Experiment. He got the power to turn his skin into pure obsidian. Later he found a hammer of a Japanese god in a mine which allows him to create powerful seismic waves.

    #18.  Crystallia (name not final) – Can turn her skin into diamond

    #19. Mister Janus – He can create portals using the Noxforce. Noxforce is a darker more powerful and destructive version of the Magic other characters use. It’s in the same dimension but not a lot of people know how to access it (like 10-15). The Magical energy makes up around 90-95% of that dimension, Noxforce is the rest. Oh yeah, I don’t know why I made him a Nazi, ignore that… just imagine that he’s like one of the other 4 crime-bosses.

    #20. Oblivion – He’s a big cosmic villain but I have to redo his design, I’m not too happy about the costume.

    #21. Muses – The Human vessel for the 9 muses of the greek mythology in the form of a teenage rock star… yeah, say what you will I really like this idea xD

    #22. Chessmaster – One of the more powerful Noxforce users.

    #23. Haima – The leader of a secret greek civilization of Minoans. He can control blood and change it’s temperature.

    #24. The Rake – The creepypasta dude, but here he can grow his body into a bulkier form.

    #25. Voltage – He can control electricity. He’s one of my earliest creations but I have yet to redo his design.

    #26. Doctor Case – He can reanimate corpses (calls them cases)

    #27. The Halo – Works in tandem with Doctor Case. She can temporarily reprogram those corpses to do what she tells them to, she has low-level healing abilities and she can conjure armor to the Cases.

    #28. Godgem – He works together with Slipstream. She can create wormholes through which he can pass and gain momentum and get shot out of the other end like a cannonball. I have yet to redo both of their designs.

    #29. The Lynx – She’s one of the most respected vigilanties amongst both the superhero and supervillain communities.

    #30. Bruiser – She’s the Legacy of Patriot after he leaves America. A lot smarter than Patriot and goes on to make much better improvements to his tech.

    #31. Chernobog – Human Vessel to the Slavic God Chernobog. Despite his godly abilities he can also acess the Noxforce.

    #32. NV Savage – Another Noxforce user, through his tattoos he can grow into a larger beastly form

    #33. Sawshell – <span style=”background-color: #2c2f34; color: #f2f2f2; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; white-space: pre-wrap;”>Vigilante that uses saws for weapons. On his gloves he has 4 buttons – First one ejects saws from his back containers, 2nd one spins the saws when he attaches them to the gloves, Third one extends a lever forward as well as spins the blades (like one Wolverine claw with a spinning saw on it’s end) and the 4th one just propels the spinning saw at someone</span>

    #33. Ultimatum – The single most powerful Noxforce and Magic user.

    #34. Phobia – She can project other people’s fears, but everytime she does she gains and feels that fear.

    #35. Cassiopeia – When she feels stress or anxiety her brain recieves and processes more information.

    #36. Gutshot – His brain can calculate the future to an almost 100% . But he can’t properly process that information, and doesn’t know that that’s whats actually happening so he just describes his power as a really good gut feeling.

    #37. Permafrost – Ice control

    #38. Chupacabra – 3 Monsters that share one mind.

    #39. Electron – One of my earlier creations but I haven’t thought about him too much.

    #40. Chris Hamilton – Costume designer for a couple of superheroes.

    #41. Leilone H-Star – Descendant of Chris Hamilton who lives in the future. He helps out Chronos with tech, and later joins her team The Slipstream (Chronos, Leilone, Slipstream, Lynx, Gilgamesh Omega, Poltergeist I, LazerShell 1940)

    #42. Dajbog – Human Vessel of the Slavic God Dajbog

    #43. The Mothman

    #44. Sugarjaw- Just a silly concept I thought of once, he’s an Atlantean crime boss in America.

    #45. Gilgamesh Omega – The tale of Gilgamesh but in the far future

    #46. Bendis – Human Vessel of the Egyptian goddess Bendis

    #47. Doctor Icicle – Researcher who lives in the Atlantic. She can control ice 😛

    #48. The White Lady – A tale of the Healer Ghost

    #49. Noxblaze – An alternate version of Sunblaze who can access the Noxforce

    #50. The Illusion – Powerful Magic user who can create Illusions.

    From now on are characters with whose concepts or designs I need to play more

    #51 – Deathwalker

    #52. V.I.S.O.R – The plot of the Source Code movie in the form of a techno-ghost

    #53. Nexus

    #54. Sicarius

    #55. Anachronism

    More here, but they’re all pretty much half-thought concepts/designs:



    Wow, that’s a lot. Nice to see a new face, and this is a great start! You’ve got a good eye for color.

    My favorites here are Patriot, Chronos, Gilgamesh and Sunblaze. Nice, clean designs and cleverly done effects.





    Hi, welcome! Boy, do you have a thing with color play! I like that you take a few pieces, and then Bam! there is a character.  Minimalism is hard, and you do it well.  You might want to try the Art Contests & Challenges thread.


    Wow, thank you both. I wasn’t expecting people to like them 😛 I might try the contest

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